Baby to keep warm this site can not be ignored


Myth # 3: indoor air temperature is too high winter, some of Baba Ma Ma will be air-conditioned room temperature adjusted to about 30 ℃, but the outdoor temperature is often only a few degrees。
Under such a huge difference in temperature, when the baby out of the indoor and outdoor, it is easy to get sick。
Therefore, the anchor to remind all parents in the baby wearing a very warm, it is recommended the air-conditioning temperature control in about 20 ℃, but also do not forget regular ventilation。 Winter baby to wear thermal underwear, okay strong cooling of large-scale nationwide beginning, many parents are worried that the baby will be warm enough to wear, give the baby to wear thermal underwear to keep warm。
However, experts point out that the baby is not suitable to wear thermal underwear!This is why?This is because the market is used more thermal underwear made of composite sandwich materials, can effectively prevent the cold air and the outdoor air inside the clothing exchange, and thus play a role in better warm。
But the baby's body temperature regulation is immature, it is easy to sweat, breathable thermal underwear poorly, if drenched in sweat clothes and wrapped the body can easily lead to catch a cold。 In addition the baby to keep warm, thermal underwear are not necessarily all cotton, there may be polyester, contain synthetic ingredients, it is easy because the human body, clothing and other static friction, resulting in reduction of body water, increased dander, originally winter skin dry, if personal wearing thermal underwear, will aggravate this sense of。 Thus, the winter should be more choice for the baby warm breathable, warm cotton underwear。 If we must choose thermal underwear, do not choose a sandwich material, try not to wear next to the skin, you can set a Qiuyi cotton on the inside, avoid rubbing the skin。