Bauhinia flowers


Part One: Bauhinia flowers is open when the chrysanthemum.Large and small, yellow white colors and kinds, thousands of state, the general taste olfactory.Welcome to the old school like an old friend’s return.  Not the first time met.How many total ablation points freshness.Every day, chestnuts will be so mundane class, class, everything is nothing strange.It will be so mundane after a month.  That day, it will rely on the bed, already close to the school classroom scene.Looking around, looking around the back, then left with a table of.On the left there was a girl with long hair shawl.This came out of his Shangougou this rural township Balao, how many always feel a little uneasy.  ”Some people here do?I can sit here right?”” No, of course, you go ahead.”Crisp sound slightly sweet flavor, how many people feel some cordial.He could not help but glanced, bad!He found that this is simply lily, also known as Shandan even Liliaceae lily is a perennial flower bulbs in front of her but also inferior thirds: the funding body that curl Tingting not different from upright stems that rise excavated surface, sweating beakless leaves hair shawl is tantamount to lanceolate stems, slender and soft arms like most of the entire, elegant and chic clothes like that between the rabbit-like inflorescence branches over her body.  ”I can tell you it Lily?I find that you like.””of course.”She shallow smile, ‘I do not mind’.  Total bored too long, fun day to promote partial blame.After school, opened on the lawn Bauhinia.Tong Tan, also known as the elegant name of THEACEAE Cercis small deciduous tree always uniquely open in October, seems to be exclusively a love affair.  Lianxiangxiyu he can not help but always went, “Su hand hibiscus”.  ”Do not pick!”Complain about the tone in exposing innocent eyes,” That’s how many cute, OK!”Fondle a distance, rather than what naturally makes sense in a.Good poetry has always been a good word he then filled out a “treading on grass,” said: shadow hazy, mountainous Wudai.Willow spring graceful state, a winding Li Wang open water, but shame Johnson Lin lost Hibiscus.  Butterfly cited somewhat, dragonfly invited Judai.Autumn flower lovers understand slaughter, change the color of the flowers this year, next year to know who is in bloom?  .That day morning class, Friends of Elam Road, invited him to dinner.She also found time to go.Complete meal, a pedestrian Tonggui.  ”Send me to sign it,” she said..  ”OK.”Forthright but at this time the main feast by authentic:” Do not argue, I have to check in the past, it Amby together!”Pushing hands, a faint smile was all the answer he.  November Bibi’s countryside, mountains shallow.Riding on a bicycle, on jealousy breeze swept her hair back seat, to have sowed.  ”Let the water right over there?”Bark of a pond, slightly blue-tinged yellowish brown spot, late autumn of faceless slightest water fish.  ”Our island over there.”He sat on the shore listening to her wonderful stories about the sea, although he has been to the beach, but he felt looking at the scenery is far better to listen to the scenery.  December sky, slightly yellowed.Young people are always passionate.They also followed the students to play.Climb the mountain one day, a day around the water, because it is the play do not feel tired.Back at the station, “we take a picture of it,” she said..  Faint distant mountains, red maple leaf behind, at the foot of yellow grass stems, good scenery, the most gratifying is that in December this still leaves of Ilex burial Meike Feng Xiang genus large deciduous tree, it seems frost resistant.  January is always coming with a rich flavor of the year approaching, the snow also unwilling to waste this wonderful season.  ”Cold weather, let’s go have a coffee,” he said..  Brazil used to drink a single product flavor he had no intention to change anything, but she blinked against the menu.  ”You still drink lily of it,” he feels good Lily, just do not know whether it was agreeable to her taste.  on vacation.  school starts.  It is a new year.she says.  It is a new year.He found.  Then fill in the poem, called “picking mulberries”: Lan Lan faint meaning water, maple reminders cold blood, Emperor Wang cream spots, shallow clinopyroxene faint Mountain.  Liu Lang do not take this life, intentionally missed, silent tears, hate evil creature edge of the pre-existence.  .Nightlife Network is open when the chrysanthemum.  Soon what should be the time Bauhinia flowers.    Part II: Bauhinia flowers “forget the first few days after separation from, a person look like rain.”I Mosu North is in the first snow of two years ago, when separated, I stay in the south, you have chosen the North.  Time put us out of that scarlet high school campus, those days have been forgotten struggle with.Two years, we should not forget the forgotten whole it disappear from my mind right.University life I learned getting used to, is not used only less you around, do not you accompany me to walk through the campus, poignant look at that piece of Bauhinia, I really do not accustomed to!In an instant I raised the head, you know it’s raining south?I also got used to the way people look at a heavy rain, the direction toward the north.  