Barberry south of the mountain flower fragrance


– Flowers and Trees Industry Development Neixiang Neixiang County in western Henan barberry documentary located south of the mountain located North Water Transfer Project source – upstream of Danjiangkou reservoir, the territory of the world famous Chinese and foreign people and nature biosphere Baotianman, Henan Province one of the 25 mountain counties focus.The past four years, the county flower seedlings base as a guarantee of the construction of the reservoir area source, mountainous areas rich project, has made significant progress.    ”Neixiang tour a few days, the mountain (Baotianman) a Ya (Neixiang) a drift (Chishingtan), flowers pleasing to the eye (wood) music heart.”Spring in April, Xi’an East Lake Tourism Development Co., Ltd. Chairman Chen calligraphy with unit staff, including rural intoxicated Baotianman Wan Village Nature Reserve dogwood flowers, visibly pleased to tell us a group of literary friends.    Market birth and foster new industries in the past, Neixiang few varieties flower tree seedlings, small-scale, low-grade, not a pile.Just four years ago, they took the middle route project source eco-construction opportunities and market diversion, to take “government guidance, financial assistance, the owners put into operation of the market” development model, gave birth to the industrial development of flower seedlings., Leveraging the enthusiasm of social capital investment in seed industry, a large number of nurseries, flower garden grow.At present, the area has built more than 2,000 acres of nursery 7, more than 3,000 acres of nursery stock base 3.The county a total of four years to mobilize social investment over 300 million yuan.Flower seedlings planted as a new industry so that the majority owners, growers directly benefit.In 2010 alone, the county farmers involved in direct seedling nursery bases income of nearly 0.600 million yuan, the owners of investment income of nearly 1 seed.700 million people into a nursery, “and encouraged farmers to leave their homes,” a wealth of industry, to muster the people’s pocketbook.    Tree new ideas, create high-end industrial park Neixiang establish the concept of thinking to do flowers, nursery stock industry.By promoting resources, science and technology, optimize the allocation of the brand, building a high concentration of flower seedlings Park, leading high efficiency, “four high” modern urban flower seedlings develop high-tech, high value-added, high contribution rates.    ”From the beginning of autumn 2000, with the help of the county fruit industry leading group, turbulent Dong and relevant functional departments of our company and Neixiang turbulent Dong village leader signed a 3000 acres of land contract agreement, created Lake Township landscaped park.At present, the park has been planted osmanthus, cherry, Photinia, bloom, red maple, Sophora japonica, red Hundred Days, ginkgo, camphor, osmanthus, Zhen Nan, smiling and other green flower seedlings 5 million lines, benefiting more than 260 million per year yuan.Another 3–5 years I was able to net profit of 10 million yuan.”East Lake, general manager of Xi’an Tourism Development Co., Ltd. Wei Guangming said excitedly.    In the radiation driven the park, Neixiang been turbulent East division Kong, Guan Yu, Wang shop, irrigation and other towns up flower seedlings base competing mushroomed development, community participation enthusiasm is very high.According to the survey, the county has developed 20,000 acres of flower seedlings base, funds from society 1.200 million yuan.    Preferential policies, mobilize the enthusiasm of flowers, nursery stock growers healthy development of the industry, is inseparable from preferential policies to promote the guide, Neixiang specially developed to meet the five Township actual flower seedlings industry support policies.Among them, encourage the development of all kinds of flowers, nursery stock cooperatives and associations, driven by strong ability to service, outstanding job performance of professional associations and cooperatives give 1-3 million reward each year; the development of flower seedlings base give some financial subsidies.The development of more than 50 acres, give 300 yuan per mu subsidy; the development of more than 100 acres, per acre to give 500 yuan subsidy; the development of an area of more than 500 acres, industry leading group will coordinate the agriculture, forestry, water conservancy, transportation, electrical and other related departments, bundling projects and funds give priority support.Key support was the construction of supporting facilities on land contract, base planning, land consolidation, technical services, roads and water and electricity, and fully mobilize the enthusiasm of all sectors of society.    Into cooperatives, and expand development to establish fruit flowers, nursery stock cooperatives, to speed up the promotion of industrial technology, promote intensive management industry, improve market competitiveness, and increase people’s income and others have an important role.Neixiang through the organization of flower seedling grower to go out to visit and study, field trips and other measures to enable the county and outside investors to broaden their horizons, enhance confidence, flowers spontaneously set up a fruit cooperatives.Currently the county has set up a specialized cooperative Neixiang Chimei nectarine, Neixiang barberry pecan planting cooperatives, associations chrysanthemum, orchid and chrysanthemum source gardening cooperatives, associations, etc. more than 60 associations (cooperatives) give full play to promote cooperatives role in promoting the rapid development of the county flower seedlings industry.    Neixiang barberry pecan growing cooperatives manager Wang Hao said: “At present, our society has invested 84 million yuan, the development of farmer members 4000.Walnut planting, technology promotion, product processing and management as one.In the county the remainder Guan Xiang Ling Dai Jun and other places have been built nine shell walnut-growing region, an area of 4.6 acres, 260 000.Capital investment cooperative building responsible base, farmers woodland as join a company capital, enter into revenue sharing contracts, early fruiting (5–10 years) cooperatives and farmers by 6: 4 distribution; the fruit of (10–15 years) 5: 5 allocation; after 15 years of 4: 6 distribution, so that farmers really benefit members.Last year 60% of walnut tree hanging fruit next year, two pounds of walnuts a tree is not a problem.” Three years later, there will be an annual output of more than 250 kg of walnuts, annual output will reach 50 million yuan, farmer members can increase net income more than 2500 million, the average annual income over 20,000 yuan ‘.Neixiang County Forestry Bureau, Wang Lingmin confidently say, 2015, the county will establish a nursery base 4.6 acres, cultivating more than five centimeters green seedlings 35,000,000, of which more than 10 centimeters green seedlings 2 million, more than 20 centimeters Trees in 300,000, of which 50 million can be sold periphery, the annual output value of nearly 500 million yuan.    Qiao caught carrier, promote ecological and cultural Neixiang County Forestry Bureau invested more than 500 million yuan in filling up the west side of town Liu Yingcun filling two highway construction automatic controlling temperature and humidity shed 1,000 square meters, construction acres of flower seedlings demonstration bases, the introduction of breeding improved varieties, promote the accumulation of experience in production management.At the same time, adhere to promote the “Green Action Plan”, by making, sealing, education, and management simultaneously, strengthen the construction of ecological forestry resource protection and forest parks, nature reserves and other efforts to build a Baotianman National Forest Park, Lake Park Ju, geology Square, the martyrs cemetery, Fangshan and other natural ecological science education base, a place for people to return to nature, strive to bathe green, ecological experience.The county forestry, environmental protection, education, culture, information, tourism and other departments to closely cooperate together to plant trees natural ecological and cultural outreach, actively participate in and guide the people to participate, “Arbor Day”, “Love the Birds Week”, the green color, eco-tourism and other ecological activities, planting “people love the forest,” “natural forest”, “evergreen forest” and so on Memorial forest.While promoting the development and construction, vigorously carry forward the great forest ecological culture, man and nature live in harmony.In recent years, the county relies on the thick, rich culture, the red revolutionary culture, tourism and cultural landscape closely integrated with the natural forest ecology and culture, both to provide material consumer goods but also carry forward the flower culture, tea culture, forest culture, meet people the spiritual and cultural life.