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Part one: the back of the leaves, such as butterflies, flutter in the wind blows.Between Fen Yang, your perseverance turned on so dashing left.Walked into the clear autumn cold, you have embarked on a piece of road covered with warm, out of the sea of my heart, I took my dreams.Step by step, curl Tingting, you have not linger, you do not look back.  Front have not lost due to kissing autumn green.Despite crosses leaves, reeds swing flower, then the roadside, flowers and still.  So innocently at you disappear in my eyes at the end, he had disappeared in the warm trail.You no attachment.Wave between that sound “good-bye” actually clear, natural.I want you hanging on, hanging on your gentle yesterday, hanging on you that feeling of wandering.But you do not want to have untidy hair tied my heart disorders and sad tears that drip.  Green and leaves flying, water gurgling, feeling confused, wind howling, the heart has been hurt.  You go, bring your charming face, with your fiery passion, and left a lone figure that floated away.Even gentle moon will climb Meet treetops, even bright stars will smile, but that was the joy of the heart but fall into bottomless fall of Han Tan, wistfully will no longer have any clear yesterday.  Jisi melancholy, sad dash.Not faint, it is thick.  Wild geese flying south desolate Li has been calling the warmth of rows away, abandoned scattered thoughts with yellow autumn leaves rippling in the wind, shivering in the chill.I hold in mouth mouth your name, gently call you, no one can recall a pupil of the eye that you turn around, the magnificent old term break in late autumn yellow.  Clouds isolation eyes dim live passing Spring.Looking back, looking at the sky, many past Ju Yi drift in the wind.  Love to go, hard to stay in the heart, to flee back.  Autumn still wind as before, sorry.  .Ah, late autumn wind, you blew it.Part II: back early winter night, hanging on dark sky with a crescent of silver, which as a shy little girl, hiding, and disappeared the next, lonely back seems a bit melancholy, but also sort of a surprise, is very interesting!  So comfortable night, I no longer love online, calmly put on a thick coat, he took Mr. stroll hand in student apartment is full of culture.Busy on the road, such as various brands of cars satiate horse, Ass busy forward Ben.I feel eyes flash, leaving only the back of the car as if a puff of smoke, and instantly disappeared, leaving behind me a while, “It looks good Meng ah!”Gee sound surprising.Guys and Dolls fashionably dressed leisurely stroll hand in hand in the streets, along the way laughter, snuggling back, in addition to my envy jealousy, no hate.Alley variety of tasty snacks steaming child, with the wind afford to drill into my nostrils, intangibles tune up my sense of taste.We could not help but stop and stay, Mr. hint at once, very readily took out a hundred dollar bills, buy?String snacks.I put aside the image of ladies, belly open gobble up, feeling there has never been forthright.  ”Girl, sent point slightly.”Single-minded to enjoy delicious meals, offensive, inappropriate words drift into the ears, I reluctantly raised his head slightly, a moment’s inattention, a pair of” dirty “hand directly into my chin down, seemed to have robbed me swallow half of the lamb skewers, how disgusting behavior!I almost contemptuous glance at his eyes with regret: nest-like gray hair with the wind shaking, deep eyes bloodshot, and attached haggard eyes full of sorrow and begging.My conscience the moment it seems shuddered, suddenly no taste, hurried out of the half-eaten lamb skewers from the throat, threw his hands.Later, he again and again thanks, holding a cane hobbled and turned.He looked at it like a dustpan back, seems so humble and helpless!My heart suddenly sting a bit: “Dia Dia, wait a minute!”I walked quickly across in front of him, hands still warm snacks all into his trembling hands, then pulled out a new old $ 10 stuffed into his dilapidated sack:” Take it, cold outside, go home early, do not thank you.”I did not see more of him, I do not want to see more of him, and turned to leave immediately.Out of conscience, he was afraid I have to thank this drop in the bucket?Maybe I can not take back his old helpless?  