When I face the night alone, counting his slow and heavy of heart, when I think of Mosu north and unwittingly tears wet skirts, I can only believe that I owe your past life, this life to repay.  Mosu North, I wish I miss the wind can bring your ear, but I forgot, I do not know the whereabouts of the wind, but can not predict whether Mosu north at the same time I remember.After all, the northern sky makes you so obsessed!  There is a saying this to say: the sky is no trace of wings, but I have flown.I thought so at least I trace across in your sky, but do not want the original was a blank, you are just a taste of my heartbreak to accomplish your wandering, Mosu north, I finally believe that you are a prodigal son of.The last traces of your lingering in my sky!  Time like water, flowing from the front.Mosu North, you stay in the north two full years, the feelings between us have been washed for two years, and the rest is not only indifferent?Memory also like water, spread on the hands of even the endless stream will evaporate dry, after all, I was not able to hold.  You say: Actually, I have hurt you, I’ll protect you!But why, when I finished the first woven scarf, you then simply refused to fall: keep you give your future boyfriend, and I do not have access.Mosu North ah Mosu north, what is this?I actually also humbly miss.  Once upon a time, I know your heart is holding very live and struggle with your day, you will inadvertently touch my head and laughing loudly: Pig!When you say you want to adjust the seat, I was alone sad, secretly tears, your end is not to leave, because I’m not known whether my wayward let you bear to leave.Finally, you did not fall embrace hands.  You say: Why are you crying, do not cry, OK?I will be sad, until now I still have not let go of your so-called heartache is to what extent; you say: campus Bauhinia flowers, good good the United States, you 有空去看看 it!But then I did not wait for your invitation.In the second heavy snow comes, you send text messages, said: snow, great cold, but beautiful beautiful.I think I can feel your joy, even your childish smile; Mosu north, you really put me in a very miserable miserable, now I can only rely on memories live.My heart is faint hint of pain, the pain often occur late at night, but just a moment disappeared, I would like to doubt its existence, but I do not know already wet eyes.  Mosu north you should know, that was missing factor at work.  In the third year of the autumn comes, I walk in the university campus, just kind of looked at the Bauhinia tree, I think this year is probably not see redbud blossoms.  I asked if you remember Bauhinia, you say: of course, ah, forget, especially poignant in the realm.  Mosu North, Bauhinia is the only link between us, but you do not know is that the most poignant Bauhinia flower petals wind falling state is not the time, but, flowers litter in the days of heavy rain, but unfortunately, this season much rain.  Mosu north, you know when you say, in fact, I quite like you, my tears had covered his eyes.  Mosu north, you said: pig, you can in front of my wayward, can be spoiled, I will spoil you, but then I have a girlfriend, I would pay more pet her, so I will look at when you find one that can hurt you, I find a girlfriend.  Mosu North, can I asked what I should favor to ask of you to give to others?  Not, as I can not hate you cruel.The long stop, you have not stepped forward, just behind me watching me go, so you’re not cruel, you have always been watching over me.Cruel, I understand you are the guardian completely different, and I had to put itself in a very strong, forgive me see your eyes more of a indifference.  Mosu north, I would be afraid of!  I can not do re-ignite hope in despair and then, I have been looking forward to what no one knew, I had to put all the heartache imputation of negligence to grow.  Occasionally I would say to myself, Mosu North is not really that important, I do not have a man in the South do good?Then I will hug yourself.  Mosu North, I would like to ask you all these years is around you are not with someone that you can love her, she will be rooting for you on the basketball court, she handed him a towel for you, for fear you will forget eat and clothes to wear every day in your ear with the long-winded, in silence when you will touch your head, then said nothing.  So Mosu north, you still remember, these things I’ve done.  I’ve been waiting long enough, I’m afraid I’ll forget you, afraid I can not hold on.Perhaps the moment of decision, I deleted all the memories associated with you, you no longer remember, no longer contact you.And you, it has not looked for me.  Finally in a day of heavy rain, I received Mosu north of the phone, only to hear two words: I’m back.  And I attend to so-called indifference, headed to the station in the rain, when I saw you, you rushed over, hugged me: sister, brother back, I miss you.  At that moment only shed tears, because at the same time I saw you standing behind a her, she is beautiful.  Just let me hold you, I did not say a word.  I think I understand, Mosu north, let me have your last embrace it.  Look Bauhinia again, yet there are few clusters of flowers swaying in the high branches.  Mosu North Redbud language of flowers: family.  Brother, I finally won over.