Long and the Department Chairman Li Ka-shing announced his retirement eldest son Victor Li successor


March 16, nearly 90-year-old Li Ka-shing announced his retirement。 Reporter Tan Daming taken long and the Department's four Changjiang Hutchison Industries (and long), Cheung Kong (Cheung), Cheung Kong Infrastructure (CKI), Power Assets Holdings annual results announcement the same day at the same time。   Li Ka-shing in July this year will be at least 90 years of age, well prepared for the succession, his eldest son, Victor Li and Vice long, has been working in long lines over 30 years。
As early as in last year's performance and long meeting, Li Ka-shing has said it can safely entrusted to the company, he said with a smile Senior Advisor to the Foundation to do。   Li Ka-shing was born in 1928 in Chaozhou, Guangdong, Hong Kong in the 1940s, after working hard all the way from scratch to become the richest man in Hong Kong。
He started most of the plastic business, followed by business and gradually expand to more areas of real estate, ports, telecommunications, hotels, retail, infrastructure, energy, etc.。   Earlier this year the US "Forbes" magazine published the list of the richest show in Hong Kong, Li Ka-shing to $ 36 billion in total net assets, 20-bit consecutive year, Hong Kong's richest man。   Li Ka-shing in 1980 and began his career in public service, the Li Ka Shing Foundation has been established for more than HK $ 20 billion project contributions, worldwide 27 countries and regions, of which more than 80% of the project to support the Greater China region (End)。