Backstreet memory


Since my childhood memories stacked Backstreet always so proud, mysterious, cold air.    The whole Backstreet Luma two surnames are living, and even street alleys derived from the surname is not surnamed Lu!I do not know how to form Backstreet always more clear surname Why these two get together here.Although the two did not explore the historical origins of rich families, but neat majestic glazed tile flag identity of Ikara weight, Qiaojiao cornices embedded in the adobe-built, large and small, dished short break in small group homes, or people there stand the feeling, to feel proud of the decline is still hard to say.    ”Suzaku bridge weed, Wuyi Xiang mouth sunset oblique, old Yan Wang Xietang ago, flying into the homes of ordinary people” While the king was angry Backstreet has been sadly at the ruins of the wall in the decadent, but accumulation in the thick sands of time the gaps in the dust each piece seems deep in a world fiendish puzzle, after a pre-trial every hospital in the howling wind shaking hay seemed Yinwei bustling yesterday.When wander Backstreet, that awful cold air made me feel deeply that this is a secluded country.It is so original, the original must seem very far away from this world, very far away, too far away so I can not fathom, can not imagine.If no experience, no one will believe that there will be so mysterious, mystical place to breathtaking boldness.    Throbbing nerves of my childhood Backstreet always so dignified, chill, terror.    I only heard people say that the popularity of the vacancy will no longer haunted, long time no temple incense would give birth to a demon, but I do not know’s streets for too long will such a horror, if alone in the back streets that can not tell the gloomy will make people feel nervous, creepy, will be covered with fine hair bristling, spine will be chilly ventilation.I still do not understand in the end is what I want young timid dictates, or is this surname Luma two days of haughty dignity located.I have more memories of the experience trembling, shepherd ten thousand Colombian family that vicious dogs, wolf Hu Shi day in the east and west blocks, no one dares to deviate this more casual.If a child without parental traction, I’m definitely not into the half a step, even clutching his father’s hand barely born, is enough to make me Cry fly thousands of miles, throbbing bile floating without a trace.Backstreet so old in my memories laid a mark of extreme terror, so until now I have returned home over the age of Pentecost are the mere mention of talks Backstreet, Backstreet and temporary detour, he shied away from.    Backstreet people live in the depths of my memory is always so amiable and respectful, epic.    In fact, Backstreet is poised Yang village the officer.Since the founding of the production of captain, vice captain ninety percent are out in the street, Luma two surnames almost three years of his home is your home for two years on a rotating basis Zuozhuang.It can be said in backstreet behind each door has an official, after every fan has a window lying cabinet symbol of power, large or small stamp.Including of course the liberation of the village hall director Yugen t, after the liberation of the village, they secretary.Even the shepherd come from the poised, and no one can shake became a hereditary system, it has been handed to them today’s children and grandchildren.    Backstreet left me most impressed by the horse Lane – where residents exclusively named Ma, so named for the horse Lane.Excellent friendship with my father three Gou Bo lives in the deepest horse Lane, Gou Bo is a three Shou-cheng hold true heart to see people open, honest and straightforward enough that from my father leave from the port where you can taste boasted Compliments Gou heart out of three primary shower bath German noble man.    Gou Bo met with three people always Dimeishunyan, an honest and simple and honest smile always on his face phase, kind-heartedness, he accumulated a great merit for future generations, actually there are two three sons served as the village branch secretary.This should be the three Gou Bo Yisheng Jide good fruit bar!Whether others are not so see, I thought so anyway.III by cause and effect had a saying: “do good make life for themselves, their children and grandchildren benefit”.    Three Gou Bo yard planted with an old vine, in the end I can not tell to what extent seasoned.Grapes ripen every year, the three Gou Bo will make his second son ends with a big brother there when my family gets here to the Mid-Autumn Festival.Pearly sparkling grape transmission out of attractive colors, pleasing apart, really fabulous.Although strict etiquette education extinguished snatch me from the idea of young disk, but the share of the Gema expect there to leave so I can still burn bites of innocence I feel restless.Wait there brother out of the house feet firm, a sweet grape glutton into my early years, ah!Full of aroma, refreshing, really “new jade plate into the recommended wood house, entrance Ganxiang ice cold jade.”Ha ha!    Shepherd ten thousand with three Gou brother Peter as with people.Ten thousand brother, although as a shepherd, but bear the obligation to slaughter pigs sheep home on holidays, as long as there are slaughter Which thing, ten thousand brother that is on call, and therefore never ask what reward.It seems, in addition to a gloomy Backstreet officer, was a good man out of place it!    I think the old Backstreet able to figure out so many remarkable, not only because these people themselves superior, more important is the existence of an infusion force of personality of the historic back streets kind of human spirit and life from generation to generation on the level of civilization to submit.Therefore, the Backstreet will become a cultural personality of the particular smelting.    It seems that I re-examine the back street, in the depths of my soul for the re-positioning of the Backstreet..