be good to yourself


Part One: Treat yourself and a friend always nagging me, saying how how you can not, more than a decade of struggle did not bring happiness to the family, the parents did not let old age home, did not let his wife and daughter dressed in red green and place on career Strode, nor how much revenue the economy, well than others, to see people short third, very low self-esteem.  I advised him to say that you have been very good, there is room, a car, work is also very good, than why should those people better than you, so-called “strong” I do not know where to start there: Revenue more than you , higher position is stronger than you, too much money might sleep is not practical, big government when God perhaps tired, tired heart.You do not live very peacefully, sleep sleep well, eat eat sweet, why bother.  People want to treat yourself, contentment, what is happiness, and live in harmony, nothing exciting, cheerful mind and good health this is happiness.Why should we fuss it, you want to see better than you, there is not better than you in the world, or worse than they are, happy to find our happiness.  Let us all be kind to yourself.    Part Two: Treat yourself millet please forgive me please?To know others is to treat yourself to forgive!I think a lot recently, but also reflect on your own words and deeds, is something I deal with some deficiencies, I do not owe it to myself to bring you the convenience and unpleasant, and even trouble.I repent to you here, please forgive my mistakes!  Millet, I do not know have you heard that: to forgive others is to give yourself the benefit, I believe many people will have encountered some pain and even anger to make himself sad thing in life.These sad pain may come from friends, perhaps from the family, or maybe from colleagues.Many people will experience these things when there is more or less wronged and unwilling, even unable to extricate themselves into a deep resentment, suffering not to say it is a pain, a pain can not be relieved, it is a It not to sorrow beyond words, is a helpless Unspoken.  Millet, people are not saints who had no?Living life, more or less everyone will make some mistakes should not!With mistakes in his heart to believe there are a lot of remorse and regret, even very painful!If we can forgive them, both to reduce the burden to others, but also to resolve his own psychological pressure!Can be beneficial to all, would not it be best of both worlds?What do you think millet?(Sauna News .sanwen.COM) And when one day we made mistakes, the same can be forgiven by others, if we do not stubbornly out of resentment psychological, that is like cocoon, never see the bright sunshine of a good find less than happy world.  Millet, it was said, a man to be happy, not because she has more, but because of her caring less.But there are a lot of things are easier said than done, to forgive is a very difficult thing, although sometimes his mouth saying forgive, the heart can not truly forgive.However, millet, you are the contemporary college students, I believe you will forgive me!I believe you will be kind to yourself!    Part III: treat yourself, treat yourself to cherish life, cherish life!Dead, there are extremely heavy, lighter than a feather.Those who commit suicide are also comparable to a feather light.A few days ago, I looked Hunan City Channel “find love mind”, a true story tells, after watching first touched my heart, after that feeling, then anger.  About a 19-year-old woman Hengyang, a cherished one or two months pregnant woman in Valentines Day this year 10:00 that night, never set foot on a piece of road of no return, for her so-called love, chose Xiangjiang suicide jump.However, in the coming waist woman drowned when the river is passing good-hearted people have to pay to see.He did not think that he could not swim, did not take off clothes and shoes, threw himself wholeheartedly jumped into the river to save people, I did not expect just a few minutes, merciless river swallowed them put together.As an only child I have to pay for this, but also sacrificed their precious young lives.  You have to pay, one from Harbin, less than a 22-year-old boy, had just graduated from the Hunan Institute of Technology high-speed railway.With their parents to Hengyang, near the University of South China, opened a Dumpling House.He also cast the ashes of his died in the Xiangjiang River, his body, his soul were dedicated to this piece of him during his lifetime love, beloved city.There are heroic deeds of self-sacrifice pay, selfless spirit touched the whole wild city.At the same time, his deeds will always be people at the mouth spread, his spirit will also encourage more people to love sway.  The story also said that the girl had a boyfriend before his death, is a married, a 42-year-old can do her father’s old man.This girl is really because of his emotional entanglements have died, but after the accident, from beginning to end, that men have not been seen, did not go to their bodies for a final goodbye, did not go to their parents say sorry , even the most basic I am sorry to say no.  