Bamboo shoots


Home behind the house long with a bamboo forest.When spring comes, there is always a huge bamboo shoots saw teeth, a branch as if the earth.Dad always the first time to those forming the first tooth is about to pull out as the dishes.So you can eat fresh bamboo shoots annually.    Ever since moved home have never seen a bamboo shoots.Just when shopping today, you can also occasionally see the old man stood in the stall selling the kind of long-lost food.Said to be food, it is more vivid life Yi Keke.Bamboo has a strong vitality, this is what I admire.    Childhood is a bamboo shoot.No experience, only fresh ideas, always withstand the wind and rain.There are a lot of ideas are forming at this time.Pure and simple, without the slightest miss, the only miss only, father, mother.Because in addition to all the other people like they are not good, as long as the young body in someone else’s arms, as if they have unwanted, we must continue to cry, shouting parents, hope that they can put their tightly embrace.Unlimited in their arms peacefully to sleep with warm, no matter how big things happen outside both young and we do not have any relationship.Then laughing, crying, and unstoppable growth.    Adult bamboo.We have grown up can face everything alone.Inner strength needed to resist bruise the soul.Start desperate run, constantly hit the wall, then left and right in case of a case of a forthcoming with their related or unrelated strangers is always.Begin to leave their parents, find their own place in the world that, far parents looked after in the side.No longer feel their warmth, I thought they were getting their indifference.Misunderstanding, gap separation.Become another householder.Years later have their own litter, as if back then, still in love with their own parents.All indifferent start to heal after having a newborn, is a blessing to know successful.    Small when standing tall bamboo underneath, toward a place above the leaves look, just know how short.Then wrapped around a bamboo pole like a monkey ready to climb the highest point.Every time high, a heavy fall than once.Dad to “extraction” when found me and asked if I throw it hurt.I smiled and said that hurt, I climbed it high.Dad called me to see him climb once.I then resorted to special skill, hard climb to the mid-point of time, tender little hands could not help but to sag slip, slide down one after another hard up for some, and so forth, still unable to climb the highest point.Dad says you are still very small, of course, such a high tree can not climb the highest point, and so there will be a chance to grow up.    And so grow up there will be opportunities.Until now finally grow up, you can never have a chance to climb so high in the bamboo.