Bamboo listen


Part One: listen bamboo seclusion corner of town, used to seeing the hard earth bearish human love affair came to a realization of the impermanence of life and death.Gouquan last bit of innocence in this materialistic society, leisure hours, alone queue window, chaotic clump of bamboo that has become my most iron fans.  He walked hurried footsteps every day, through front of you, just one, my worldly chaos was back at Qingming.So far all the emotions, all the joys and sorrows far, far all the ebb and flow.Windy, lying still listen to the bamboo that is how it’s a state of mind?I do not know or have experienced, then recite ancient and savoring it.  ”North wind often windy, autumn air separated from Phi.Fresh leaves can still chaotic, without blowing flexilis.”- Qing Kang,” the title Amigos Liang Tiejun Man who Huazhu “Listen, that the wind is cold, that Ye Zhenglie!  Oh, lying still hear the bamboo is a kind of state of mind ah: “unknown place, bleak and more proudly”!  Rain, through the window to listen to the bamboo is what kind of mood?I do not know or have experienced, then why not the light by the window, watching Yunjuanyunshu, listening to a number of bamboo curtain Amidst talk of bamboo.  ”Yuxi Juanjuan net, thin fragrant wind.”- Tandoori Fu” Yong Zhu “Listen, that rain is urgent, positive solid Flanagan!  Oh, listen Gechuang bamboo that is what kind of mood ah: “guilty solid foundation, set to happen dry Xiao”!  Snow, and snow bamboo listen to what then is how the landscape ah?I do not know or have experienced, then why not go outside the city, a song “Ode to the West”, painted bamboo drawing of a roll of snow.  ”Gun brush painting overflow thinking, open-minded King Day is my teacher; your life has bamboo chest, over time have a difficult test.”- Ye Jianying” title bamboo “Listen, that snow is tight, that section is strong!  Oh, that should the snow to listen to what the bamboo scenery ah: “Ye thin, sparse section; snow pressure does not fall, the wind does not break.”!  So think of listening as quiet as looking at the child, just like dream, trance whirling Zhu Ying, a place Qingming.Part II: listen bamboo This is a far from the city and a large ecological garden, bird fleas. I loved it, like to see the swans, ducks and geese in the water game, from time to time publicity wings toward the sky waterfowl beautiful, the heaven and earth to pull very close, like an inlay Down light ink landscape painting in the eye, intoxicating, linger without thought fate.  There beside a pool of water that the green house is a log cabin, outside the house bamboo, Bamboo seems to have written a word of it on the courtyard, I was illiterate, do not bother to watch the flamboyant Cursive, you can have water in a small bamboo Chalet calm down a short stay, a cup of fresh green green tea, a person away from the hustle and bustle of the city, can be considered rare leisure, a rare free.  Villa bamboo plant variety, as many as dozens of species of bamboo, the “human face bamboo, bamboo flowers, concave bamboo, bamboo abacus, Xiang Fei bamboo, bamboo chee, Mianzhu, Rohan bamboo, bamboo chicken, bamboo”, etc..In addition to bamboo, where there are a variety of rare plants, such as bloom, peaches and plums, azalea, primrose, camellia, Qiugui, orchid, fern dichotoma, skunk cabbage, etc..Here, although not the only scenery can boast the world, but certainly it would be a great blessing of the Cave, can make people pleasing, rest is enough to see, move their heart.  Bamboo Bamboo Sea into pieces, lush green, lush, waves bursts.Climb overlooking, moist, like a green sea, very spectacular, was praised friends, made its pale emerald green shadow state linger, the rolling green waves that memorable oscillation very moving, so that the tourism the fatigue also regardless of the cost, because the shadows of bamboo and moved.  He said bamboo, bamboo in the eyes of the ancients, the ancients is true that bamboo ruler, whichever is ethical, only to see Wangzi Wen Jin.Wang Wei are “sitting in a secluded bamboo grove, playing complex and shouts,” the sentence can be described as thousands of chic; Zeng Yong Zhu Zheng Banqiao Road, one of the Eight Eccentrics “grinding 000-1000 Kennedy also strong, Seoul, the East and West Wind”; that Du Fu , Po Chu, as well as towards the celebrities are all talking like bamboo, bamboo charm.  Many legends about the bamboo, the bamboo personified, most tragically touching, is Ehuang British blood and tears sprinkle the owner of the story, and that infiltration woman tears of bamboo seems to be soaked in tears, bit by bit, but under the brow, and on the heart.  Love bamboo, ancient and modern can say “would rather eat no meat, can not live without bamboo”, and only one person only Dongpo, Su Shi can not because of grilled meat full of praise for the large population in the fluid so that, although not because it Dongpo bamboo the handsome reputation in secular people restless, bake a bowl of this “Pork”, into the mouth is very true; the remainder of the meat and wine, there are all sorts of leisure time bamboo, tea sit in the window ornamental bamboo shadow, may well be a good way to relax mood.  Eat bamboo, there are too many ways to try to make people thin bamboo, bamboo does not necessarily like the Dai Hong baked rice, with rich fragrance, Ruannuo white and Form uniform, and unique style.Bamboo shoots, bamboo fungus can into the dish, to be included in the delicacies that people with this taste mouthpiece, full in the stomach, a jolly, pleasure Palmer.  Bamboo in the eyes of food and sex, but also bamboo appliances, utensils, bamboo can be used for many vessels in the hands of ordinary people, thousands of years in stone, tables, chairs, shelves, cold bed, do have to do there, almost human bamboo more best use of.  And listen to bamboo, it is going to take a mood to hear the authentic charm.  