That US group valuation of $ 60 billion, the IPO in Hong Kong


According to Bloomberg, the US group reviews are being discussed as early as this year in Hong Kong IPO, valuation of $ 60 billion; if policy allows, also considering listing in mainland China。 Mid-November 2017, Reuters has quoted sources as saying more than to say, the United States Mission to the United States in 2018 to consider Comments start IPO, the US group will review financing at least $ 3 billion IPO。 US group reviews the recent round of financing occurred in October 2017, the US group announced the completion of reviews $ 4 billion in new financing, valuation of $ 30 billion after the vote。
Comments by the US group leader Wang serial entrepreneur, investor, including Tencent, Sequoia Capital, Singapore's GIC and Temasek。 In addition, DSTGLobal and Canada Pension Plan Investment Board also holds shares in the company。 IPO will help to enrich US corporations reviews ammunition depots, increase investment in retail and artificial intelligence at the line。 Such a strategy means that the company will face the Chinese electricity supplier giant Alibaba and Jingdong。
In addition, the listing means that US corporations are required to disclose financial data review and strategy。
At present, many of the company's competitors are still not listed。 This includes investment in Alibaba's hungry and it hit the car platform and pieces of travel。
Earlier, the US group launched a review this year, a taxi service, travel drops challenge。 US Mission Comments founded in 2015, public comment from the US delegation and the $ 15 billion merger。 Data show that the end of 2017, the company owns 2.800 million users, about 500 million businesses on the platform。
(Source: Titanium Media)。