Part One: balderdash time to meditate, August has Ruqierzhi.Rose rain falling, awakened a dream summer insects intoxicated.  Read a sentimental text, unprovoked think of last night’s dream.Search efforts residual memory, vaguely remembered dream unless Hometown worked with, who figure in the moonlight and waved gazing, Leila stricken.Also it seems to dream tangled struggling, trying to withdraw from the troubles in.  It is said that the dream is a true portrayal of the inner world.To walk the earth, if only in a dream just let the tears wanton laugh, somewhat sad.However, if nature can be as simple summer Rose, who wants to make stage actors?  Heard too many stories of broken, could not bear to have been secret agents judge the truth Probe.That people are dead, noisy and forlorn, if not reversed away from the dream, wake reclusive in a quiet island, and in case they were gentle sword again Tuibeihuanzhan, then why not drunk a dream?  In fact, people’s life in the soul away from home and find his way back, and if good fortune grace, to encounter fit accent, heart rhinoceros interlinked, sincere and willing to deliver our inner light, who are still stick to silk spring ashes to make candles, should be a miracle and some fortune, not only is the fate, but also with each other to attract the mind.  At this point, persistent Maemi singing in the sun, the most simple chant, but no wind and should.  I believe that each person’s heart has a guqin, just across a bosom friend, separated from the hustle and bustle you can smoke, a symphonic ensemble of Swordsman.  There are stories Road, was a world, we are asking is to be loving hearts, between heaven and earth and unfettered Yufeng Xiang, disperse cold earth…  Red Dust, accompanied by flowers Man Wu complains but is unusual.If the time shift border transfer bustling cleared, Yingxiongmolu, old age and infinite desolation occasion, still nursing a pregnant warmth in the chest cold, bright face of the vicissitudes of life, so why do not we grow old safely indulge in a dream?    Part II: balderdash Here is an unknown small town south, has come to the scene 1:00, and I did not sleep the night because the outside and fermentation, proliferation.I suspect that the reason is not afraid of ghosts, I must solemnly declare, I was lost in a twenty-square-meter room, but fortunately fluorescent working properly, but every time a person to sleep when there is always leaden face consciously appeared in front of them like a grim expression put me into another world, but mostly from those faces I’ve seen a few ghosts speaking part of the DVD.Yes, my timid, do not admit of no return.Stock your bag online Tuesday night I embarked on a trip to the crowded but you can take me home from the train, the train sat most people know that there is no seat is one thing how embarrassing, not because of itself, but rather handheld standing tickets the man was standing tickets to and from the car also facilitate or for instant noodles, and from the other passengers to give way to the toilet, feeling of helplessness in this situation appears proudly.With great difficulty in the car survived nearly three and a half hours, and finally to the familiar tall town.At home for less than two days, I heard my parents held at the school on Thursday evening May Fourth Movement.Childhood with his parents to live in the apartment teacher, I still clearly remember, elementary school, my father with a green chalk in my bedroom bedside wrote “Independent Living is the foundation of life,” such words.Today, the time has passed surreptitiously eight years, needless to say, I do not want to miss this show, and also along for the ride line.4 o’clock in the afternoon the way, I just take a nap woke up, a colleague of my father opened the car to take me to school, hastily changed the first line of the body to go out of home when I dress comfortable for the purpose, inverted regardless of how much of its style or color, and it is somewhat similar to my character.Parents home school not too far away, heart throb go along with hot sun, looking ahead, little green life seemed to welcome me back to their homeland, it is a simple land carrying a little girl’s innocence and fantasy, twenty minutes I went to the Leiyang City No.11 middle school, it was his grandfather, father and mother work place, and my grandmother used to be a primary school and in the eleventh Leiyang City, separated from the near teach, I am talking about the family is always fun.That evening as the mother’s role is to support, naturally I went to the hall early.I became a stranger in the eyes of a young junior high school students, after all, I was not the age where I remember this face of colleagues in addition to those parents almost gone now, but they, in my opinion it is lovely, although not met.I was really afraid that a man walked into the bustling place, though my father had told me earlier in the seat next to the judges, but I have been staring at the entrance hall of chu.The party is about to begin, I’m still waiting for my savior, my father finally beginning to catch up before the party, I’m holding my father’s hand and