In fact, I did not really leave, and continue to hang around in Mr. Night that have a little bit cold in the warm early winter together.”Whirring” north wind blows, we could not help but called Han Li.I saw not far away from us back the old man will shake, looks really shaky for him Nie Bahan.I could not calm the mood, consciously or unconsciously eyes watching his every move.Suddenly, a beautiful “cold” and appeared in the old man’s back.She, dressed and stylish, flowing hair set off her narrow back, thin pork sock in her thin legs, painted bright nail polish hands gracefully tucked a say the names of cigarettes, along with her shivering back jitter.Looking at her fragile back, I suddenly some mercy on her, and some doubts, why she does not want to wear a dress?Really do not want to grace the temperature ah!”Girl, sent point slightly.”The old man held out her repeat” dirty “hand.”No, you go away point!”Flappers almost yelled.The old man did not give up, stubbornly put his hand in front of her: “pass the point slightly.”” Hate, so I’m going to call the police again ah!”Flappers daggers old one, by pushing a bit old, old man almost fell a reel.Looking at the fashionable woman proudly raised his head, muttered back of the mouth and sped away, my heart burst of cold wind, like a sharp knife into my heart, Shengtengshengteng of!Previous heart on her mercy gone, leaving only nausea.”Grandpa, are you okay?”A little voice in this cold night seemed so warm!Mother looked, about a year-old boy’s body trembling old man leaning nervously inquired.His thin back maybe a little trivial in this noisy crowd, but only he would stop hurry at the crucial moment, out of the warm little hand to the elderly rely on a back.  I have seen countless back or watch the elegant, burly, dirty, emaciated.Let alone a long time I can not get that back together we learned tonight deja vu, but melancholy surprise back!    Part Three: A few days back that I would like to see the wife, perhaps the most desperately wanted to see her reasons.One morning, in the district where walking in front of me a man seven or eight meters away from me, at first glance, it is not my wife yet?So I can not wait to shouted wife, the man did not respond, I think my wife did not hear it calling again, or did not respond.I quickened his pace, rushed to the man beside.The man a shot from the side, yeah!I look embarrassed, hastened to say that the human voice: “Sorry, wrong person.”That man’s wife back and back images of very.She smiled and said to me: “Who has got the wrong person when.”I eased my embarrassment.This is a warm and talkative person, I ask who is to my wife?I did not intend to tell her, because the wife who does not have to secrecy, but, after all, I never met with her.Under questioning her well-intentioned, I honestly told her, then politely say goodbye.  Speaking to call between me and the teacher, wife, it is unexpected that interesting, pleasing and natural.Before I did not do the teacher’s students, teachers and wife call me aunt.Later, I had the honor to do the teacher’s students, they call to me has not changed, but I have to call on them to change – teacher, wife.To call this thing we started a little controversy in the classroom under.From ancient times to the modern civilized society for thousands of years, how long who is not “only” the truth of it?We can not forget the old saying: day as a teacher, father for life.The teacher taught me the knowledge, whether teachers are age, how can we address him by name it?The teacher grace with me, since ancient times, “grace” and “division” closely fitted together, become an integral term.Call the teacher, wife of more normal.Sauna net a few days, why I want to see my wife does?Not only is missing, as well as its reasons: gentle and virtuous wife, passionate about people, frankly, is a very cultivated person.I like to talk to her, when my wife speaks always smiling, always smiling and listening to my East 1, West 1 – leaping tell.My perspectives and insights, she always timely and properly made pertinent advice and guidance.So confused I become enlightened.Wife in my mind was a strong elderly.Wife pure temperament like a clear window of clear moonlight.Over time, I want to see her that if she wanted the reason is clear, clear moon shining and comfort, let the dust return to the pure and clean heart.  A Sunday afternoon, my wife and Syria meet in a small park.We have become close friends.We sat on a bench under an old elm.It is surrounded by shade trees, very quiet.We have something to chatting, seen and heard each with Syria, the solution.Very bright afternoon sunshine, our mood as bright as the sun.Time really fast, we feel just sit here, and again was time to go back to the.Wife took my arm, walking intimacy of talking to me.I suddenly felt I was aunt, she was a child.At this moment, we are back to the past.Pm start at the park entrance, we have to forget.I let her go first.I looked at her familiar silhouette go away.She suddenly turned towards me, waving.I was a hot, also waved, indicating Come.She looked young and vibrant back, looking at the back of her kind, she looked at her back blurred in my sight.I started to move the feet, I think she just said to me: “Our summer vacation together again.I remember a small junior sister apprentice summer are back.I could not help her back and looked in the direction of.At this point my wife was on the bus bar?  