Philippine addition to text messages forwarded directly to the case of Zhou Yu outside, also together with other information relayed to the case of Zhou Yu know.


  Piece of text is nine unified mass, according to the man she received a lot of understanding, we have covered three of apprenticeship Fearless as well as some other little known door did not send the Fearless.
  The above content is written very brief, just put the whole thing up string, the case of Yu Zhou bluntly reason always one step ahead knew the news, because the original goal of the people behind the scenes is that Qin Bo.
  He wanted to know the secret of immortality from the body Qin Bo, only to find he has been sent for this purpose devils.
  ”This is the person behind the bar made.”Qin Bo took the phone and studied it carefully, and soon came to the conclusion.
  In case of Zhou Yu nodded, indeed.
  ”His purpose is very clear, that is, sow discord,” Qin Bosi cable for a moment, then guess how the other party will do, “Although the vast majority do not believe Fearless and text messaging to say I was able to live forever, but One thing is an objective reality – and that is what we did at hiding.In addition to our relationship with your teacher and other good people may not mind, but most people, even if they initially do not doubt us, but if they inadvertently asked us why that