Yeah come quick, we lay together, I will not do anything, you have to believe my character.”


  Yu Ze: “.”
  He did not believe the fine book character.
  Before he felt his character can not be trusted, and now he does not even believe his own character.
  Character are two people lying on a letter, but what will happen in bed, Yu Ze can not imagine, after he step back and said firmly: “Go back.”
  Her eyes became immediately aggrieved: “In the near future you will see me again, you do not want to stay for a while and I do?”
  Yu bring benefit to the phrase “In the near future you will see me” to shake, after a moment’s hesitation, he sat down on the bed in silence.
  ”You sit more tired, lie down ah.”Side came a spell of fine books.
  So he lay down homeopathy.
  When facing the bright eyes moist fine book, Yu Ze, in silent thought: his character really not trust the.
  Donna push lightly out of his arms, put his head up, contentedly watching nearby Yu Ze.
  Yu Ze: “.”
  Her eyelashes, thud, thud in front, slowly flaring like butterfly wings, intently watching his eyes seem to have rippling spring water.
  This is a test of character is what Hell?
  Just admit their own people