Bamboo window


Misty sunlight dark thoughts, cage Eagles He Shifei?    Resist startled streamer flash, since independence, love it jadeite.    Trance, his thoughts wander when, patch of green that catches my eyes, heart can resist for a while, even from out of the window like a patch of green – Bamboo.    They are born in the ruins, they put roots deep in between the rubble, I wanted to see them up Zheng Xie of a “bamboo stone”, “insist Aoyama do not relax, rooted in the broken rock.Grinding 000-1000 Kennedy also strong, Seoul, the East and West Wind.”They are born in such an environment may not choose.They do not hold back because of the harsh environment, decadent, they are tenacious to this rooted in the broken rock, such a firm stance had made me admire emotion.Bamboo and unyielding, so that it can spread across the mountains, can tenacious survival in the ditch and gully gully.In the face of adversity it has perseverance, indomitable.Either way, it resolutely “insist Aoyama”.Good times, it still retains the honest and righteous, ethical nobility of character, admirable.    This patch of green outside the window is more vigorous, upright.Although it was born in the rubble of thorns, despite its long years of guarding the endless loneliness and desolation, beaten and tortured throughout the year suffer frost, snow and rain, but it’s still upright, elegant and refined.    Bamboo outside the window, I love you.When reading in the morning, while listening like children reading aloud while looking out the window patch of bamboo.Green Leaf is so whirling, aloof, winter is not dying, quiet and elegant, it is the feeling that vigorous free and easy, open mind.Also wanted to take her into one, becoming one of them, feel their dedication.I do not know of many ancient plum devoted much love, Southern Song Dynasty poet Lu Fushi “intention of suffering embodied the optimism, term Qunfang jealous.”The lines, the plum pushed to the head of Qunfang.Wang Song a poem in praise “the number of branches corner Mei, Ling Han alone open.Remote is not snow, as there are subtle fragrance.”Southern Xie Xie is more like” it is premature spring, alone, without doubt cold.”And after all, there is Plum ‘flower’ Mei praise the wind bully snow pressure from flowers, cold tough, quiet Fang Wan.I try to love in this piece of bamboo, she has Xiaoying snow plum, tenacious character.More elegant noble, open-minded, hard-working and enterprising, willing to sacrifice virtue, give the impression that perfect image.Since ancient times, it was praise poetry, such as “Trimeresurus Green refused to yellow, frost-resistant branches Tutu.” ‘Only bamboo muddy fear, rather then fight one thousand field’ poem to praise the bamboo Kennedy also strong, unyielding bamboo, bamboo cold, I love bamboo, bamboo I respect, I reward bamboo.I wish all my children are like this piece of bamboo, can change in thousands of earthly independence was dancing.(Chinese prose network WWW.SanWen.COM) bamboo outside the window, I love you.The breeze, you like a lively little girl, stretching his long arm and wagged his slender and flexible waist, Douqi that a strong Qingsha, swaying, danced the dance, graceful.The sun, facing you, actually as bright, fresh, vigorous, full of vitality.In the sun against the background, you like gentle enough girl, quiet, peaceful, wearing a green veil, appears to be worth of tenderness, quiet and elegant, slim in the wreckage.Zheng Banqiao poem like “a complex one, one thousand save Manyo.Since I do not flower, bee and butterfly stitch-free.”Bamboo is so aloof, ethical, quiet and silent spill.Summer to make the cold, she still lush greenery, Xiaoying biting cold, dark clouds, I adore how to prevent it?Compared to its, but I often was in distress dazed, wandering in the rough, hesitant in advance and retreat, I have not even a fresh life is not flesh and blood are not as bamboo, but also ashamed.    I love you, bamboo window.Storm coming, you stand up straight, to meet with.That any wind as claws like a tiger straining tear you, you stand firm erect, unwavering.Either that heavy rain, such as machine gun fire you, bombard you, and you always proudly stand in the dark between heaven and earth, would not be the slightest shake.Up angry storm, more crazy bite you, beat you.You gradually become black and blue, waist is no longer upright, slowly bend down pain.My heart also will be unbearable pain, tears blurred my eyes.Can you believe, the storm will be over eventually, they will usher in a sunny day; you believe, there will be no permanent darkness, dawn will eventually come.Yes, you with your own tough, strong, won a bright sun, won a dawn.When the first ray of sunshine comes, you have that bent waist high straight, when it appeared the dawn of the first line, you have once again flourish, showing brilliant.    Bamboo outside the window, though there is no chance of embracing you, but I love your lofty simplicity; bamboo outside the window, though there is no chance you were OK with the hand, but I love your elegant and refined; bamboo outside the window, though there is no chance you snuggle I minded, but I love your noble quiet.