went in, his face again like a young Red Cloud holding his father’s hand went into the Church of the shy bride, it was a busy place.Party lasted about three hours, the program mostly to dance, but also comedy, magic shows.There are two programs are the children of teachers during the show, saying that few students have the opportunity to separate performances at that stage, but the children of teachers seems to be some privilege it.That little girl surnamed Xu’s mother is the daughter of a colleague, a few years gone, she has become a Chula slim big girl, she sang “Invisible Wings” did not stage fright, indeed, much worse than me.Another was a boy, only sixth grade put on the two glass sheets, he was playing the violin, in a few minutes he was performing his father has helped him holding wheat, and his mother got sick , in the audience shouting too quiet for fear that the audience can not hear ,, she played her son, and this is very anxious her, in fact, I did not catch, although sitting in the front seat..For all this, I smile Fu, which means I probably only know people will understand.This is going to let my parents also showing up to sing a song, but I do not want to sometimes do a bystander is not a good feeling ah.Of course, if we have the chance, I will offer a “Qianqianquege”, but I have not learned to sing Cantonese song in the end is not easy to learn, and this may be my words of shirk.If I remember correctly, nearly 11 o’clock, when the stage sounded “memorable Tonight” melody man stands running out.It is indeed a memorable night, I learned quiet, shy recognize their own, after all, I was a shy young.  The day after the party, in order to reward parents, I personally fired two home cooking.You do not laugh at me, this is really the first time I finished lunch alone.Because at home with her mother and grandmother both cook, so I’m just responsible for Swing dishes, that’s all.I wash, cut, fried, imitate adults appearance, chili really tear ah, very hands burning.That’s two out of my hand, although not say delicious dishes, but still was swept away, the reason my parents to join in nothing, in fact, really, is not especially unpalatable.This is not my own trumpet, talking about cooking, I grew up on television cooking show in the familiar, usually watched a show kitchen after a person close to practice as a result, several reincarnation down, I silently wash the paste off pan and discard ruined by my ingredients.Many years, live up to expectations, and learn something, but sweet little dumpling I do best.It requires ingredients are sweet, small dumplings, of course, more than that, we also need eggs, flour, medlar, sugar.This dessert, If you want to try, next to our house, I will certainly cook a big pot full to satisfy your appetite.  The days are always at home over time became slow, Sunday I was fortunate to take the train back to Changsha, and really take the train, not a train station, I had the privilege to buy a ticket to sit, or window of.Songs look at the scenery is actually a good choice, quite eight thousand and ninety style, but I do not know is that the next big brother or uncle of people have been buried her face in the table, not left me a packed space, unable to move, waist sore shoulders badly ah.The train, I got on the bus.Just the car just opened, a beautiful young woman abruptly fell asleep on my shoulder, and had a very even go shoulder to carry the weight of a head is really painful, but I did not have the heart to wake her.Suddenly remembered a book written word, roughly like this, sugar is sweet, but it is a bitter taste of saccharin.Good people are good, but do not do too good of people, otherwise it will become a bad guy.Moderation, sometimes we ought to follow the crowd drifting.Back to that beautiful body, eventually I want to get off, had to wake her, her eyes reveal all the ignorant, the unknown, and I later learned that she was the same school, a student of English, because the climb Hengshan was falling so embarrassed.Embarrassed worth mentioning, she and I also sat with three train, trains, buses and minibuses, a fate it is Haoshuodaishuo.Back to school life how terrible a leisure.Although we can not count money hand cramps also can sleep whenever he woke up, as long as I do not like to sleep late, it is customary probably the primary school to develop it.So one morning I will be able to wash rice, wash pot, in which a little cold weather drink a bowl of porridge pot yourself a real treat.If no class on weekdays I would borrow books from the library on thirty-two, regarded as a means to pass the time of it than the Internet, a lot of really low-key.I do not know is sensitive nerve or something else, always feel that there is always one or two and I like soul between black and white, for example, “Little Women” in Joe, “home” in the Juehui, or is my favorite San Mao, this restless most of these people do not like to be bound, advocating freedom.Often when I close my book, cynical, they borrow the fullest.As anxious as people talk about my childhood and now lives on his own dissatisfaction with how and when to Speed intention of living in the future like beads scattered on the plate ring.However, I woke up and then forgotten what he said, those determined to careless words, may not be do not remember, but sober, calm after bad does not wish to mention Bale.  