Barry is only half of 90


[Part One: Barry is half of 90] has been, I have always felt that this sentence is difficult to accept.Why is so little difference between the effect of so much of it will be worse?I always feel that this is an exaggeration, designed to encourage people to do things to be perfect, do not drop out.Later, learning math, the teacher told me that we learn math must not make excuses for their mistakes, wrong is wrong, no matter how small the gap with the results of the gap, it is also a mistake, it would prove the existence of your mind loophole.Yes!Miss is as good of a thousand miles, it is true ah!  Many times, people thought, but it is the wrong thing!Why grabbing hold?A little kindness, let me pass it!This is what most people think, very practical ideas.In this regard, I do not want to force me to instill the idea to anyone, I just want my club obtained some facts to you.Many times, we do a lot, but in the end but only drop a little effort, the outcome is a complete failure, and do not doubt, you feel very innocent yet?It feels very flat?Just think, you’re a mathematician, the ongoing operation of the satellite orbit, just finished the data you transmit calculated move a decimal point.Oh!God!I do not want a disaster?Of course, you can talk this is just a hypothesis Bale, things can there be so clever?If all scientists are so incompetent, even the data will go wrong, but also what that scientists do?Yes, your argument very persuasive.But I want to tell you is that really such a thing in history.Remember it rare elements krypton?Scottish chemist Sir William Ramsay and English chemist Morris Travers in the study of liquid air is found in the data obtained and the theoretical value slight deviation in the thousandth, they carefully analyze its spectrum, and finally discovered the existence of krypton, before he was also conducted studies of liquid air, also we found errors per thousand, but considered to be given a free hand to allow normal experimental error, took him to miss this great discovery.Very dramatic yet?Yes, very dramatic!!But think about it, everything very naturally!Others than you are careful, more faith in his own judgment, do not blindly believe that the so-called authoritative than your predecessors, such a person is not successful, God is justified!  This sentence reminds me of the word moderation.Impartial, but points will not lack, appropriately.Many times we have done, but always felt something should be added, the result is the same end in failure.It is very flat?Do not!It should not be so completely!You do not know you are in it superfluous?We know that no foot snake, a snake after you add him or do?Obviously not, therefore, something more, we had to already changed a lot, no longer had to be in the.This is really a lose something, get on it it still is the original?So, that you are doing useful work.Although reluctant to disappoint you, but I have to tell you relentlessly, before you do and who did not do the same hands, Barry is half of 90, which is the law of the world, should not be anyone to change.We have to do is follow the rules, do their best to get what you want, not self-AI self-hatred is not, do not give up halfway, insist on what you want, follow the original mind, as the strong life.(Sauna News.sanwen.COM) [Part II: Barry is half of 90] “Encouraging Learning” cloud: keep records such as road, there are ten rows who have OK Barry, who has a line of life; underwent miles congregation, OK Barry widowed, who rarely life-line.I do not know nor were ten rows, Barry is only a smattering, micro too, who know the line for life, must be ‘ambitious’ must also be determined to win!  ”I praise Zen Mountain in mind”: cover more than actions, is still better than those who can not swim XI, however, as the left and right, and to remember those who have less.Cover its deep, it has added little to carry on.Fang is, still enough to force into the fire is also still sufficient to clear.Both its out, then blame it or want a person, but I also regret that followed, and not very Cardiff tour is fun.  I have quoted above materials are from middle school textbooks, to illustrate a problem, the road is hard, the future is bright.As philosophy said, the emergence and development of things is difficult, it is rising.  A few years ago the financial crisis, I believe we have not forgotten, I have the impression that, when the price of meat has been racing to seventy yuan a pound.  In the international arena, dumping and anti-dumping and improve all kinds of tariffs, as well as a variety of trade protection eyesight moment “dazzling”.Faced with this, Premier Wen decisive attack to “home appliances”, “home appliance trade”, “car to the countryside” and so a series of subsidies to the central engineering four trillion to stimulate domestic demand.This year, the international financial doldrums, China’s economy is thriving, dominate, others envy.  When talked about March 14, 2010, Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao in Beijing’s Great Hall to meet with Chinese and foreign reporters and answered a reporter’s question, “the next few years, the road is still uneven, even full of thorns, but we should always remember the adage: Barry is only half of 90.You can not have any slack, paralysis and shake.  