West back to him, but if you let him kill pro hands, so his only chance will be no reincarnation, from wandering the world, suffering grievances ridden all day, the one day refinery will be arrested in the past few evil way, wits also increase the skill of others.”


Wu Tao can not help but suck down air-conditioning, Zhou Zhou is his twin brother, although there is revenge by Zhou Zhou’s mind, but no one expected him to make poor have no chance of reincarnation Band of Brothers, are more likely to be out of their wits, he bites Wu looked at his teeth, “Do I want to let them?”

Text Chapter 248 wanted deadbeat?!

Wu in the eyes can not help bring some hope.

An Wei Zhen was looking at him cold smile, “Even if you let him, he can not live a few days.”

“what?”Wu Tao also stunned.

An Wei Zhen slowly come: “I began to see Wu, to see him fire industry everywhere, evil creature ridden today to see him, his body industry fire has been completely excited, can be said that even if you let go him, his body fire industry has also not go off.”

“what is that?”Wu Tao and Zhou Zhou looked at each other.

“That is a debt owed them, killing pro, brother kill, destroy the child, with his wife, Lian ghosts, each