Bamboo character


Character Summer bamboo garden city, with lush bamboo swaying, sun na sorption heat emitted, gives a cool.I walk in the garden, the smell of the fragrance of bamboo shed, hearts coolness Dunqi.In my mind, to see bamboo, or a few years ago in the north of the city in the Garden.And I know first bamboo, or elementary school, read the essay text “Jinggang bamboo” thing I read the text describing the tenacity and perseverance of bamboo, I remember.    And my eyes bamboo, thin; being conscious of artificially planted with thick, appears to be docile, from a distance looked like a cluster of green arrow straight into the sky, close look at another example from a mass of green cotton and downs ball on the artificial grass, enjoy the show to the people with an agreeable environment like the United States, though, I do not know these bamboo species, perhaps they never will not grow, but not as “Jinggang bamboo” thing I read the text in the description of the bamboo so tall and straight, but they are real people of the United States sent in the hearts of children.    I praise bamboo, because bamboo has a sharp sense of style, from some of the images I had seen overgrowth that large tracts of bamboo forest bamboo Xin long, tall and straight body proudly Rainbow across southern mountains, giving a stalwart seems incomparable feeling, no wonder Zheng Banqiao in his poem “Takeishi” in full respect of bamboo: “insist Aoyama do not relax, rooted in the original rock breaking.Grinding 000-1000 Kennedy also strong, Seoul, the East and West Wind. “.Zheng Banqiao, Jiangsu, his life drawing bamboo, bamboo products, read bamboo, bamboo wind section has thus affected his life and the lives of its uncorrupted innocence, is the deepest impression left to future generations Banqiao.Another of his poem “Bamboo” from the other side of the bamboo, bright people to understand the conduct of bamboo: “a complex one, one thousand save Manyo, since I do not flower, bee and butterfly stitch-free.”Bamboo with its own peculiar nature of the man looking through the ages, poets have always makes bamboo dumping.    Diabolo inadvertently, to satisfaction of the Sea.It should be understood that I possessed the spirit of bamboo, bamboo can make people make musical instruments; and household items that people can make when we own a cozy bay, enjoy the pleasures of life brought about by listening when graceful bamboo sound, despite phonological bomb blew bamboo silk regulates moods, so that the mind becomes gentle agitation, who can not be called good character bamboo?    Lu Siu Hang