Bamboo green sheet outside the window


At the window of my office, there is a lush green bamboo forest, in which the cold chill of winter, this unique green, huge work area to bring vitality accommodating.Busy I labor, I often standing at a window, holding a cup of tea in the curl aroma lingering in a long time stared into the green bamboo, gradually, I relax taut nerves down, thoughts are also with swaying flying bamboo.I’ve been to the south, the river rustling bamboo, Yiyi full foothills.Poetry of the south, the country is simply bamboo, bamboo Dan Zhu Mao Zhugang Banjul there are numerous pieces too numerous to cite.This prescription into the array bamboo, like a huge block of emerald embedded at the top of mountains and peaks.Green Wave sea smoke, Ariel crest, whirling Zhu Ying.That dotted with bamboo phalanx, like an avalanche on the ancient battlefield armored cavalry, that vigorous bamboo, such as wearing armor, armed with armored stands above the soldiers with big, and that curved Hsinchu, are like beautiful southern girl, gentle enough.Walk bamboo lined, either Egeria stroking, hear birds voiceless, that the worth of pleasant taste, people trance back to the quiet scenery Cheng Yuen secluded world.    I know, the window of this piece of green bamboo, bamboo does not refer to the southern tall cloud engine days, no Jiangnan bamboo chic and Toshihaya.It also did not like the Jiangnan bamboo, after years of bear warmth of the sun caressing, sucking nutrient rich red earth, it only belongs to the snow or the North, but its roots deeply headlong into the North this parched land in.Window in the window, and in its day from morning till evening, I witnessed its growth course.Rain, it does not bend rather fold, poised; sun in its sway Dan, ageless.Brutal winter coming, going into the unexpected snowstorm, admittedly, it “snow pressure low branches, though vain low mud.Once red sunrise, still and days together. ” .This small green bamboo forest in the north of the earth, the courage to meet with rainbow thunder and lightning, with a strong will, walk through the seasons in years, in accordance with its own inherent rhythm, ground-breaking germination, growth jointing.It also has the same kind of tolerance and strength of character!    Often staring out the window of this piece of green bamboo, it will not help the mind as flash “Swordsman” in a group shot: Lv Zhuweng east of Luoyang secluded grove Villas, Jie Lu near the water, splashing spring flower dock.Bamboo bamboo bamboo couch, cut off the hustle and bustle of the earth, wash the bustling Fairview.Four weeks rustling bamboo retaining ring, the several pure pure sake pot.Bik one eye, stroking sounds.Yan Ying suddenly out of the valley, group flowers are blooming; suddenly jump gems, crisp short; suddenly dark dew petal Yun, Liu Shao Xiaofeng low brush.I more than once imagined, if I did have a mountain hut between such as the ancients, is no longer burdened with fame and fortune, no harassment ways of the world, this world of Red Magnificence faded, there are only between hospital products Ming Zhu tours, working in the garden, as well as the year of the Soviet Union “would rather eat no meat, can not live without bamboo”, live food Takei bamboo bamboo bamboos leisurely day, that is how happy thing!    ”Plum, orchid, bamboo, chrysanthemum”, which is well known flowers Sijun.From ancient times, how many Mystics stonewalls It took gentleman attracted, but also makes much ink brush painting master Fa.Indeed, plum, orchid, bamboo, chrysanthemum resplendent, the leading position, but I only like green bamboo unbeaten this season.Having said that, my understanding of bamboo, mostly from poetry and painting of the ancients come “Sitting alone secluded bamboo grove, playing complex shouts.People do not know the deep forest, the moon to shine.”Like Wang Wei’s song” Bamboo Museum “, the only poet to express their romantic feelings, depicted just easygoing, easygoing life-like desire and contentment, candidly reveal to the world the only kind of elegant mundane realm and quiet, indifferent to the feelings of Bale.    Can a soft spot if the stars in the vast sea poetry, I am the only of poetry, calligraphy, painting Ruin of Zheng Xie.You see, “I have one hundred thousand pole chest, and sometimes fly as ink dripping.As long as the phoenix nine days over the clouds to see the new green dye.”- he was confident predicament;” a complex one, one thousand save Manyo.Since I do not flower, bee and butterfly stitch-free.”- his lofty predicament,” insist Aoyama do not relax, rooted in the broken rock.Grinding 000-1000 also tough, Seoul, Four winds.”- he tough predicament;” Ya Vegetarian lying to listen to rustling bamboo, the suspect is suffering folk sound; I Caozhou some small Xian Li, a leaf of customs intelligence.”- he Edmonton predicament!Bamboo China has been deeply rooted in the hearts of Zheng Xie, bamboo will always belong to China’s Zheng Xie!In addition to his Yong Zhu, also good at drawing bamboo paintings in his life, he most Huazhu.He always thin bamboo painting, maybe “thin” It was Zheng Xie respected, “thin” It is owned by the character of bamboo.    In fact, thin bamboo heart is wide.Jing think, as people have thought capital, so it should not be?Buddha “is a moment to read twenty read for the moment, the moment of delivery rounds converted into eternal life.”This is a moment cemented face life, how people should candidly reveal a heart?Seoul is the open mind or fear of fraud, is awe-inspiring or fly camp dog Pirates, is open-minded or opinionated?    I remember during the late Qing Dynasty statesman Lin Guangdong and Guangxi Governor, the Governor of the town hall of a problem with the Church: be tolerant to diversity, tolerance is a virtue.Steeply Chihiro, desire is just.As long as the heart of the sea, all desires are vague such as ants.As long rise steeply, you can withstand all the evil greed of the world.People can not just stay in their own corner narcissistic, not just all day wondering how to satisfy their own desires that point.    The self-shrink, enlarge the cardiothoracic.Only in small, will not arrogant, not Mongolian eyes closed fame, desire; only in this large, to come out of their own small circle, chest to hold in the wider world, mortal beings.    Zheng Xie reason suffering from a bamboo rustling sound Ya vegetarian, think of the people, because his heart is filled with people, willing to risk her career, Open relief loans, relief to disaster victims.Cheng Weng such as bamboo, rising from personal feelings to rational minded, he naturally had this broad mind, there is a big vision, big state, great wisdom, will have a big happiness so true, great joy..Staring out the window of green bamboo, the longer the increasingly like.Not like it to show off the green, like it going, Rain or shine, stick, Chen heart like it from the beam, Sui Yu Qing exquisite bone, like it strong and restrained, upright tolerance.It is ground-breaking in the winter, with a tender shoulder hard to overturn, it has a life of righteousness festival, open-minded, life is not Mu Fu flowers, bees and butterflies by not love, fear the wind call, not afraid of heavy rain Note!    A green bamboo, is the Spirit in.I love bamboo, I love this piece of green bamboo window!    (February 3, 2015, written in the Yellow River mouth)