I think, perhaps, love itself is I wish you love something, perhaps, they know their love is doomed no results outset, is bound to be a mistake.Although he did not directly kill her, but she died because he ah.So how can he be peace of mind, his conscience would not be in this life a little condemn it?His indifference, his ruthless, not only make people angry, but also people very chilling.  Step away, from birth, only in an idea, between the moment.A tragedy, three lives, two families separated, four elderly grief.Life and death, only tears of a thousand lines.And when they leave, they are mothers in tears all day.Hoarseness dried up in the crying their children, but they could not hear, and never come back.Two youth’s life, because this step, it stepped into that distant paradise.Now people’s standard of living getting higher and higher, people can commit suicide to commit suicide, but more and more, I am puzzled that in the end this is why.It seems to me alive and choose death, had a lot of courage, but why there are so many people would rather die, I do not want to live.Perhaps, those who commit suicide, they have a lot of people do not know the pain and sorrow, there are many from the community, from the pressures of life.They seek relief for his thoughts, in order to escape from reality, cowardly and ‘courageous’ choice, extreme and radical piece of road.They chic left, and left the family, leaving their loved ones, but how unforgettable pain and grief ah?  I want to say, our body hair, and skin are affected by the parents, we have to be responsible for their own lives, to love themselves in order to better love others.We can only happy parents happy, we live well, it can be considered a filial piety to parents.  When we despair of life, it is not to think about those who desire life and desire to live.For example, at the time of the earthquake, those who are struggling in the edge of life and death, how tenacious their survival consciousness.Even if they know their bodies have been disabled, know their own homes houses have collapsed, that he has lost everything, but they are still a strong desire for life.Because in their view live how happy, wonderful thing, what would the world no better than to live a.  Treat yourself, cherish life, life unpleasant things in all likelihood, but the wound will get over it, no life could not pass the threshold, no way could not walk, we have to learn to be strong in their trouble, learn to bear in the rough.    Part Four: treat yourself, treat life many times, we seem to have forgotten their existence, although on their way of life have insisted the dream, insight into the trade-offs, but never back to examine their own strengths and weaknesses, while ignoring thoughts It has gradually flying, then the rest are sadly pale.  In fact, with no need to clarify what the rhetoric of concern for their own, just to an aggressive heart enrich their lives every day.Yi Cai highlight the optimistic bearer, lit in a calm life in the minds, treat yourself in the pursuit of gradual, this is the most beautiful sublimation.  Face life, we often scarred, no longer to comprehend the joys and sorrows of life, to experience more realistic dream garden.When we can appreciate the life we are too tired, to say goodbye to this world, not just the loss of precious lives, more lives lost is a continuation of real insight, however, witness the miracle moment, tears true meaning.  Come into this world, we all experience every period of magnificent chapter in life, like an epic speech in Syria.Respect, understanding, trust, these seemingly simple words, can really understand and realize minimal.Often busy lives, wandering in the three-point line, we lost forward momentum, compass directions, such as Maple Leaf has been like a swaying, it’s dying stray exactly true portrayal of the bleak, only believe: Treat yourself the person must be kind to others.When people in the harvest, while respecting others, will use a grateful heart to give back to everyone around him, the tree of life is the continuation of this spirit of gorgeous bloom buds to savor, you will be able to obtain in the ordinary fine.  Treat yourself to splurge does not mean that everything they own, laugh about life, we do not use the material to meet all their needs, wisdom and goodness of coexistence is the most dazzling interpretation.  Please treat yourself, treat every day, treat everyone in your life.  Treat life, we will write a new piece of music, to realize the value of life alcohol honey.    Part Five: Treat yourself to a gentle heart began online, a person want to go to a strange place to travel, in fact, want to go to a do not know their place, and want to escape, want to live a true self.  Today, I want to put that disappeared into a strange place were discouraged, in the morning, open, write mood.  Starting today, concentrate on doing a woman, not from the things that worry, not for food and clothing and depressed, treat yourself, gentle heart began.  Then I laughed, draw a circle for himself and his own circle inside, the memories stay outside, in fact, some things always know everything, but occasionally do not know what will be installed, then feel that they are ridiculous, but later found, even muster a lot of courage to be laughing all these years, I really want to ask yourself, how in the end I was, in the end what is bewitched, in the pursuit of what is in the end?  