Morning, stepped into the bamboo forest in the fog, listening to the birds and bamboo pong murmured when Chuang bamboo leaves gently shaking, slightly visibility through the world, when the crane in bamboo clouds, giving the dude like chic and elegant sense; then, if the pot of spirits, put several dishes ready meal, with several soul mate Hupenggouyou swig a few glasses, but also really “foggy bamboo life puzzled, handsome landscape Avenue early links” feel.  Noon bamboo, little guilty in the sun, like an unconventional person rivers and lakes, it is like the pen of the Romantic Swordsman Cologne Xunhuan like, melancholy, narcissistic, people can not close, then to a few bottles of frozen if beer, drink it at noon bowl of something, listening to the children bamboo leaves dancing in the wind synthesizers, indeed joyous mood.  Bamboo is the evening listening to the good old days with the day’s fatigue, a distance in the sky Bamboo Ruomingruoan time, Zhu Ying green everywhere like jasper, captivating the pretty woman moving always give people a bit of experience, and can drink a strange beauty, Poem life can be considered a big affair, Maner leafless whisper, cry everywhere Niao Yanming, can indeed wash body and mind, relax, and at this time the battle will forget about the World heart among indulge in bamboo incense.  Consumption is the most rain bamboo sound, bamboo lying alone in bed, quietly looking out the window Zhu Ying, watching the raindrops hit the broken bamboo leaves children, the ticking sound that penetrates the eardrum, ears, like Qingzhao red fat green thin state of mind, that the sense of hearing bamboo, Cangsang may be grief, you can also message to life, the thought tied to the bird’s wings, accompanied by rain, gently flying on bamboo leaves children.Part III: listen to the next month bamboo breeze moon night, bright, cool breeze blowing gently, silence.Sitting alone under the bamboo, Gambhir bath body, the wind was blowing, bamboo Xin wash heart.Magnanimous heart, hate, are forgotten.  Bamboo, “not just, not soft, non-grass, non-wood.Ie non Exotic, nor profane.”[Note 1] bamboo, from the root to the dry, from dry to branches, steadily clear, straight straight out, unbending; bamboo, peel smooth, hard, strong, bamboo heart dances, empty, modestly bright section, unique style.It is, character and elegant, wash physical and psychological, Qing Dynasty bone paste.Wang Hui’s said: “The person must also not get along without.”Future generations will be affectionately called Takeshima as ‘gentleman’, ‘gentleman’ bamboo will become an alias.  Zhu Ying whirling contemplation, listening to the sound of bamboo Qing Yun.He lit a cigarette, smoke, swallow tired of earthly worries worry, spit deposition in the chest of pine, any thoughts with ethereal smoke drift away, floating in the river of history, along with the ancients concern and worry, and music fun.  Bamboo forest, drinking mora, play the piano and write poetry, Fanglangxinghai, smug, if human gods, they are not “Bamboo Forest” Ji Kang, Shan Tao, the show, Liu Ling, Ruan Xian, Wang Xian and others do?Kang Ji embrace banjo, to the accompaniment of Sail voiceless, as much in play the first TV drama Masterpieces “Guanglingsan”.Pieces transitory man, floating in the bamboo forest, the song should only be the sky, people rarely heard several times.Along with the wonderful sound of the piano, Ruan “Chanting”: “Night can not sleep soundly, playing the lute-ups.Kam thin curtain moon, fresh winds to blow my lapel.No. outfield Gu Hong, Xiang Xiang birds Beilin.You will see hovering, the only sad Concerned.”The final song, everyone toast to invite the moon, or cry, or laugh, or song, or dance.Bamboo is their soul habitat, bamboo is their life’s Harbor.  Great writer Su Song “in the submarine monk Xuan Lvyun” poem said: “can eat no meat, can not say the house without bamboo.No meat is thin, without bamboo is vulgar.People can still lean fat, vulgar not Medical disabilities.Others laugh remark, like high also like crazy.If the monarch is still munching In this regard, the world that there are Yangzhou Crane.”Su not only full of bamboo depths of his heart the feeling of pity, and focussed on bamboo.He lived in the late Northern Song Dynasty political struggle is sharp and complex period, due to “Wutai poem” in jail, followed by Huangzhou exile, banished far Hainan.Huanhaichenfu several times, he did not prone to a fortune heart of their concern for the fate, not because of the storm blowing fold and deserting sluggish start to finish full of confidence and courage to fly life, the quality of his imaginary Huailiang section as emerald bamboo, like forever between heaven and earth.  Master Zheng Banqiao bamboo ink, to kind of life-long bamboo, bamboo tours, Huazhu for fun.Bamboo, is his most intimate life partner, he praises bamboo is “the sound of wind in the rain, Japan and China in mid-shadow, wine love poem, free of stuffy in there with.”His bamboo huts nestled under the looming.Whenever new summer long bamboo leaves, shade shine on people, he placed a small bed Yin lying under it, indulge them.Autumn and winter, sunny, the bamboo by the window, he Surusumi exhibition paper, inkjet write rapidly, depicting bamboo fleshed Otake honest upright, branches sparse leaves dense, infinitely chic charm, Kotake interspersed against the background of high and low tide, the pride and love, life, light Chiaki.Qianlong eighteen years [] 1753, painted a view of Banqiao bamboo leave officialdom, and a poem on it: “Ukraine is not wrong to throw yarn officer, cold capsule capsule rustling sleeves.Take a thin bamboo write, autumn river for fishing rod on.”That’s a thin bamboo rod made in Red Dust, fishing is more than the master pieces of bamboo peerless treasure map, but immortal – Jun noble personality, of the ancient uprightness.  Breeze blowing, monthly child is gone, bamboo Qing Yin, spring buzz.In the vast shadow of the moonlight, in this green bamboo, write take a thin bamboo, Fishing true meaning of life.