Some people crossed directly in his face with a black pen on did not come and tear the posters.


“Fortunately, I did not choose something so unscrupulous testimony!”

“Elite came from a family of politicians would keep such a thing?The police are there to find the real hammer of bribery!”

“Get it to eat Lao Fan!Rubbish!!!”

To September 19, after years of silence finally coming out of the royal family again.

Another year Souls return, and sweet-scented osmanthus Sophora japonica fragrance floating fog as Sin.

This time, not only Huagui Li wearing clothes of Prince Fufu participate in ceremonies, surrounded by more than a pair of cute and extravagance of small children.

In the real-time broadcast, the man jade stones, on a dark blue robe Silver Pine awe-inspiring.

His side of young smiling mouth, silver Petrus point navy blue robe.

They handle the lights in the smoke slowly forward, two children behind the pace steady, delicate and lovely little face.

Jiu gathered across the water than in previous years more than half of the number, Yingying lights like a starry night fall general.

More of them mixed with the younger generation, to accompany their parents and the elderly patriarch pray together for the memorial service.

Prince Empress slowly forward from the middle, the bell rang the light jade starting a schematic celebration.

Accompanied by clear and ringtones from both sides waves, fireworks and congratulatory sway with the winds out.