My teacher is an accomplished university professor, he is a man of pure scholarship.He treasuring, is a well-known scholar.He is so pure treat the cause of life.He gained more understanding and respect.In the teacher’s teaching, I am confident to learn, to understand the reading, learning is the source of wisdom!As the famous British philosopher Francis Bacon said: “Knowledge is power.”So I am full of hope and the pursuit of life.Forget age, there are evening scene in the moonlight.In this quote the famous Taiwan songwriter ninety-old Zhuang Nu old man’s words: “There are poetry sunset, dusk there Painting.”To follow the example of the old village, to live a wonderful!    Part Four: With the back of the driver feet scattered, step from the car’s pace Chenhuan.Shake just to find space to sit down in, he found a woman holding a child, I had to stand up.  Children looked not a year old, a meat toot a toot, more and more discussion eye.  She is also, oval face high nose, mouth like small pieces of cherry children.Although single eyelids and thin, the eye can be large enough, Huhu shiny, like a WANG Chun water.  She’s filled with very casual.Egg white children color pant children, pink Jixin Ling knit short-sleeved children.Black glossy children’s sandals fine with children, she was fine a tender foot high mound of very surprised to see children insisted, properly feel at ease.Dark brown hair, natural scattered, very hair fluff.  Children with a piece children Siamese skirt children, but also pink, with the body sway, teach people to think of the lotus pond swaying summer children.  It was very hot, do not open windows Jedi inside a confused Chung confused with heat, the car got a not smell good for some hearty atmosphere.She took out the fan, to keep the child violently, his eyes fixed on the child’s face for a moment, while children look out the window from inside the package, while looking over the past while looking.Xu is too hot, the child in her mother’s arms finally impatient, the body of a child shake the East West Akira, Jiji mouth babble.She looked at the child sweetly, did not speak nor angry, the child move, she also move, shake to photograph.  Little children do not buy it, not a moment’s break, scratch and scratch, who got on hand, grasp it tightly clutched.Her temper is still so good, sometimes attached to the child’s face, suddenly pro child’s mouth, suddenly and gently bites, pretending grimace, play the angry.She splashed into the eyes of a child, played like a stimulant, like shiny, almost I do not see her a hint of fatigue.  Children still ton of bricks, crying sound increasingly large up.She lifted the child, swinging on the arm as swimming, she began to sweat, sweat cheek occasional fall, sometimes a few lock-soft hair is stuck in the wet and greasy face.As she shook their children, while children creak child, the child’s crying did not, and occasionally send out milk and milk sound of laughing gas.Her movements gradually slowed down, or whether she would like to take intermittent children happy, a little rest now.Children and he turned his face, burst into tears open.Suddenly, she stopped hand, the child oblique in his arms, the child seems to guess what the interest rate immediately cry.She stood up from his seat, he looked around with after confirming no one noticed, the swift body torsional windows, seems not at ease, and partial back Miaole Miao, deftly stitch together clothes.  I suddenly understand, hungry children.She had then tried to coax children, just do not want to breastfeed her child in such a situation, the result was not bend over children.  Children greedily sucking the nipple children, issued sound Zaza.Juvenile a tender little hand while clutching a nipple children, while clutching his little feet, two legs a child, do not dig kicking a little while, the sugar is generally pleasant sight.  Useless little while, the child will sleep comfortably.Children sleep, she was just like a Shuangda, it seems to have stuck up.Her body scarred seeds as a child and fell on the back, head upturned, eyes closed and open, opened and shut, eyes hard a hard, suffering exceedingly.Car total was a push over, she stared hard for a while, while they closed, spurt shaking his head from side to side, for fear of sleep in the past.  Before long, the children woke up.The little guy really frustrating.  The car, the crew kept the station name in the newspaper.brake.Door children.Woman hurried out of the car, ran to shelter children sudden step behind, hand clutch the child in one hand and hug from the child’s skirt, deftly crouched down, she just squat, children will be urine.I was really surprised, so surprised she was so young but experienced.  .Car drifting away, between Dayton moment I understand, understand the connotation of the mother could be so obvious; so simple.  I gazed in silence towards the car, her gaze up a little faint but Johnson’s back.Part five: back I do fireworks business, after the Spring Festival is busy in the fifteenth day.Journeymen Wushu twelve came, except not see his father’s shadow.I know he is busy, but in my eyes, he’s busy perhaps somewhat redundant components, so they give birth within the heart beat a little disgruntled by the head.  But the father is not known, it is probably this thought with me in front of him deliberately obscure about.So before getting up early to go home every day, my father still want to stay in the store mouth for a while, to talk about his critical things, often this time, I do not put down the hands of the living, not words, it touches the side of Wu Shu pick a long time, it does not As for him, then 说给自己听.  My father was very keen on foreign affairs of the people, failing to wheel straight and not good comprehensive physical, idiomatic word mother said to him: “do not know Editor’s Note will be able to give people offended.”I know that these days he was in celebration of the third anniversary of the completion of the home ‘champion grave’ statue thing busy, no wonder door to door to collect the money, then that is the fifteenth night of fireworks accompanied by a chorus of drama.Father as precisely reflected in the door to door to collect the money, his upright and stubborn always play to the limit, so this time of year, there will always be home to some of his bad news, which virtually I have contributed to dissatisfaction and distress.I ignored my father, and even want to give him an embarrassment on the fifteenth day of this year’s fireworks supply.Because I know my father has been able to endure high-sounding door to collect the money, more than half of the village is a very good father and uncle with the door, he was out of business in recent years made a fortune every year before the celebration of the preparations, the 10,000 yuan of money playing on his credit card, as the fireworks, which I have, by the father can take the temper.  My father saw some signs of his discontent, or my mother, or to his dark Wushu pass some kind of message because of it, in short, the fifteenth day early in the morning my father came, not a short stay after he is gone, but left to help.Fifteenth, on the sale of fireworks coincided sprinted juncture, busy is expected to do.About nine o’clock, I see my father on the phone, very loud voice cried: “Come, my very busy.In, I’ll go back!”My father hung up the phone, turned to look at me.”I have to go back to the old cemetery memorial evening at the beginning scene, a group of people waiting for me.”Father look at me, eyes as much as an unintended inter pray sadness.” ‘.There are firecrackers, and other home use, I will take away, as fireworks.’I do not see the words, my father will no longer speak, went straight to the opposite side of the road pushing his three-wheeled electric car to go.  Than the fifteenth day of the bustling downtown and catharsis in the set did not see less, many people and cars, just a few steps so that the father can not actually take the fun.Especially in the beginning and end of the middle of the road, a slip of much long electric car is connected Bike.First, father stopped to wait, then, they bent down in front of an empty bucket of the tricycle, his first grab the car to help, slowly circled one leg.I saw the difficulty of his bowed legs, he extended his right hand several times trying to pull that circled trousers right leg, so that the whole body seemed twisted.He finally climbed in, he was squatting, only forward slightly bowed, his hands on the grip again across the car to help the child.The car was moving slowly, his father squat body, hands clutching the car to help.At this point, I can only see his back, to see the exposed white hair under his black woolen hat, to see his bronze feather jacket of the wide backbone.I felt my father’s backbone shake, just like the old look at my eyes, no longer inadvertently pray sadness, frustration and injustice after but a helpless fear and hopes.Rather abruptly, my mind a hot, want to cry, but I feel sad hateful!  To his father’s side, I’m just in a few stride.I pulled his father’s hand and helped him to get off, and I told him this year’s fireworks all-inclusive, to let him go, and so I drove back to the party.Father did not seem surprised, he just is not my habit to pull his hand.”You’re busy, and so I have another trip right party!”See I insist, father no words, rode his electric car, a look of laughing.  Positive lively downtown, father in my line of sight, black woolen cap of white hair, the wide backbone bronze backs down jacket go away.