Read birds, listen to the birds.  Birds are nature’s God-given spirit, is the pride of freedom.Like, dislike, they will not mind.Literati ink is boring, became fragments, ear smile for birds.    Phoenix Phoenix is a lucky bird, who can not see their countenance, nor who can hear it sing.  ”Guang Ya” Cloud: That said, that is male, the female said full.Therefore infer that the song may very graceful, may also be extremely ugly.  On this Bird, the most famous legend is the phoenix.According to legend, the Phoenix over five hundred years, set to self-immolation fragrant wood, is eternal life in the fire.  This is a breathtaking poignant story of his life with Prince Sa frontier that feed the tiger, the dead king adjoin flesh to save pigeons, to be up to take the Prince to put their facilities like the same, and the atmosphere is depressed solemn.  Get rid of tired flesh desire to get rid of thousands taken the door of life and death, to bliss.This is the reality of suffering in Buddhist spiritual tie with the former Master Hong Yi passed away “sad Yan intersection” of the kind of complex emotions.    Hengyang Yan Yan, Poetic images I previously read in, is a romantic and elegant Flying.  Now, I do not read.I found that geese are not free of the gods, it is cold and warm air expelled the busy north-south evasive, and this world alive cautiously camp seeking fame What is the difference it.    Owl in the West, it is a symbol of wisdom.In China, this philosopher has been rejected, even its own are ashamed to go out during the day.  At that time, I was in college, the school on a hill.Quiet sky, swarthy night, after difficult to sleep soundly, often heard the owl scream attack came from the Mi Zaza mountains, Tuk Tuk wow – fourth syllable long pull of the old Lao Gao, crying like a baby.The strange thing is, I grew to love this cry.This sounds really sweet, but far jump giggle hen nest Cha Annunciation magpie, ear more.  Last year, I picked up a wounded owl.It had small thin meat ear, cat-shaped head, amblyopia half-closed eyes, mouth and the curved hook pawl feebly, aloe scattered like feathers fluffy.Fed food, do not eat it, died two days after.Owl holding dead brother playing with a rope, scared yard full of chickens flying ducks jump.Owl is dead, it is still the owl, he never chicks.  They say good to eat it as Southerners have delicious drinks in the.I wonder, with the ugly past and ominous known owl, with the development of civilization, but also a large back its operation.    Swallow you are a messenger of civilians, children and grandchildren like dandelion seeds across the ends of the earth.  You do not compassion, not complain too jealous, “old Yan Wang Xietang ago, flying into the homes of ordinary people” to love your heart, whisper of the language, do tastes heartthrob.So you never unemployed.  It was once vowed to destroy sparrows, swallows never said that to eliminate.  People are so keen on eating birds, swallows did not say eat.  You’ve seen people do eat goldfish?    Yuanyang you are noble love birds, their degree of specificity so that human Kuizuo.  Increasing the degree of civilization of mankind, dislocation of sex are endless.After the material desires is to meet the emotional flooding and indulge it?This is so puzzling Yuanyang.  Man mandarin duck, should disdain.    You are azalea poet of love birds.Guo Mo as hate you, that you completely useless cruel hypocrisy.  But image “cuckoo”, or in countless poems smelled, even a talented poet will not hesitate to engage in plagiarism because of you.Why do people scream your courtship, will be attached to the subjugation of the pain of parting sorrow it.  It turned out that self-deception is a poet.  Selfish, survival skills are, there are so many good guys condoning the community, and occasionally use it, why not?    Caged canary ordinary people like to see you do what you like.  Less rustic-third of the mountain, more well-behaved seven WTO.  You are unfortunate poet sorrow, anger you do not fight, wishful thinking for you to cry, sad indeed, in this cage thing!  You laughed gas.Hypocritical!I live well with what.Some people eat and drink Lazard wait, hum a few times when minor pleased to join in its own Xianhan, I amuse and entertain the people, how beautiful it.I adore Who?Qin warehouse in rats that liked Reese days.    The penis is the first domesticated poultry.  The hen laid an egg, called on all over the world, for fear others do not know.  When the cock crows hoping for a cry, a little temporarily restored rivers and lakes domineering.  Cock good fight, fight fought over a woman, must fight.Two cocks were provoke outraged, pecked feathers flying blood spatter.The audience cheering, shouting fun.  People quiet, physical weakness, can not enjoy bullfighting in Spain, but then interest in cricket fighting cock fighting quail times, it was somewhat funny.Chicken quail cricket does not look good, nice play playing chicken quail play cricket people.    Donald Duck is the art of the hapless, body Hanben, suffered tease, adorable.  Sayings said the spot, sometimes visible than ducks also embarrassed.  Disciples of Health described the ugly duckling of noble blood, “as long as you have to be in a swan’s egg before, even if you are in a duck farm where there is no relationship.”.That is, even if Pearl is still coated with mud Pearl.On behalf of the ugly duckling ugly and unfortunate, White Swan represents beauty and happiness.  Natural selection, survival of the fittest, it should be no distinction or distinction, contemptuous ugly duckling but why people can admire the white swans?    Frightened your heart must be very lonely, nerves stretched too tight too tight, you can not hide your pain, you give somebody a good opportunity to attack, so that a minor prank show will kill you.  Talking sad, frightened!  We, too, conscientious in their careers, careful in communication.Alone, there is the joy of success, more battered nervous day.    Sparrow all fitters birds have migrated away, gently touching the birds sing gradually not hear, Qinger only noisy sparrows.  Sparrow is very pungent fecundity of a bird, not the drug not only fight off without a break.It determines your destiny, without the risk of sudden demise, there will not be the kind of rare species in need of protection award.  You fall cold branches, little head, called the Cha Cha, noisy, Lotte school.  Really makes you happy, but also sad for you.Not flow with the seasons of the birds is uncivilized indigenous Bianbu Qing seasonal cycle of the birds is a big monster.  I was a big monster.