Alipay beat the micro-channel ranking China the top spot in third-party payment


Analysys Analysys today released the latest monitoring report a third-party Chinese market。 Data show that the third quarter in mid-2017, Chinese third-party payment mobile payment market transactions reached 294 959.200 million yuan, growth of 28.02%, year on year jumped 2.26 times。 Overall deal size in the third quarter, the electricity supplier, Takeout, travel and other mobile payment covering major industry manufacturers have maintained steady increase in users more accustomed to wealth management and consumer behavior through the net。
In addition, under the pay line and mobile line penetration rate is accelerating forty-five。 Manufacturers, Alipay to 53.73% continue to lead, but this year remained stable, year on year increase of 3.31 points。 Third quarter, Alipay continue to scan code business to maintain large-scale investment in the line, especially household demand continued to developers, consumer and personal transaction size class of business transfers are showing explosive growth。 To pay as the main micro-channel Tencent financial share of 39.35%, steadily, year on year increased by 1.23 points。 During the quarter, Tencent continued investment in mobile offline payment scenario, personal services like transaction size continues to show explosive growth, especially personal kind transfer business growth is very obvious, but also from the entrance advantage of micro-channel and continuous optimization of products, Tencent financial credit card repayment scale business transactions also maintained a high growth。
Overall, Alipay and micro-channel payment transaction size continues to increase the size of one trillion total share up to 93.08 percent, occupy the absolute dominance, the growth rate is also higher than other manufacturers。