Baicaoyuan article


Part One: Baicaoyuan childhood village childhood and more bamboo, especially those with gully Village head and the western end of the pond, lush green like the walls, the villagers called the East Park West Park, we call it one hundred prairie, in fact, a little name does not match reality, only that it is our paradise.  Shueisiou spring breeze blowing over the pond ripples, the moment we are unable to control themselves, free to slip out.Chuk Yuen in a winter village was cut off a lot of good at weaving bamboo, spring bamboo shoots little restless stuck his head, with a faint trace strands of restless joy and trepidation, we stroll together in the garden, because the leaves on the ground after years of very thick, foot up soft, light quietly.See more bamboo shoots, they reflect the adult divisions and bring some back, which was very tender child, pinch a puddle of water, children, mothers are mostly too thin cut, copy it with hot water, then cold water Yibing, Caesar the sauce and sesame oil, mix vinegar, not to mention more fresh, people are trying to swallow the tongue miles.Naturally, also opened flowers scattered all over the place, the cap, noodles trees, acid-slip, pinch arrhythmia.Numerous, and some simply could not utter Hinako.An open-purple flowers that we call it “violet”, interspersed with each other can be used to weave beautiful wreaths, each spring will play the game, if they did not see a violet, not compiled on a wreath in vain over this spring!Grow up to know, in fact, commonly known as the pinch missing four-leaf clover, out of the elegant blue flowers, leaves, a kind of sour taste.Furry foxtail, we used to chase tickle, childlike laughter echoed in the sky Herbs Garden.  Summer always unconsciously coming, looking forward, looking forward, to the lively Dragon Boat Festival.Herbs mugwort garden grow everywhere, inexhaustible, categorically do not have to worry about their little playmate who have a bright good reasons to look at the East Park, West Park look, pick mugwort, into the front part of the window, the other part of dried, smoked either burn the mosquito, it can also be used as an alternate herbs.Right place, the Dragon Boat Festival this day is the best for picking up Shaizhi.Package Zongzi is a traditional program there must be, we would have picked up a bag of leaf shoots growing up, this moment out on the water after softens, can be used to package Zongzi of glutinous rice, cooked ice cold water in it, we always refused to take a scalding, hands shifts, small mouth bite with relish, hot straight tongue!My home garden belongs to West Park, and someone’s home together, but then the little heart along with other families are assigned to my sphere of influence.This time occasionally strong winds, pelting rain off, we had to run back home, you expect forward to take a small shed, repeated many times end is not successful.Of course, right now is the end of the cover ink turn dark mountains, white rain jump into the boat chaos beads, but also to the rain comes too anxious, a little while, the blue sky and presented the world.My sister and I always stop on a rain garden ran west, where there are good trees fruit tree, windy showers always with a lot of fruit drop, picked up a fruit chew, rain bamboo is more graceful , was pressing green eyes, shining brilliantly drops of water falling gust of wind burst forth with the children, and we fell to the face, neck, cool cool.  The boys love to swim, although adults taught many times, it still does not change Zeixin.West Park pond, legend many years ago, the village has a nickname of the big white goose drowned, my father vivid storytelling, that big white goose became drowned ghosts are looking forward to a year to find a substitute for it, I was gall small, so it does not into the water, wash hands that is lost and the guy who is similar to the.East Park is a long ditch, as well as on shore in addition to bamboo trees, tall soap folder tree to grow in the woods, this is only one tree, the tree itself is smooth in the village, but this is difficult to see our group of small monkeys , Huoer took off his shoes, hunched forward to catch small hand-delivered on the second shift, more than a dozen on the climb.Soap off clip fruit hypertrophy, and then broke bricks child, the inside is exposed to a meter capsules, stripping the surface of the transparent layer, crystal clear, in the wash water, can not wait stuffed port Lane, chewy and nutty!  Summer fresh bamboo leaves grandfather used to boil water, boil after a small fire to open a minute or two, that water children on the show a hint of green, drink mouth with bamboo and fresh breath.  To be busy, bean leaf yellow, autumn is the busiest adults, do not have much time to control us, and we Baicaoyuan also ushered in unprecedented excitement, the size of the children can find their fun in paradise, or pick acid wild sweet and sour pomegranate, onyx or playing the same dates field, beads either fallen off the tree picking bubbles, which are wrapped material twenty-three hard fruit, round and smooth round and smooth, it may be used to wear jewelry.The girls like to fold a bamboo, wearing colorful persimmon leaf, nature is amazing how a brush Yeah, cotton white, yellow corn, persimmon red, green or bamboo, which is persimmon leaf halo dyed colorful, each piece is unique.Pick up colorful leaves, reminding us of scenes weave a colorful dream.  