Zhou Yu knew she encountered difficulties, so she call this number just want to ask the situation.


  But since Liu Qin Philippines so answer, surely there is nothing that can not be said of the.
  ”You do not blame him, he is a fantasy feel that this whole people know too much, rather than let me know the situation from an outsider mouth, he might as well tell me.”In case of Zhou Yu Liu Shu explanation for a moment, I heard Qin Fei Liu also relaxed.
  She would say, it seems that is not angry with myself for the.
  but.Liu Shu where the kid would not think so much, he felt that since he and Zhou Yu encountered a friend, that is not the kind of thing without telling her.
  Of course, while Fufei a pass Liu Shu, Liu Qin Philippines but this brother was very satisfied.
  Fearless visibility because ordinary people can not see, can not have have the ability of ordinary people, it is always easy any mistakes.
  Liu Shu good talent, she was afraid of nothing other than he embarked on crooked road, and now his biggest drawback is that sense of obligation, as it were.In fact, not too shortcomings.
  ”In case of jade, the letter said that although the letter, but because a lot of Fearless is not likely to use a computer, let alone what the mailbox, so-called letter that letter is a direct message issued.”Since the decision said, that Liu Qin