Bamboo fox hunting feelings


[REVIEW] because people have to be this way, otherwise, they will fall into the moment, such as bamboo Beaver pain, the other being looted or occupied, creating his happiness to my pain, it is absolutely not desirable.Who is to act as a strong possession, rather than acting as the possession of the weak, which is entrusted to life!Life is also required… Bamboo is not a raccoon that year because of “atypical pneumonia” wanted civet cats?I do not know.Anyway, that day, I learned that the mountains of the existence of a name that bamboo raccoon wildlife.Several mountain and saw it was a guy called containment bamboo fox on the hillside.Listen mountain people who said that bamboo raccoon dog-sized, most of the hair color is black (also black white suit), because it is the staple food of bamboo, therefore, the people here call it the bamboo Beaver.Bamboo Beaver regular activities in the forest or bush, will climb.Sleep during the day, nocturnal, perched on a self-dug caves.Mountain people who said that bamboo raccoon meat especially tender, better than the pheasant, wild boar, muntjac, black bear, wild Mongolian gazelle and other meat, the biggest feature is that there is no meat and meat Xingshan taste of delicate fibers, easy entrance.Moreover, there are tonic effects, particularly effects on tuberculosis disease.Therefore, as long as the mountain people here have heard or find out where bamboo fox, they will flock to the mountains to go along with it rounded up.Today, the mountain is on the hillside when several kinds of potatoes, Poe was found in bushes Goukan a bamboo fox cave.So they like what is found treasures like, shall lay down hands of manual labor, few people will single-mindedly began to cave in to contain the bird might still sleeping bamboo Beaver.    Containment method is actually very simple: First, irrigation or smoke to drive the cave, the cave of bamboo exotic raccoon lost its coercive environment fled in panic from the hole, but the hole had planted a snare, bamboo fox once out of its hole , mountain people who will be life and capture; the second is the extension of the cave with his belongings to the depth of excavation has been dug up to its perch, then bamboo beaver became Wengzhongzhibie, they have nowhere to escape, the mountain people who will will easily catch it.    On the hillside, bamboo fox captured the action is well underway, mountain people who come from home dragging a length of about ten meters of plastic pipes, irrigation is chug to the cave, the quest for bamboo Beaver pockets have also been fitted.Several mountain geared himself ready to capture a few of the orientation of the hole, but still no bamboo raccoon to escape from the hole.I walked up, in order to find a reason to escape raccoon bamboo, so the mountain people who say: Bamboo raccoon is civets Yeah, you do not catch, that things can not eat.That year, Guangdong hair SARS, is that people eat it only bring disaster to the country.But the mountain people who where willing to listen?!They argue that we are not surrounded by civet cats, raccoon but bamboo.Bamboo raccoon you heard it?He asked me and went on to say: Who can not eat Oh?Yesterday I was caught up a mountain of it, very fat, I use it at night wine.You see me now, nothing wrong.That mountain straight straight waist, legs stretched out to me, that he ate the meat is still very healthy.He said, we mountain people, young and old dolls, men and women are eating this stuff, not least the New Year it.Now bamboo beaver eat more and more people, while the mountains of bamboo fox but fewer and fewer.Because it is delicious, big reputation it up, and now on the market price is a jumped up.Now we catch it, actually want to eat, the Mets get the city to change money……Mountain people who spoke with interest bamboo Beaver.I feel that they do have containment bamboo raccoon determination or confidence.Seeing the situation, I had to silence, and I’m afraid witnessed cruel when capturing bamboo Beaver, then left the place, went straight to climb.    That day, I intentionally wanted to climb the mountain to see spectacular mountains, appreciate the fun of climbing.But mind actually been thinking about that cave bamboo Beaver.Because I have a feeling to that hole bamboo raccoon face will be drowned.Of course, I hope that the cave is a hole or waste hole, which no bamboo Beaver.And imagined they had moved with his family of.Now they’re another place or cave quiet, pleasant habitat or living.But this idea once there it was completely self-denial.Because I know that in this mountain, the mountain is still the real rulers here, truly wise is where mountain.They can be said to be a true master of prey, this cave has no prey, they’ll glance.Without much trouble judgment.Because they live in these mountains for a long time, these mountains all the delicacies, birds, animals, including mountain all spiritual or non-spiritual things and (natural objects), they all know very clearly.And now they probably know how much there is, how it go.They used to say: We are mountain people, who are Kaoshanchishan.All mountain wildlife, in a sense, that is, for the mountain people who are born, who also is director of mountain.We can not live without bamboo raccoon, can not do without pheasant, wild boar, muntjac.Therefore, they are now deployed rounded up bamboo raccoon dog, from the perspective of life Montagnards that originally granted.In order to survive here like monkeys feeding here, like mountain fruit.Today, these mountain people here rounded up bamboo raccoon dog, from their focus on the behavior of view, can say for sure: the cave must have bamboo raccoon, but also more than a!Perhaps this is a large family apartment bamboo Beaver.    