Referred to the past, “Over the years, you had the right?”


  ”pretty good.”
  Low female voice, voice no ups and downs, is a statement of pure tone.
  ”That’s good.”Shen know it is eye down at the ground, his lips slightly open several times, and finally slowly:” Since the orphanage fire, all these years I’ve been looking for you.”
  Seedlings “Oh,” a sound, recover quickly: “You do not come later, things are gone, I’m doing great.”
  Shiny black shoes micro Dayton, Shen know it stopped, turned and looked at the girl, the sound is very light, as if talking to himself camel repeated: “You’re doing great.It?”Tail slightly upward, showing his uncertainty.
  ”Yes.”Seedlings slowly raised her eyes shrouded by fog, eyes without the slightest waves,” You do not feel guilty.”
  ”At that time you are only a child, how can I save it.”
  Shen know it is silent.
  Although it has been over the past decade, but things happened ten years ago but vividly, as if it were yesterday, those dark past like a layer of lingering cloud hanging over him, like his night after night of insomnia, women now need to rely on alcohol to make their own sleeping.
  He watched the seedlings from under his umbrella