Cold lonely winter night, I was leaning over the bed, eyes closed, listening to, to enjoy the wonderful music melodious and moving, did not hear the song title, clear and melodious sound of music jumped into my eardrum: head one day, feet Tap one of the earth, your mind is in heaven, your affectionate in fertile soil  ….  An indescribable state of melancholy pervades my heart; an indescribable filled in the hope of my heart.Hazy, between stumbled, I seem to float in the clouds of heaven and earth; it would seem illusory wandering broke into paradise.I walk all over the world, looking, jumping tap, battles, I want to get back one day that belongs to me; I want to set foot on soil that belongs to my party.  I remember when I was once a lush, shiny shiny vegetable garden, that I had potential, ability, charm, stately vegetable garden, eternity unforgettable vegetable garden, now a depression dying, poignant and helpless, alone crooning.  Three years ago, my home vegetable garden or flower bright, vibrant.Four seasons fruits, seasonal vegetables, lifelike, lush fitness.With the changes in his life, however vegetable garden family situation, the most important for me is the dedication and pursuit of the text, I finally gave up and accompanied by a vegetable garden, start a turn with the text never betray companion.So also will be the end of its life, wither wither, think of it a little sad, a little bleak.  Today’s vegetable garden, vines did not seem to have the ability to reproduce; garden two pear desultory, lifeless, long face, every year the fruit, not the bitter fruit is hard; there was four loquat tree, three actually green Evergreen also stood firm, which is a hazard to people dying.  Sometimes I have the leisure of writing, he has entered the deserted vegetable garden, loss and loneliness, depression and poignant, lonely feeling filled my heart.Garden weeds soaring, enough to have a meter tall, and prosperity have flourished fitness, there are several actually turned into a small bush, that people can not help recalling the tragic scene, speechless.Weeds do not need to loosen the soil, fertilizing, spraying, management, but the growth was so robust; there is a small piece of ground, the grass grows relatively low, gentle moment you set foot on the go, such as the soft blue carpet; there is a small piece of chaos climbing vine, my hands are not able to force them to death Chela.Winter warm sun shines on the earth, I step closer vines around, that vine XiXi rustling, sobbing like a little; I was afraid to climb out of the ground do not know when that flower thing will make people trembling, shudder.Former prosperity has gone is a river flows to the east.  Here is the original channel after the construction of coal ash, a piece of uncultivated wasteland, full of sand stone, I did not use the Internet before leisure time, pick out a piece of small stones, large stones, then height soil fill buried in the lower, and then use tools raking the soil, and then planted a variety of vegetables, watering, loose soil, weeding, spraying and so on management, a variety of fruit and vegetable cultivation, breeding, growth, harvest, a sense of the joy of the whole process once filled my heart all.  Today I entered the barren vegetable garden, I was also accompanied by two large stone could not move, I sat down at the head of the Rock.I may have to sit this one, then the future will take a second, and even third, fourth, there may be this is my first and last time to sit vegetable garden big stones.  Now turned into a garden of green vine hay, there is the vitality, sneak what foreign imports of yellow flowers unknown, said to be coming from Panama travel across the ocean, there are said to be from Europe across the ocean come in, in the spring garden flower child blowing, no seeds, water, fertilizers, pesticides, breeding too rapidly, grow Qi Yan, solemn beauty, melancholy beauty.  Barren, desolate, lonely, lonely, lost, decadent stream of consciousness will be flooded once in my mind, the plant is so, why not animals.So people had this feeling, survival is the most beautiful, despite everyone’s mood vary survival.As long as he (she) does not feel deserted, desolate, lonely, lonely, lost, decadent, he (she) will live in happiness, it is the need of the realm.  And a man who had a profound feelings of love after a number of years, suddenly lost contact, will be sad, tears, and that is the true nature, true feelings, always in mind, can not forget.Vegetable garden and a sense of loss that can not be compared, it can not be repaired will be a bitter sadness never forgotten, lost to death.  Finally, still on the back of US music soulful song ends this article: head one day, foot party earth, in heaven your mind, your affectionate in fertile soil  .