Banyan tree with birds


I work as a family, a group of people dwelling in a rented house in Shenzhen Songgang a community where, in front of a dormitory building, followed by a dormitory building on the left is a dormitory building on the right is a dormitory building; all sides behind a building it is likewise after another dormitory; thus forming a checkerboard pattern.In this checkerboard pattern where the four-meter-wide tunnel between buildings pricked a cross, is checkered line.I walk every day in the checkered line, dwelling in the board Gerry, no street trees, smell the air ‘is a portmanteau of the city, in addition to crowded is crowded, except repressed or depressed.Coupled with precise as it was the living room and dormitory Step 5 square, kitchen and toilet in the square housing the two-step, with three people every day activities, can be considered a new (but not on fresh) air breathing only against the window.But one day, I was enjoying the freedom to breathe on the window, suddenly found the top of the crack in the wall opposite the window and as high as I live floor window, there is a little green.Green grew up in this hot and humid climate of the rainy season in the south, a few days you can not distinguish a banyan tree seedlings.    This is how the banyan tree seeds to take root here, I do not pay attention, I really care about is the banyan tree seedlings even in my eyes and my heart infected with a hint of green, this green loosened my repressed and depressed, every day I are watching it – see it stretch the branches, a, and a.Look for it to grow leaves, one, and one.Each time I observed that green life in my eyes and my heart increase the trace of pleasure, I often look at it gradually became accustomed to breathing air at the window, I have gradually become dependent boredom.As long as a district to the buildings, I could not think of it; as long as one into this house, I had to watch it.Banyan tree seedlings grew up, I upgraded day by day with green Fiat.    Gradually, large banyan tree seedlings to almost 80 centimeters of time, has five branches, more than 100 leaves the.But this time, I suddenly worried it.If the rainy season in the past, now is the high temperature and dry season.In this high temperature and dry season, there is no soil and water, not to mention the fertilizer, the hapless poor guy, with what will it grow?Its leaves are nutritional needs moisture ah!    Later I found out that my concern is uncalled for.I saw a banyan tree seedlings while long foliage, it is also particularly long aerial roots.That tender aerial roots, bark drilled later in the humid rainy climates grow one, and a.Inch, an inch and.A rainy season down aerial roots shorter tenaciously headlong into the wall seam around, trying to absorb a little “milk” from the walls.Aerial roots hanging from the trees even elderly, fluttering Yat Plaza in the city mixed gas flowing in the space checkerboard blowing, absorbing smoke and car exhaust, may also be absorbed into the “I” of such human exhaled gas, also enjoy the wind from the tyranny of the tunnel, the wind often with the smell of the sea.These may be the role of the root of it, even banyan tree seedlings survived almost a third of the dry season of the year, even under hot temperatures up to 40 degrees, but also doggedly grow on the walls of high-rise buildings, green He exudes the charm of nature and the growth of life.    Banyan After a year of experience and growth, can be said that the high walls of high-rise home secure.I think this little bit of green to attract only I, can not think of it more attention than my friends.    It was a second year at noon Spring in March, I was at the window while enjoying its distinguished green eating lunch, enjoy the appetite under green spirit enlighten to savor his wife do the cooking, suddenly a shadow across the window, a bird to stop the roots of the banyan tree seedlings, – is only Pulsatilla, Pulsatilla head left and look at its roots, right look, after “Jia Jia” to call a few times, they immediately flew one, only also as before as after only left to see the right look, the front one pair of mouth like to discuss things like “little language” about it, it flies away together, then fly back to the moment, I do not know what this street cleaner place, title to grass, fibers, roots of seedlings in a small banyan start to nest.I was very surprised, which is where the birds can not find the nest tree – Shenzhen is a good green environment of the city, although I plan living area past behind, but plenty of other places jungle trees, not to mention that less than one meter banyan seedlings neither wind, nor the storm?How to think of settling here?Really “department store in a hundred people, all have love” ah!- It’s like how do I work here as happens dwelling.In any case, this, too, there is a tree there is a bird, always a good thing for me, than to keep potted plant on the windowsill hanging cage is better – easy, natural, free.More importantly, they are in harmony a static one move, so I saw the vivid melody – albeit of pocket.    Pulsatilla wife both wearing fly for a few days, made a nest on the.    Later, Pulsatilla wife both go out foraging during the day, evening, dressed in sunset returning at night to rest in a nest, rest on a branch near the nest, spend the night in the city.    A few days later, this Pulsatilla couple lying on a bed during the day, flying back and forth like a shuttle.That flying Pulsatilla looking to the insects, plant seeds rich food to feed the population fell Pulsatilla nest is really quite close, quite the responsibility of.    After three weeks, two Pulsatilla are coming and going to fly, when they come back every fly out of the nest will be two small head, Zhang big yellow mouth undertake their parents to look for bugs and the like fine food.    