I once saw a strange bird in Chuk Yuen, very surprised, small partners are upturned head on the sidelines, afraid to issue a trace of sound, someone softly called adult home, a look to know an owl!This is also a paradise for birds, chattering sparrows, gray and white doves, white dove straight through, to see a doctor woodpecker tree.Tired tired of sitting on bamboo leaves, the other side of the ditch to see the scenery, Yuen there is low, then the past is the land.I watched asleep, wow, a dream I have a small net bag tied between two bamboo child, I slept on the inside, there are even a small shed, rain is not afraid convulsion.Chrysanthemum golden, an attached one to hand pick some home into the glass bottle, FRESH fragrance permeates every corner of the house down.  The onset of winter, leafless trees are lost, or only in a green Chuk Yuen.When snow, snow covered large tracts of bamboo, like wearing a shining white fluffy cotton cap!The children at the moment most of them nest at home, unless to go to school, parents are not let out.Wise adults taking advantage of the early days when the sunny, good early cut bamboo, woven moment was busy season, New Year objects, children school fees next year are in this bamboo inside it.Adults do not worry, there are bamboo, something to look forward to the day, children do not dry, it will grow bamboo tender bamboo shoots in spring next year!  In the past year, how much bamboo do not know for a recommendation, as she grew older, I was first out of the village, then the village, then later out of the province, the farther away from home.Rivers years, still silently flowing, a lot of old stories are precipitated in the bottom of the river, without color but always colorful childhood memories!How many times in a dream, once again walking in that gives me joy and harvest Herbs, like a remote control to return to the golden childhood!    Part II: private plots, I Baicaoyuan I think, a child born after 1980, generally will not know what a “plot”, as in China, with the production responsibility system in rural areas, private plots has become a go not forever, history.  In the sixties the children born in rural areas, almost everyone has a private plots.This private plots, production of vegetables for adults is a place for our children is the heart of paradise.Read Lu Xun’s childhood memoir, “From Herbs to Sanwei” plots that I was Baicaoyuan.In rural areas, in addition to schools and villages, that large tracts of farmland, farmland species throughout the year are monotonous rice, we have already seen upset, and only the bright lights of plots that are the most beautiful place, but also the children paradise.  Plots in our home, is a vegetable garden, because it’s our home, without exception, as a vegetable garden plots will be Shinong.People often leave the ancestors of land known as the “third acre of land,” private plots can not so much.After the production of responsibility, some little place where the whole family and only third of an acre, it is primarily used to grow food, to be used to grow vegetables would be much less.We land in Poyang Lake has been considered a very comfortable, and can be assigned to two acres of our village, but, as often only a third of the garden plots, the largest but also four.Net private plots sauna in our village all together into one, a ridge ridge of plots add up to more than a dozen acres of land, which can be is a big place in the hearts of our children.Private plots in the spring and summer plant some eat vegetables, cabbage radish cucumbers, tomatoes, squash, etc., etc..At the same time each year, the harvest of vegetables in the future, each and every family to come up with half of the sugar cane plots.  Every spring, the adults in the family plot in labor, for sowing in the first half to eat vegetables, butterflies in the garden, although we did not know Yang Wanli poem “Jizou children chasing butterflies, flying into the cauliflower nowhere to find” However, that creatures dancing for us, it is a temptation too great.We just came home from school kids can not wait to come to the garden, and sometimes catch butterflies, sometimes climbing to help adults set up vegetable dish rack, sometimes listen to people tell stories of grandparents in the vegetable garden.Like the Monkey King Skeleton Demon, Jiang Taigong fishing and so good story, I always listen to my house in plots come.  To the early summer, gourd, cucumber are ripe cucumbers can be eaten raw, we pick the cucumbers in their own land, with the aim of dragonfly lurking silly, that’s our children very happy thing.Some tempts children to own cucumber finished, began playing the idea of someone’s home vegetable garden, so it is inevitable that put on a good show Zhuofang Cao’s —- in the eyes of adults, even their own children ate cucumbers, even more rare watermelon, say twelve will give up, no matter who this is when.To a large ripe watermelon, plots of the child can make up almost two nursery classes, because we feel that looked ripe watermelon process is beautiful.Eating watermelon on individual plots, to the mutual benefit of the village before the river swim swimming back that we had a beautiful life.  In the fall, sugar cane mature, we often pestering adults to eat us breaking sugar cane, sugar cane snaps as Ba Baba issued a root in our teenagers listen to music is one of the most beautiful.In that piece Ganzhe Lin, we have a few good partners sit on the ridge Ganzhe Lin, reading poetry “Qingsha Zhang —— Ganzhe Lin,” how romantic it is warm and ah.But in the fall, in addition to breaking the vegetable garden cane, in fact do much, occasionally digging earthworms in the patch of paradise, because worms are a good bait for fishing.  Winter garden, in addition to a good place to plant some cabbage, buried some sugar cane, there is a less than half empty plots in vain there, but that’s what we fowler in the snow.  Ah, plots, my heart Baicaoyuan.