Is a full moon day, every full moon night, staggered soul, is so small, I’m used to, you still do not follow me, I look like, do not want people to see.”


  After much talking, Ma Baiwei left alone.
  Ye White opened his mouth, did not say anything, just to see that some thin silhouette, heart can not help but pity.
  This kid, blame the poor.
  Ma Baiwei left, rushing from the playground will be a girl, running while shouting excitedly.
  ”Big Cousin!Big cousin!Well no, any death it!”
  See that girl, leaves white can not help but rolled his eyes, who could not be Jin Mo.
  ”It was not any others, what’s your big cousin?”
  Mo Ye Jin went to the front of the white, pinched waistline, snorted.
  ”You do not know ah, now you can become famous, I heard you again in the Hospital of the limelight?Damn, ah, you do not actually steal the show with me!”
  Ye white silent stare at her, “What is the limelight, that I was saving lives.”
  ”Oh, well, do not Guannameduo, fast static pool back with my trip, my sister committed suicide to do!”
  If these words others say, Ye Ken White