35 million arch corrupt LIU Jun-qing’s “extraordinary” life


Hero economic, political stars, Chinese liquor industry giant, LIU Jun-qing around the aura has faded though, but as a local man, LIU Jun-qing case attracted wide attention.June 20, 2006, Xuancheng City Intermediate People’s Court of Anhui original wheel Group Co., Ltd. chairman and general manager of LIU Jun-qing couple corruption and bribery, huge unidentified property, illegal possession of firearms case.The case involving up to 35 million yuan, Anhui Province is by far the largest amount of money involved in investigating such crimes case.LIU Jun-qing economic genius is Guoyang County, Anhui Province blast furnace town, born in mid-October 1954, there are six siblings.LIU Jun-qing was detained and interrogated in mid-April 2004.After LIU Jun-qing incident, whether it is transferred from the field of new cadres, or local Guoyang cadres for many years, are said to reporters: LIU Jun-qing is a rare economic genius.Years ago, blast furnace winery can only make much money selling wine.June 30, 1993, when he was director of LIU Jun-qing Guoyang County printing plant when the blast winery director.A person familiar with considerable Liu told reporters, LIU Jun-qing is a very personality of the characters, I love to read books, and learning and ability, Officer Shuoyibuer, any way effective on what approach is his basic business ideas.Top ass with style and no substance?Liu said on many occasions.LIU Jun-qing transferred to the year, put the backlog of more than 600 tons of liquor sold, profits increased by 9 times, winery ranks among the top five hundred nationwide.Mid-November 1995, with the core business of the winery blast wheel Group listed.Subsequently, the wheel groups ate with investment in new plant, asset inflation again.A large state-owned enterprises began to take shape.So far, two-wheeled groups affiliated with six subsidiaries, the Group’s annual sales revenue once reached more than 10 million yuan in fixed assets was up more than 300 million yuan.Hongdingshangren With the rapid development of blast furnace winery, LIU Jun-qing various honorary also come one after another: the national outstanding young entrepreneurs, National May 1 Labor Medal, National Light Industry emphasis on education entrepreneurs, model workers in Anhui Province growing business at the same time, the LIU Jun-qing psychological imbalance.Mid-1995 a day in the provincial capital Hefei, LIU Jun-qing meeting in November.The banquet after the meeting, he enraptured talk wheeled winery turned over profits and taxes accounted for 70% of the county’s total fiscal revenue, wine on the table sounded a humming.LIU Jun-qing very proud.But then, he’s a friend of aquatic wholesalers vagueness looked up and asked: Will Liu, your personal income is how much?This question, wine on the table immediately silent, LIU Jun-qing like a clay-like froze there, stopped mid-air in the glass lift does not move, and that therefore broke up seat wine.From the fall to clean the road is so short.That discussion will return Guoyang, LIU Jun-qing gave the wheel of a distillery plant construction contractor called and asked the contractor can help in Guoyang to identify a little better house.Contractors take the hint, and after a few days, sent one million yuan money to LIU Jun-qing.LIU Jun-qing refuse a moment, to accept it.Returning the favor, and soon after, LIU Jun-qing will be another big project for the construction of this plant contractor.Some people say that enterprises can become an official unspoken rules of the state-owned sector, many state-owned veterans eager to gain political capital, provincial, municipal, and county deputies, county deputy secretary of the Municipal People’s Congress Financial and Economic Committee Director – LIU Jun-qing liter side rot side, some time became the blast said a hundred wineries tyrant.In contrast, this Hongdingshangren around eclipsed the power of supervision.Guoyang County Commission for Discipline Inspection, a cadre said that while LIU Jun-qing, a county deputy secretary in charge of the winery only work, but that is the County Committee, the county important meetings he attended, he wants to investigate, difficult to imagine.In fact, after Dingdai plus body, LIU Jun-qing not only economic brilliance radiance, the head of its lingering political aura, are bright people get blinded.LIU Jun-qing