Now the cave is already large and small bamboo raccoon escape in a stolen, they seem to have felt life-threatening.Faced with this threat they perhaps for crying hoarse.But it was all in vain manner.Because in this world, their voices trembling is extremely weak, they can only convey moving between similar.The outside world do not feel their screams or crisis.The outside world does not even call this life, crying is suspected life-threatening, if it is viewed as a pain or crisis, then the mountain people who are not also being caught in the rotating nest pain?Therefore, the mountain people who in any case can not face the upcoming enjoy delicious produce unwarranted spirit of compassion, not to mention bamboo raccoon or an alternative, it is not listed as a category of human compassion.Then again, in this world it has an established law of survival, that is: First, all the animals and plants have a given day of the food chain (such as eagle on the rabbit, rabbit on the grass..); Second, have a possession or succumb under the influence of objective reality exists contrast.That is strong against the weak, and more for less possession.Human beings are the most powerful in the world and is an animal of incomparable wisdom, he is the ruler of the world thousands of his desire to share all the plants and animals of the world have a strong ability or possession.Therefore, they do not have the slightest raccoon pity for this time of bamboo, on the contrary, he needs them to provide them with material and spiritual enjoyment incomparable.Mountain people who now are excited about its upcoming obtained a delicious lunch or dinner.In a delicious drive, driving in material comforts, they will actively and faithfully fulfill their behavior.Because, at the moment of their eyes or brain, the only show is a “big I”.That is: I want to live!I want to enjoy!I am too happy!Need to face, the face is about to enjoy, they did not have it?Can not!!The immediate temptation, they can remain indifferent to it?also can not!!Human life is the need for continuity, they certainly do not choose the kind of pain continues, they will choose a continuation of the kind of happiness.The only happy continuation of the content, that is, possession or exploitation of the weak for the weak!It is to replace the well-being of the other party to use pain.At the moment the mountain people who no doubt that such a person!    Also, the mountain people who occupy bamboo fox, because they appreciate it from the fresh bamboo raccoon meat dishes in one kind of comfortable life to.This is especially critical, not to say that this is a narrow view of life, it should be said that this is the most practical and readily available life.Mountain people who can continue to get encouragement and inspiration from the spirit among the endless body odor, they even affirmed the correctness of their own body odor.At this time, their minds no other additional content, the content could not contain my mind has nothing to do with.Because people have to be this way, otherwise, they will also fall into that kind of pain, such as bamboo Beaver moment, looted or occupied by the other, to create his happiness to my pain, it is absolutely not desirable.Who is to act as a strong possession, rather than acting as the possession of the weak, which is entrusted to life!Life is also required!    People eat bamboo raccoon, it has always been a very common thing, like bamboo eat bamboo as raccoon – that is usually necessary and Intuit.Those who eat (mountain people) do not have any psychological burden; furthermore, nonexistent who hurt who, who who plunder, who controls who.But reflects the reality of the laws of nature.In their view, these mountains, the earth, the universe is vast, and it is vast.Since God created them and gave them unparalleled wisdom, indicating that God is the delegate or assign them to manage or rule the world.In short, the world is what we human beings, animals and plants all over the world is owned by all of us humans.We can dominate or consume any of it.Therefore, those mountain people who are rounded up bamboo fox they will not be fooled by bursts of cries bamboo fox cave issued.They will continue to fulfill their stalking behavior because they know that in this world, almost every day there are suffering, crying and laughter happiness issue, cries and laughter are an integral part of this world sound, that possession or possession of a voice, but also the world continue to flow or forward voice.Therefore, they will not succumb to some kind of animal sounds and rounded up to stop them once they missed this time round up the fruit, they are the group most painful, because the fruits of his mouth they finally gave up, giving up a pair or a delicious kind of pain it occupies can not?!Therefore, they absolutely can not give up!    Here at this time, we are staged different animal happiness and suffering performances.To be sure: that cave bamboo Beaver’s life is about to come to an end!Mountain people are on the brink of a very happy life period provided by a bamboo Beaver game![Editor: Can children]