This is in addition to a couple of Pulsatilla carefully nurtured yellow toddlers, but also the courage to care of them, and the wind and rain came, where they do not have a shelter – they just move one meter there is an overhang projecting eaves of the preform, there definitely suffer from the attacks of wind and rain, but they do not, they open wings wing guarding children, despite the thunder and lightning, heavy rain hit back, Enron does not move, this “Hu Du” really touching emotional and spiritual.    A month later, the chicks have fledged, they often stand on the nest along the wings fan seriously practice, to make efforts to take off.Later, under the guidance of their parents, it can actually vacated.They began to fly far, is not high, but when the effort of their parents at their side, small whisper, with demonstration.    Wait until they are completely independent flight, I found that parents actually Baitouweng rest in the nest, young birds coming and going to fly through, looking to put food in their parents’ mouths to feed, so their parents enjoy the taste of filial piety.This cute little animals, even with such a “feedback” of the heart!    Then, after some days, I found the window and from the banyan tree nest is a new pair of birds.The original birds – was not there anymore, I suddenly thought, a trash can you see when you walk yesterday evening, there is a Chinese bulbul, did not pay attention, maybe it is nesting bird banyan tree seedlings in my window floor wall I do not know whether the other one in?But I feel a little bad, faint of heart raised an all sad.I’ve lived here for nearly four years, the story of the banyan tree with birds in my window wall building interpretation of four years.    Enjoy floor window wall interpretation of four years of life experience and life story, I seem to move their heart: to feel that life is an opportunity, the opportunity to manipulate some kind of mysterious fate.Said it banyan tree, its seeds and genetic cloud parameters that should be tall, one of the banyan tree canopy cover is no different, have the same beautiful dream, but because of the special opportunity – the opportunity to bring this condition is perhaps the birds Maybe the wind – which makes it all falls on the earth lucky soil, although it has also been four years of efforts to grow, but can not take root and soil similar vigorous tall and straight brothers and sisters, and it is now in the order of 80 cm the length and then a little taller very difficult.Opportunities for small banyan tree so its fate will be fixed in the wall’s home floor, just as my destiny was to work need to be located in the same residence checkerboard.    Life is tough at the same time, despite the opportunities it brings is a limitation to, is Treks or even tragedy, but life as it is duty-bound to fulfill its obligations only – growth, growth and unconditionally, just do not ask the process results.Floor, wall banyan tree is so, even though it is withdrawn after a few branches, nutrients and moisture conditions do not allow it and then be able to survive other branches, but it is still not discouraged discouraged, still spring a few pieces of hair.Despite its lush foliage after the rainy season, the dry season a whiz on the inevitable falling number, but when the spring is still a new leaf Thriving.This is life in the troubled tenacious valuable, precious responsibility in the suffering of.    I also still feel thus: a life is often associated with additional life together, perhaps between life and life, it has always been reciprocal conditions.This is not: no small banyan this strain, there will Pulsatilla settled and multiply, and Chinese bulbul bird droppings, despite drop in the bucket, it may supply the necessary factors to support life; without it the story of the banyan tree with birds, will not have my attention and influence on me – I make this effect even psychological depression and get depressed for a watered-down dwelling, let me through mysterious banyan tree with bird life, survival and see some of cruelty beautiful, thus I encourage anyone, patience and perseverance difficult.    The thought of this, I could not help remembering Yu an aesthetic experience in the “rainy poetic” in: “some kind of deep shock and touching poetry seemed destined to accompany the difficult.”Likewise, the banyan tree on the wall with the beauty of birds, is not that their shape, color, flavor, and that they extend branch and leaves in unimaginable cliffs Qiu Jin rooted; in moisture and nutrients can be said to be very scarce maintain the rights and the meaning of life under conditions to lead to tension in the life of another life and thus also the opportunity to bring their own survival.In short, hard life in the opportunities brought about by hard work in order to create opportunities for survival – although before an opportunity is difficult, after an opportunity is subtle.Banyan tree with birds create this aesthetic feeling in my eyes and hearts, as Mr. Yu also called Road to make a description of the mountains Dodge insurance, struggling “Shushan Streams” I like hanging in the window of the high wall on, I feel Jun Li of life and nature contest generated, solemn, thrilling tragedy of the United States, set off a survival strength and life of the soul of the great.This “two Oriole Ming Cui Liu, egrets on the sky line; Xiling Snow Chiaki with windows, doors Wu Wanli ship mooring” aesthetic effect such utterly, Du Fu “quatrains” is a manifestation of the joy of beauty, this kind of enjoy the beauty of giving people is easy, comfortable and cozy.Unlike my present banyan tree with birds give people is nervous and worried, because in a moment of aesthetic objects in the test and explore the limits of life to survive.It is common sense for life Vientiane is truly the essence of life and survival of typifying out – that life has always been a pain!Because life felt pain, only grow, struggle, hard work.    All the “meaning” of life, “beautiful”, “great”, “poetic” dwelling on the pain of life in.Happiness is just a feeling of buffering between pain and suffering, but also in a sense of painful contrast, or is painful reflection and appreciate.