There can be as husband and wife, it is strongly express the inner feelings like when the wedding.”


  Forest Health ineffectively lips, “My man, hey, guess it hanging ah.”Yao Ji ceremony in front of the camera in front of others, especially special little words, I really do not know that he will not participate in this program throughout Poker Face.
  He went to the side and smoked Lin Media program group, while Mozhuoxiaba wondering, surprise?What surprises do you want?
  If this program one day earlier assault nice ah, that he gave three gifts ceremony Ji Yao put the trunk can be considered a surprise, right?
  Ah bah does not work, how can there be a surprise is sending her husband a pot, to really take in the program, to be afraid of ridicule is a hot search group.
  ”Have you considered?”Wheat ask.
  Forest Health shook his head, unable to do anything, “I think again.”
  This thought, he just thought of Lin Xun conference room door, or thought out what they were.
  Program group said the assault shooting, there really is no one notice, Yao Ji ceremony party did not receive the message, Lin-sheng stopped into the conference room ready to inform the secretary Ji Yao ceremony.
  Since it is to surprise, naturally ceremony was conducted without the knowledge of Yao Ji.
  Meeting room window is transparent, not avoid exposure, only Lin-sheng stand in the corner secretly watch, cameraman and director who stood behind Lin-sheng.
  Lin-sheng looked around the eye