Be contented man


Around us, often heard various complaints and emotion: “I do not why people so full of rich?Why do people live in houses I live in an apartment?Why, why this is so?”In fact, this is a greedy mentality doing strange.The world, not everyone can do both sage, but also made millionaire.So, simply do not complain: “Why do people look handsome, raw beauty, except I’m ugly?”Because Once everyone dies, will become soil.    There are a businessman, looking at his 8-year-old son in the yard catch bird.Catch bird appliance is very simple, a little edge with wire nets into the circle, rounded the entire network, from the side with a wooden support.This is based on a long rope stick, a child standing in Caesar finished rice after rotary screen house holding rope hiding.    Soon, he flew a few Chelsea, the children counted as much as much 10!    Those Chelsea, probably hungry for a long time, the sight of food will soon have eight bird went into the net under.At this time, merchants can rope a schematic child.    However, children do not rope, but quietly told my father, he has to wait to pull that 5 when all went.    So for a while, and that only five did not go in, but out of 4.    Businessman again schematically kids are pulled, but the child says and then later on, wait until there is a rope went in.    But, then there are three bird out.    Merchant said the child, if we can entangle a rope to play.    However, his children can not be reconciled to the loss of good fortune: “The overall some will go back, wait and bar.”Finally, even the last one also eat bird go out.    Children are sad.Businessman stroking the child’s head, lovingly said: “Sex and the endless, but the opportunity was lost little vertical, very often, greed will not be able to meet our desires, we would give the former things have also lost.    This story tells us: a man should follow this attitude of contentment.Because, if you do not know enough, there is no joy in life.Joy is a no-cost enjoyment.How much wealth does not necessarily have much happiness, contentment only to enjoy the pleasures of life.For shipwreck flat, living in endless desire, how to have fun too?    Some people, in order to have more money, can be described as unscrupulous, at all costs, even make mistakes, and fall into the abyss of suffering in recent.There is a saying very classic: “people just gain the whole world, and lose his own life, what good is it?Man give in exchange for life it?”Yes!What could be more important than the life it?    To lose money and lives of people, is the most stupid people!