Sure enough, when we protect themselves lucky when the financial crisis.Excess issued four trillion banknote has become China’s housing prices promoters.How to curb housing prices?How not to step into the footsteps of the Japanese real estate bubble of the 20th century, it has become the focus of the government and the people.  Personal opinion, regardless of how the state government to adjust the real estate, if not control banknote printing and security system implement real estate, real estate is difficult to decline.Of course, this is something, focus my attention focused on us, government line Barry half of 90, these aspects we must also learn from the government, the Prime Minister learn, the more success is not far away, we should seriously treat, because there is half difficult, more difficult, we should be more rigorous and would like to be strict, firm belief, like we play DOTA like more backward, BOSS will certainly more powerful, but we insist.Must be “ambitious ‘it must be’ determined to win.”.  Only when the trend clearly in mind, we can only know of where, in order to come up with countermeasures calm.Well, in this process, it is crucial to adhere to seriously.With Barry is only half of 90 such perseverance.So, perseverance and vision to mention the inevitable.  [Part Three: Barry is half of 90], “Barry is only half of 90,” When I first saw this motto when, how can not figure out what it means.Go one hundred miles, had gone ninety, short of ten, you reached your destination.Why do I say this having just half of it?I took this question and ask the teacher.The teacher explained a long time, I was skeptical, but long before, in the last there is a physical education experience.  Festival physical education teaching content that is eight hundred meters distance running test, this is my most troublesome project of a long-distance running.I bite the bullet and stood on the starting line.”Bang” starting gun, I move quickly run up.Began two hundred meters, I can run, running while wandering over the same group of students.The second ran two hundred meters I began to sweat.While I was adjusting to the rhythm, while secretly cheering for himself: insist, persist in the end is victory!  Finish seven hundred meters, I feel myself sour, legs like lead, breathing becomes rough, and also lumbering pace, and I looked forward, ouch, there is a bend, a full there are over one hundred meters.”Also insisted it had?”I asked myself.Ten steps, twenty paces.How this runway so long, ah, much longer than the previous seven hundred meters.I just feel heart pop out from the chest, throat dry and hot, legs have to lose control, and unconsciously closed his eyes.I have heard teachers and students shouting “go to the end, the sprint ah!”I opened my eyes just to feel stifled, there is no power to run forward, then run by the change to go, the last leg of a soft, knelt on the ground.  After the students reach the end, they all gathered around toward me, several students said: “Look, he sent twenty meters!”I regret shook his head.I today for the final twenty meters but failed.Finish seven hundred meters can only be ran by half, but fails in this last tens of meters, is it not, “Barry is only half of 90” yet?  Yes ah, ten to ninety terms is a short journey, but it is the key.In sports, last second sprint, and finally leaped high jump, football field last shot which do not all reflect the “Barry is only half of 90,” the truth it?Only at the last minute rush to be successful, and vice versa, then fall short.  In the study, daily life and even on the road of life, within ninety stop, come to naught phenomenon it even less?In my own case, do not you learned a lesson from stop to it, 99?”Barry is only half of 90″ points to how profound philosophy.  [Part Four: Barry is half of 90], “Barry is only half of 90 ‘, the surface looked contradictory, but yet is to reason, implies a profound philosophical thought.Well worth pondering and reflection.  ”Barry is only half of 90,” Why do I say?Because, after all, go a long way, and felt fast to reach the finish line, you will relax mentally, ideologically slack will.And this time also the most vulnerable, leading to the cause of the fall short, very unfortunately failed.  ”Barry is only half of 90″, it indicates that the last “ten” an important and crucial.China Guren Jiang “start to finish”.This reminds me of another saying, “A good beginning is half the battle,” This is an important and critical to say at the beginning of.Once the work and career on the right path, on the hand, there is often a liking Shun Yi.Encountered difficulties and problems, probably at the beginning and the end.Career worth mentioning, work worth mentioning, life worth mentioning, who has learned that, I think it will be very beneficial.  Japan studies “failed study” professor, spoke of “30-year cycle industry,” the problem, say 30 years, almost every industry has experienced sprout, development, maturity, recession, so businesses and employees have become rigid, We can not respond flexibly to changing external environment.Or turn a blind eye to the problem is not seen to think that he can take the right judgment and action, but at this time it often leads to failure cause.  ”Barry is only half of 90″, we can think of to accompany Mr. Huang Yan Yan talked about “periodic law” issue.Almost one a one-party country, there is a periodic law of domination, that is, Hing vigorous rise, its sudden fall.Mr. Huang Mao ask, how do you jump out of the periodic law of domination?Mr Wong called periodic law, I am afraid that this “Barry is only half of 90″ problem.  ”Barry is only half of 90”, so Comrade Mao Zedong in the Second Plenary Session of the Seventh speech that “the revolutionary victory is just the first step in the Long March, after the success of the revolution road longer, work harder, and more great If this is something to be proud of, then it is very tiny.”” Barry is only half of 90, “the Communist Party of China as the core of leadership of the Chinese revolution and construction, led the Chinese people made great achievements, but still can not meet, can never meet.The great cause of the Chinese people need to move forward to a more lofty goals!  ”Barry is only half of 90″, for a man or a leading cadres, So it is with!Many comrades have made a contribution to the revolution and construction, but it is concerned with this condition, see some unhealthy phenomenon, not a reflection, criticism, boycott, but to follow it, to make up for the imbalance of mind, the result is Wanjiebubao Party and the people became sinners.  ”Barry is only half of 90”, how many lessons to taste something and explain it?In fact, take a good grasp and final “ten” is difficult and critical, worthy of attention and importance.  [Part Five: Barry is half of 90] the early years when I play antiques, especially obsessed for a while, hear the wind is the rain, who will take the messenger to whom, how far is not too tired, and more difficult not afraid, as long as see good things on the line thanks to the True Buddha.At that time, it takes several days for the time thing, take a good thousand miles commonplace.  Once, a few half-baked to a friend, she told me that the country found a pear furniture.I heard on the excited, they immediately want to go.At that time, dinner time, these people did not eat, minced rub my meal, and then depart.I asked how far away they say three hours.  They drove a call on the name of the old car, the car feels the whole car is loose, a pass splinters chaos ring, basically can not speak properly, was shouting, so we are unable to chat along the way.Car window was dark, Han can not see, they are half asleep.  0:00, I could not help but say one thing: “how not to?”Said the friend, walked half the.  I found today, everything half-done, very challenging, but also very tempting.Cost is concerned, halfway certainly worth the candle, so be sure to stick to teeth.The ancients said: “Barry is only half of 90.”Meaning clear, it can only count half of the 90%, 50% mention it?  When dawn micro now, I could not help but ask.They pulled out a map, looked for a moment pretend, solemnly said: “The moment there is really half the.”I know there will be at least half way to go, but that piece weight is still seduce me, let me imagination.  I have accumulated today, many of which are obtained in this stick.Everything half-done, not only to encourage, but also a temptation, the rest depends on personal perseverance.  [Chapter six: Barry is half of 90 With more than half of the debt audit schedule, site work has been basically completed.The evening meal, sneak in a trip to climb the mountain generals, can be considered a reward for their work days.Recall the climbing experience I can not help a myriad of thoughts, made me audit of the debt deeper feelings.  Our mountain is not stumped, but lack the courage climbing.Standing at the foot of the mountain looking at the front of the winding mountain road circling, as if no end in sight, I can not help but wonder if I can reach the top.Long enough to see a lot of grandparents who still climb up step by step, I then took courage pace.Recall that the debt audit at the beginning, watching the thick programs and cumbersome form, then I doubt if I can do the job.Facts have proved that no one higher than the mountains, no feet longer than the road, with the help of leaders and colleagues, I quickly into the role, quality and quantity to complete the task entrusted by the leadership.  Barry is only half of 90, insisted in the end is victory.At the beginning of climbing, fairly vigorous pace, can be felt over the hillside to keep up the strength gradually, the pace becomes increasingly heavy, beans large sweat dripping down my face, as if the top of the mountain within reach, but also seems far in the sky.I keep to myself cheering, telling myself then hold on, although hard but ultimately successfully reach the top of the hill.In fact, as the debt audit, the face of piles of data and information line by line, every face filled with dignified, after almost a month of continuous fighting, we all tired, but I am confident that bite persist in the end, we will be able to complete the task satisfactorily.  