Ma played on your turn, three minutes in the voting platform, the first round of voting, according to ~ ~ ~ ~ Thank you to my kids out early impression, you cast the first votes in the holy ~ ~ ~ ~ “


  Lu seventy-one pointed at the scene, “the scene of thirty-nine audience, scorekeeper will count your vote, as staff, because more people, not statistics, will be the last time you put each round voting accumulated, we have on-site notary guarantee fair voting site, so please rest assured that we are finally elected the best sub-objects is not your favorite, I’m not looking for a fight oh ~ ~ ~ ~ ”
  Lens photographed notary office, next to the Statistics Department, the scene of the votes are counted scores here.
  ”Well, then, please Miu Miu first to be a brick ~~~~”
  ”.”Yu Miaozi breath and smiled down, stand up and step in,” I Miu Miu, height 172, the ideal is a successful career, fame and fortune.Although my vision and purpose of the game is a little different, but basically the same thing can be considered.thank you all.”
  This stock is actually telling the truth, her ideal is to have a standing prestigious high-return business, so she the United States, the United States and the United States, buy buy buy, red red.
  ”I am a Muslim Jin, height 168, the ideal is to do after shadow.I hope I can win tonight’s game, be sure to get into the group, so that their career to a good start, I hope you will vote for me, thank you.”
  See, this