After a meteoric rise, the winery door put up a two-story LIU Jun-qing like.On one occasion, a worker offended LIU Jun-qing, LIU Jun-qing furious, people find that the man was a stubble, so he stood in front of his statue to bow to reflect on, until the workers figured out before being allowed to leave.Guoyang County, people said angrily, the huge portrait, even a few years time no one outspoken demolition until after the accident was quietly dismantled LIU Jun-qing.Dual power and prestige to show off their own economic and political upstart hero, LIU Jun-qing with a pistol.With guns, LIU Jun-qing will have found a new form of entertainment.LIU Jun-qing wine, whenever too few thousand cups, revelry sky occasion, LIU Jun-qing would put a few guns to celebrate.So, as long as a factory worker heard gunshots, we know that the next day’s mood LIU Jun-qing must be very good, because very interesting night drink.Shockingly, with large assets wheel Group, it is firmly under the control of a family and its cronies hardcore.LIU Jun-qing is in the tip of the pyramid, he is the factory of the tyrant.Cabinet also holding companies and their brothers airtight under LIU Jun-qing.Three brothers LIU Jun-qing have entered into various leadership positions in the group, holding key positions in marketing, packaging, security, etc..LIU Jun-qing some relatives and cronies among the hard-core enterprise of middle-level cadre posts, a business firm of advocates and cabinet executive.A leader of the group said the wheel, was group leadership meeting, almost family reunions.Bribes for Valentine mid-November 1995, two-wheeled winery Lee material suppliers in order to get next year’s supply contracts, several times looking for LIU Jun-qing, also sent a lot of money, LIU Jun-qing vagueness is not declare.Lee suddenly remembered a trick he put himself in a distant niece got Ryu.Ryu, 20 years old, just graduated from university.Lee said she should listen to introduce to LIU Jun-qing, Liu heart, she knew LIU Jun-qing word you can make two-wheeled her into the winery.That day, a private room in a hotel, when Liu put his life dedicated to the first LIU Jun-qing, LIU Jun-qing just as beautiful clouds in general.He frustrating, power and money is good, people looking lady, we find virgin.He gave Liu the spot opened at 5000 yuan fee, and arranged for her at the winery when on the lab technician laboratory.Liu became the first among the many mistresses LIU Jun-qing.LIU Jun-qing tasted the taste of beauty, inner desire unlimited expansion up.He began to recruit women everywhere.In order to get a woman, he does not hesitate to spend lots of money for them to buy real estate, buy jewelry, buy fashion, to meet their requirements and lawlessness.1998 mid-summer, LIU Jun-qing Hefei to participate in wine orders, he took a fancy to a winery booth waitress Wang.After a tease, Wang and unmoved.After the exhibition, he should go directly to the wineries that make recommendations to sell a network of cooperation with the winery.This small winery of course wish for, the two sides signed a letter of intent on the spot.After signing, LIU Jun-qing said eloquently director of the winery: the road a long way we work with it.Director Hualiyouhua hear, hurriedly asked LIU Jun-qing What are the requirements.LIU Jun-qing Wang proposed seconded to the wheel Group commercials, winery director keen on the idea.Although both sides of this cooperation the wheel Group last great loss, but they do so Outrageous LIU Jun-qing.Wang in the inducement of money, has become a new lover LIU Jun-qing.She graduated from modeling school, build first-class, very beautiful, which led to dissatisfaction with Liu and his mistress.On one occasion, LIU Jun-qing Wang to spend money on a television shoot a show, just in the factory crew support a good camera, Liu came aggressive, grabbed the Wang, the two tearing up.Wang wept and told where to LIU Jun-qing, LIU Jun-qing see his beloved concubine had been wronged, his sad.But no matter how he comforted, Wang still want to leave Guoyang.In order to restore beauty heart, LIU Jun-qing to a raw material supplier called to say their relatives to live these days to Hefei, asked him to arrange accommodation.Contractors hint and immediately in Hefei, Wang bought a three-bedroom houses, and personally hand the key to Wang, Wang this smile through tears.After the matter is that Ryu, she also crying to find