In a few month then went to the University of the second summer, I still have not intend on where to go, what to do.In the month before the summer who do not know what will happen, even if the plan allows people to prepare in advance and reduce their fear of the unknown or of unknown expectations increase, but thinks it is more pleasant, and always keep up with changes planned also been confirmed in my mind whether you know?”Heart wall” the lyrics are written like “I learned not to plan too far, do not plan too much but can brave adventure, rich living each day happy to see every day.”.Like the sea in a small boat, without a compass, wave direction is, pure and brave.Also remember that a friend and I said, how loyal heart is a great thing.We are older and grow together, who can not grow up emotionally, not secretly miss, not looking back, I would want to do the opposite happens, aimed loyal heart.At this age, if even this basic decision-making power is gone, is not it really is regrettable?  Guess who it is or what my heart if it?Fudge, fudge it as it is, already four o’clock, is not balderdash, what is it?Only hope, Zhang goes leaden faces do not stare at me, I pinched the cold sweat, you say you know.    Part III: balderdash fleeting zips, carrying my body tired, lonely, downtown.Silhouette staggered, pay homage to autumn Review.  - Inscription [toward] flashy lead dust, past Liuchang, Moment of truth, when in January last year.Reflection of the left hand, right hand for Love, lilies, Messiaen Xiao city.Broken Bridge, broken kite, broken strings fifty Yin.  Lengxiang, myself, floating incense Cream Lotion.  Armored cavalry, soldiers on the battlefield, three thousand velvet gold armor blood.  Violin bamboo flute Pipa empty; harp string and wind shakuhachi silence.  Duxianqin, silent sigh, alone into the wound.  Celadon factors outside the embryo, thousands of miles away, a ray of care.  Glazed tile, cinnabar Mei, the ancient pad eaves leaned moon.  Jiangnan rain, Yuyu King House, halliana fall.  Lethe River, Sansei stone, who carved III vicissitudes and Shaohua.It had lost today, when I look back at the moment, fall into mourning.  [Xi] black hair pulled into snow love, hope and so lonely forgotten for a thousand years.  Nightmare in the Red Flowers in the Mirror, off the network and open Bana Xi Xi.  Miss passing Qiongyin horseshoe dream.  Yu Jie ginkgo, sky stray light dance sleeves, Qianyindichang, flat flat ze.  Next month Tsing Yi, Fu Mei Indus, Xianzhi wrapped Resentment.Lonely fall, lips Yin ink, Iraqis alone haggard.  Wine into the feeling of sadness, but only want to appeal, Lengxiang Ice tears.  Left, right, reflection, Love, Jiangshan has died.  Forget forget forget Wang Ziwei tears alcohol.  Quietly, for a moment, I thought you were smiling, the world would cease to exist.  [Night] I interpret to keep calm when fireworks lonely rotten with light blue blossoms of Emmanuel, in my most beautiful moment, I ended like smile quietly to sleep, and then wake up the next quarter MENG Dong.Part Four: balderdash deep chill of the night, tired physically and mentally, but not sleep, seems to be waiting, like look a gift horse, I felt a vague uneasiness that always lingering touch of melancholy, like smoke like fog, looming.In fact, also understand that I am a romantic pursuit of a woman, it is bound to be a sentimental woman.Sometimes a poem, a song, let me also moved by the occasion, there will be a sense of sadness, sense of loss, often at this time of sadness and my heart would faint and not freed.  These days, I quietly doing a lot of things, trying to learn to enrich themselves with.However, I have been accustomed to have next to you at the time, in order to have a good idea of writing, or else, I always felt the lack of the article which point point.Whether this is what I want to give an excuse to give up but?But he insisted the emotional pain, because of tough love, love the cut, or ask for it, tryin ‘?At this moment, silence is my language, my suppressed emotions, quietly clean up all the fragments of illusory happiness, sad mood of pessimism, I still remember you said, we never say goodbye, looking forward, you can take me all over ends of the earth, but, in reality, you can never take me away, because I have is no longer free.Heart began to ache, and that love is very far away from me, remember that you love, then rain, tears streamed sounded..  Tired, but can not sleep, astringent eye pain, blunt head, thinking stagnation, sitting in front of computer stagnation again thrown out the balcony, looked up at the night sky scattered the stars, no moon, the world seems quiet , only own one, stood still since then, my world is silent, I will hide themselves, hiding in the corner, where, huddled with the chilling.These pain knocking at the screen text.A sad word, I said I could forget you, I said I did not miss you day and night, I said I amnesia in this fall!