I’ve always liked the taste of the wilderness, until that faint fragrance gel water completely disappeared from my life, I realized that there is an expectation that touched everyone, I discovered later, just moved his.  The meaning of life have too many, a Inadvertently, I felt a thorough understanding of life, in fact, that moment might even do not know their own.So many years is such a muddle over, suffering a similar injury worries sad looking like a spring breeze.  For my heart sinking, and finally the reality is imprisoned, I want to break free, and fly only thoughts very often, I want to let go of myself, the sky is so big, you can not fly it, and why can one inadvertently bow, face covered with tears, but I hate that so emotional myself, I hated that he had too too seriously, and today, I decided to let myself get serious, let yourself down the road back to the original once the world.  That day saw a film, looked around and found others focus while intoxicated, was suddenly understood what loneliness is.Lot, sometimes I kept thinking my heart began to rain, can no longer afford liter happy flame, as long as the original quiet restless heart down, the paper text will just want to get sad tears.No matter how the outside world is wonderful, as long as calm, and will never be over by the current wave of noisy.    Part Six: Life is too short to treat their own people so life, want to have a happy family, happy music almost every day.But in life, not everything is the best of man, every day we will encounter various difficulties and troubles.Human life, how many helpless, how much rivalry encounter.But people do not think of it on such a life, what Kanbu Kai?Earthly troubles sorrow, after decades of rivalry, not vanished, what can not be resolved, it can not cool down?  People on such a life, we should be happy to spend this life.As long as we do not lose confidence in life, the pursuit of ideals, as long as you religiously to efforts to deal with optimism, there are good career opportunities, rapid response, to seize the opportunity, decisive decision-making, superhuman wisdom should go the completion of their ideal life, because life is short, time, such as swords, let’s brilliant every season of life.  People on such a life, we should not have been in vain.So let’s start from happy!Do what you want, you want to love love.Wrong, do not regret it, do not complain, There is no perfect person.Fall, get up and start over.How can the rainbow without a storm, I believe the next will go more stable.  People on such a life, people rush to come into this world once, each of us should really have a goal of struggle.If the struggle we have to struggle, and the struggle we have to struggle, but still can not get it.Can we think about it from another angle: A life, how many dreams that we sometimes can not be achieved, how many goals are difficult to achieve our.We look up we can not achieve these dreams, overlooking these when we can not reach the goal of, whether or not should be a sense of balance to look at our defeat.”Can never please, but to my mind worthy.”For one thing, as long as we do our best, and we should feel very full, very satisfied, regardless of the result.  People on such a life, take life easy free and easy.To live easily, live free and easy, you should “be remembered, forget the forgotten, Changeable, and accept change.”Only in this way, you will live out a new self personalized!  People on such a life, not to be too demanding, do not expect too much.If we pursue hard but still nothing, we might think: if God does not favor to me, let me stand out, let me outstanding, why should I insist to insist on it?Others prominent, while they were banal.We might have this consolation: This is yours, hide not hide; not you, ask, do not seek to.I thought we still need racking brains to possess those things I originally did not belong to it?Money, power, fame is not the most important, the most important thing is to be kind to yourself, even if have the whole world, will vanish with the dead.If so, if we want, we will no longer adding those unnecessary trouble for himself.  People on such a life, fun is very important.Happy is the day, is not happy day, why insist on forcing their own unhappy it?Yes ah, people on such a life, do something wrong not have come to life, a broken heart can no longer heal the life, after today will not have another of today’s life, minute by minute will no longer back of a lifetime, why do not we cherish in front, why should we desperately feeling sorry for yourself, painful regret it?  People on such a life, you must learn to hold their own.We can take it lightly to face, can positively grasp, when you Kanbu Kai, when you are too proud, when you are angry, when you are in deep pain, think about it, no matter what, you are always lucky We have this life.  People on such a life, no afterlife.So let’s start from the smile!People live life, happy the most important.Have a healthy body, do they like to do things in a happy state of mind, fully realize their own value, it is the greatest happiness.In good times never last, do not spend a good long open.Life is short, a good place to cherish it, treat it, hold it right!Everyone cherished treasure around you, especially your own!