LIU Jun-qing, holding his legs cried again: I am a yellow big girl, you do mistress, gave you my youth.Tomorrow is my birthday, I also want you to send me a house.LIU Jun-qing Liu watching lovely, and quickly said: Do I still care a house?House with you, I’ll do.Ryu still ton of bricks: the factory people say you fell in love with Wang, I’m no face ah.LIU Jun-qing whim, said: tomorrow your birthday, I declared a day off the whole plant, held a birthday party for you in the factory hall that was not enough emphasis on?The face of this unexpected gift, Liu finally laughed.The next day, the whole plant a day off at night, LIU Jun-qing Liu was held in the auditorium plant a grand birthday party, entrance hall Drum team singing and dancing, fireworks display 29 sounds, scenes and atmosphere as much as plant feast day.A county deputy secretary of state-owned enterprises to officials with great fanfare lover birthday, rare in the world, this thing in the whole town and wheeled Guoyang standing jokes.In the court investigation, the reporter noted, repeatedly demanding bribes behavior is due to the LIU Jun-qing sky lover.Before the incident, life style issues LIU Jun-qing, the local people has been the focus of discussion.Trial, several of his lover has surfaced.LIU Jun-qing court acknowledged that in April and May 2003, he had his big money to China for a house, so some Chinese in Nanjing bought a house, a garage for him.Later, LIU Jun-qing at the house to her lover Zhang residence, and with Zhang formerly handled a real estate license.Court has presented LIU Jun-qing lover Zhang identification and related testimony of witnesses.In addition, LIU Jun-qing also let merchants and wineries doing business in Hefei for Pan bought a purchase price of 21 million yuan of the house, give it another lover Yang live.When the Provincial Discipline Inspection Commission investigation of its problems, LIU Jun-qing also arranged for Pan perjured.LIU Jun-qing indictment of corruption facts together, the amount of corruption more than 20,000 yuan, the charges or its related lover.It is alleged that in March 2003, LIU Jun-qing in Nanjing Xinjiekou department store to buy a diamond necklace for Valentine Zhang, valued at RMB 2 million yuan.Subsequently, LIU Jun-qing arrangements with Jo go out five projects after the invoice gift, back to plant himself by issuing the reimbursement.Intimate love Zhangzhao Xia Department of LIU Jun-qing’s wife, who is a native of the town of blast furnace.In 1993, after the LIU Jun-qing served as director of winery blast, Zhangzhao Xia identity suddenly became demobilized soldiers, and has a college degree.Before being arrested, Zhangzhao Xia is a Guoyang County Public Security Bureau deputy political instructor town police station blast.Prior to that, she also worked as legal County Public Security Bureau Deputy Chief.2005 April 29 XingJu; the same year, was arrested May 12.After the incident, LIU Jun-qing seems to want a man taking most of the blame, so as to achieve the purpose for which his wife excuse, but Zhangzhao Xia seems to have the same psychological.LIU Jun-qing said he did not know in the case of Zhangzhao Xia, private savings and investment, most of the money from other people’s bribe.Zhangzhao Xia also admitted that she had used his privately accept bribes, asked a friend invested.During the trial, but he had invariably been partial to it for each other in front of the incident and no couples.Under the trial, LIU Jun-qing has repeatedly said that people give money are directed at themselves, and sometimes they are not at home, his wife Zhangzhao Xia only in the case of our money can not afford to Dodge.After money, Zhangzhao Xia will tell him who it was, given how much money.These bribes are not directly related and Zhangzhao Xia.The Zhangzhao Xia has said, not under the circumstances LIU Jun-qing, she takes the money and does not tell the amount LIU Jun-qing, LIU Jun-qing these do not interfere, I received the money, he did not know.When the court adjourned, LIU Jun-qing still keeps his past style, in answer to questioning the prosecutor and the judge, the sound is very loud.Currently sinner, LIU Jun-qing court case has ended, we are awaiting further judgment.Do not want to come into the world live in vain a return of a clown, and finally finished his fool’s paradise, waiting for him is of the law.To recommend the latest information sauna