Article is debt, justice cycle and how he has to do so may make.”An Wei Wu Zhen directly to the death sentence,” A person’s life can take the number of transport are a few of you greedy father and son repeat itself, with a number of others to increase their life Wan Road, then we should make it ready to withstand the bite.”


Wu limp to the ground, apparently also said that Wei Zhen Xinrusihui security, but he did not want to give up, “I did not do much wrong ah, and my soul too heavy, security master, I’ll give you money, you saved me, we are not that good yet, you have to help me exorcism.”

An Wei Zhen fingers gently wipe the dagger, the metal cold feeling as if her back to past lives, how many years she looked like now, sitting on the side of silence stuck his hidden weapon.

For Wu, then shook his head Zhen Wei An, “you forget it?I never promised you exorcism, and we set the contract, only one, that is to save your brother’s life.”

Then, Ann Wu Tao Wei Zhen looked up and said: “Yes, I Paul Wu Heng down, do not move.”

Wu Tao could not help laughing, “I certainly would not move him, because, Wu Heng is my child.”

“what?”Wu exclaimed,” You’re talking nonsense