Badger fine (countryside rumors)


A child often heard adults tell stories, age-old, difficult to trace, speak out, win a laugh.    I have a village west of the river.Listen to the elders say a long time ago, the West Bank a few miles radius there is a large songbailin.Who planted inside the tree, many years, no one knows.Inside dense trees, a good time to lush, blotting out the sun.Keke trees are very thick, some are encircle the two embrace, but to.This is a good source of thieves and wild beasts camp.The beast will have a long road in the industry, to learn from people like.    Over the past generally poor family is no ground.To rent farming landowners have to go home to plant and lay a hand Zuzi food, running out.Then, after the wheat harvest, they would gang girls wife to a rich family to pick up in the neighboring village west of wheat fall.There are only old Huan broad daylight ran out scary.It is broken wearing hats, wearing broken I am similar, reared, front paws holding a stick, catch up with people picking up the ears of corn.His mouth shouting: “red demon to catch up, red demon, caught up.”Those women with bound feet were scared desperately to escape, no longer afraid to go across the river.    Autumn crops in lean times, some people have lost hungry, downhill in the middle of the night to steal crops.At that time the ground is kind of sweet potatoes, soybeans, sorghum, millet, maize several.Can directly get home rice is the sweet potato.It can be directly eaten raw, crisp and sweet, you can eat, but also to quench their thirst.To eat cooked is extremely simple, as long as clean water in the pot, add a little water is directly cooked meal.Badgers are omnivores, often at night out breaking corn, grilled sweet potatoes to eat.Become a fine badger encounter people who are not afraid, and people still say hello.Nishimura usually have a lazy bachelor, tempest five.During the day, he aimed a pine forest next to have a good look sweet potato, sweet potato ridge is holding up bulging full of sweet potato inside, some bursting of land exposed to the outside, purple blue sun tan.To the dead of night, he was in the bar bag under his arm went straight to sweet potatoes.To the ground, his hands and feet to pull out a hectic Sicko, grilled sweet potatoes on the hands, estimated to be enough to take the full bags, and a large selection of point of wiping mud, hastily put into the bag.Suddenly I heard someone say: you come?Grilled sweet potatoes to eat a?That voice, if a person your nose fitted out in the dead of night Shique very clear.He suddenly scared of God scattered soul, lost bags stood up and ran without looking back.Curiously has been run at home, I never heard anything else happened.He wanted to calm down, middle of the night who would go to the slope?Look like Poe.If you run across the slope to see their absolute stand it; or to also steal sweet potatoes, even what can not stop thief?He would regret that I did not look back, a false alarm, but also lost a bag.A few days later, he forced it could not carry hunger, but also steal sweet potatoes in a high wind beating in the darkness of midnight.This time he took tools, a small Jue head.One easy way to steal sweet potatoes, and second, self-defense and of good courage.He learned the lessons of the last, to the ground and first looked around, listened, felt very safe, picked up a small Jue head up plane.Positive clinging, I heard someone coughing behind, then heard: You come?Grilled sweet potatoes to eat a?He heard looked back, a dark, furry hind legs like a man bristling like standing not far behind.Feel a creepy, cold sweat, suddenly out of a.He thought: is a blessing not a curse, a curse not escape.What in the world are worried about being sneaky demons.I’d like to see this in the end is what, how can I like.So he picked up a monster Ben Jue head shining in the past.The monster came running toward you see him, to lay down their front legs, he turned and ran.This time he see, and it was just old Badger.    One winter, there is a trafficking meters before the village suddenly ill man died, his family took him buried in a pine forest on the edge.His old mother lose, cry all day to the grave.She pulled the long sound: that I m dealer Son, hello Bitter ah, such a young age is gone, leaving his aging mother I can how to live ah.Cry during the day, at night to cry.There is a slope to see people feel blame the poor old woman, when nothing frequented advised her grief, do not cry bad body.This old woman listened to the advice, no longer go cry.Suddenly, in the evening a Yuemingxingxi, he heard all the way to the old woman’s cries, heart sour.He sighed and walked to the cemetery.He wanted to cry so old mother die sooner or later Kuchu sick, available to get her to go home.And so when he was near the cemetery, surprise, it turned out to be an old school in pedestrian Huan.I saw it hind legs curled up on the ground, with two front paws slapping the ground, his mouth open air “cry”.He raised his shotgun, “Boom -” bang, overturned a shot.At first it just kept Badger mischief, did not find someone to front.Heard gunshots, it scared “wailing -” bang channeling.And was never appeared.