Hard down the mountain easily, everything both good beginning but also to hospice.Because of the time I was a stopover on the downhill at the top of the hill, so I can never think of that, down the road seemed particularly steep, downhill time and difficulty even beyond the mountain.The debt audit time too?Although the audit is nearing completion, but I think everything should finish the job.Since a portion of one month at the grassroots level of county and township thorough investigation, I learned a lot of first-hand information on how to make good use of these basic data to identify problems, then put forward reasonable and feasible strong audit recommendations, but also our work.Every single hand evidence, each manuscript, every packet of data are embodied in the hard work of my colleagues, only the station last one post, from start to finish in order to be worthy of our group nearly a month of hard work and dedication.  Late at night, looking slightly messy pile of information, I know: the battle is far from over.  [Chapter Seven: Barry is half of 90] April calendar only 8, and Monday into the classroom, so I wrote two lines on the blackboard: mountain nine yards, can not fall short!  12 years of study, there are 46 days sprint; Barry is half of 90, force myself to bite, success lies ahead!  I then asked the students: “I know ‘Barry is only half of 90’ provenance and mean.?”I looked around the classroom and saw part of a child shaking his head, there are a few students are bewildered, I tell them the source of this sentence: Han Liu Xiang” Warring Qin policy Five “:” poem: “line Barry half of 90.”The dead end is also difficult to remark.”Tell them:” Come understood literally, ‘Barry is only half of 90’, which means the line Barry Road, ninety miles away, only half gone; deeper meaning is that doing something closer to completion when the more difficult, the more critical.When many people start is always ambition, lofty ambitions, but as time progresses, slowly, there is no power, no perseverance, no determination.Finally hastily to.”Then I talked with my students flexor calculate the time:” May another eight days is a.May is only a year from the beginning a lot of joy to the feet festive month, from the ‘May Day’ to ‘Youth Day’, from ‘Mother’s Day’ to ‘Children’s Day’, each have a holiday filled with laughter.But in May this year on our sprint to the entrance of people, but it is a solemn mood of the month, because the entrance real countdown, the entrance of the war drums has been far and near, near to the ring in the ears.Japanese writer Ryunosuke Akutagawa said: “Nine Nine Steps is a half step half.’This sentence and’ Barry is half of 90, “similar.”My inspirational education is not over, the bell rang early rally.The third morning of the first two classes, students’ parents come to the school at noon, I communicate with them for a full hour.I find two xiaonianqing afternoon television interview, they received took me two class period.  The next night to finish this, “Barry is only half of 90″ it.  I think of life, many examples Barry is only half of 90’s, such as hiking, climbing mustering strength for a long time, appeared to be at the top of the mountain, but not because of the skills needed list of small hills; such as digging wells, hard for a long time appeared to be dug up water, but because of its strong go rather not drink the sweet spring water; such as student learning, has been very hard, appeared to be college entrance examination, because of overwhelmed and give up, so missed the university dream.- these are the things Huizhiwuji.  ”Book of Songs” has such a poem: “Mibu there early, there is a final few grams.”Indeed, one thing’s going to really, just a good start is not enough, persist in the end have to add more spirit.College entrance examination has entered the countdown stage, pro forma review to the most difficult and most critical stage, followed by a test match, Middle School students should always remain sober-minded, good beginning funerals, with a spirit of perseverance to adhere to their own school life painting successful close.”Barry is only half of 90,” the more to the last moment, the more critical moment, the more we need to bite the bullet and insist in the end, we do not allow the slightest negligence.  Once again remind the class of children in the last 46 days: 1, ambitious, enhance the sense of purpose.”He who has never been to the Great Wall is not a true man,” we have such ambition and ambition, into the goal to make progress and hard work of power, with their own practical action goals into reality.  2, start to finish, to enhance the sense of crisis.An old saying: “Mibu there early, there is a final few grams.”There is a good start is not difficult, to finish the job, but it is not easy to adhere to in the end.”Sea down to earth give way and perseverance can move mountains”, on the eve of college entrance examination, we should be more down to earth, perseverance.  3, dare to win, enhance the sense of competition.The face of the college entrance examination, we are neither blind confidence, but can not sell ourselves short, to have the courage to spiritual victory, to believe that “I am confident, I am good; I struggle, I succeeded!”To become the examination room to display their talents on the stage.  Students, decide the fate of knowledge, now decide the future.Life is a journey, as long as we get down, hardworking, brilliant or ordinary matter that ultimately can be life without regrets.College entrance examination has entered the final stage of the countdown, going all out, struggling to sprint toward the goal of it!  I wish all the students can use their own efforts to make the dream come true!