A traveler of strange bed horror stories


Upon completion of college, I was a British friend and stay in Paris.When we are young, I am afraid that life will really some indiscretion place, especially to stay in this city a very Chunxindangyang.One night, we are the Royal Grand Lodge of the surrounding area to play around hanging around, hesitated a moment at what is another way to find a fun.Then my friend suggested we go to 福拉斯卡迪 touring a lot, but his proposal does not fit my interest at this time.I remember 福拉斯卡迪 the heart is, where I spent five francs coins and earn more numerous, just for amusement’s sake, until one day lost interest in this, in fact this place as a heterogeneous social distance famous gambling house, has become a famous historical site of Ferris.  God, I said to my friend, or we can find a good place to see some of the pure, dirty impoverished people of the game, not those cheap gingerbread and Christmas decorations during Sabian place.Let’s stay away from this stylish 福拉斯卡迪, or to a people who do not mind letting a tattered jacket, or simply do not wear a coat in possession of his tattered rags or not people casually well, go out of the house.  Great, my friend said, we do not have to place outside the Radisson SAS hotel to find a place in this category you want the.Such a place in front of us, it is the kind of dirty shameless, according to all those who have been to say, just imagine in your mind as.Not long after, we arrived at the door and walked into the room.  Up the stairs when the janitor took away our hats and canes, and then we were introduced in the middle of the gambling hall.We did not see many people gathered together.And few people looked up at us walked in, they are some of the typical really are pathetic typical of their respective segments of the population.  Our view is that the rogue villain, but these people are still much worse.Also has its funny considerable downstream side, whether it is visible or not visible and can see nothing here except appalling purely weird, stunning the kind of appalling.So still afraid of people inside the room.That thin withered the young man with long hair, sunken eyes two big without God’s eyes firmly fixed on each flip of a card, not say a word; that nerve swelling, baggy and full of rash of people play cards, where a trial of strength to draw a piece of cardboard that read, respectively, recorded black, red and white number to win did not hear spoken to him; that dirty, wrinkled old man, born with one pair of eyes like vultures, wearing a long coat patch pile of patches, and finally he put a small paper money are gambled away, looked straight ahead and still there watching, despite no chance of playing is not a word of the hair.Even bursts dealer’s voice sounds so dull and dignified.Under atmosphere in this whole room contrast, I originally came into this place of fun, do not want to see in front of me cry to think straight.It is extremely necessary I’ll see it, in order to hit the face of this oppressive atmosphere to breathe the breath, seek to stimulate the heart to be feeling asylum.Can be the worst, I took the most straightforward way to seek stimulation, according to the straight edge of the table, playing cards came.Even worse is that just as what happened, I actually did win a win greatly; incredibly win.Win so unexpected, so unusual table that players have to gather my side, wide-eyed and eager mysteriously stared cards in my hand, whispering to each other but also muttered something unfamiliar to the UK people probably want to bankrupt the whole reason or another bank.  The play is red and black.I used to have played this game in every city in Europe, however, did not want to know a little trick in the win, as they say where all of the philosopher’s treasure gamblers!As gambling people describe this exact words, but I never fantasized.I’m just as one is willing to impairment of this game only.I participated in the game, purely for fun.I’m never addicts unable to extricate themselves, because I never know lost all taste.I never play with endless, has been playing to the extent gambled ass, or ends up in his pocket to win when it is difficult to calm down, because of good luck and hard to get carried away to the point of self-made.In short, I’ve ever frequented gambling room table just as I frequented dance theater that because these places will make me happy, because I have no other better things to spend my free time.  But in the present instance, things are completely different now, this is the first time in my life, I have a change of heart and really feel the game where the real implication.My success the first time I felt confused, but also to feel the true meaning of the adjective, is simply mesmerized the.This may seem incredible, but this is the real situation like once I want to try to seize the opportunity, according to estimates expected to play a card, then it will certainly lose.And when I left everything fate decision, there is no thinking mind when betting, I would certainly win win looks even banks are bound to be benefits in all aspects of the surface.At first, some of those present also dare to take their money and completely safely bet on my suit; but I immediately put his bets rose to the number they will not venture into the.One by one they withdrew from the gambling, concentrate atmosphere children are not out looking at my innings.  May still again and again, I increased my bets, but also win.The whole room of people sentiment to the extreme fanatical.The silence of death was cursing and wonder dull harmonies from a variety of languages being broken, every pile of gold coins across the desktop is to hug my side when they are rejoicing that even the comfort of their dealer’s regarded as mountain rake vicious hit to the floor, with his (French) way of expressing anger to my surprise success.But there is a presence of people still hold on their emotions, that person is my friend.He walked to my side, whispered to whisper to me, begging me to get out of this place in English, is still far better.I must be fair to admit that several times he repeated his advice and pleaded for me, after I rejected his suggestion, just leave my side to go away (all my thoughts and aspirations are in The Sound of gambling ) remain far from a distance, the night is no longer possible for me to say a word.  He just left my side, I heard behind me a rough voice shouted: Allow me, my dear Mr.!Let me put you off the ground two children standing Napoleon coin return.Really good luck, Mr.!Please allow me to put into words his tribute Well, as an old soldier, I long for such things as being through the experiences that I have never seen like you good luck!there has never been!Continue, Mr. long run, the brave win!Brave and fearless, allow banks closed!  I turned around and saw a tall man, bowing at me, his face is flattering smile, wearing long lace long coat buttoned.  If I was still sober, I might be asked myself what private hysterical, he is actually a type of very suspicious of so-called old soldiers.He had one pair of bloodshot eyes with dark circles, full of scabies whiskers, a large brandy nose.His speaking voice seems to be the worst barracks under the command sound poor, and his hands are the dirtiest hands I’ve ever seen even here in France.However, these features landscape ever, but it did not cause me psychological aversion.In extreme excitement, restlessness moment of victory, led me to be with anyone in this game encouraged me to live in harmony the.I took this old soldier handed me a handful of snuff; gently stroking his back, said solemnly that he is the world’s most honest people praised him as I have encountered among the most holy army the glory of incumbents.continue!My soldier friends to encourage road, playing the snap of his fingers agitation continues, must win!Make bank failures courage, fearless!My brave fellow Britons, allow banks closed!  So I continued non-stop, catch up a victory that took another only a quarter of an hour, I heard the dealer can not help but exclaimed: Gentlemen!Starting tonight bank has ceased to exist.All bills and all that the so-called bank gold coins, pile together at this time have been piled up in my hand; the whole room gambling in the flow of funds are preparing for a steady stream flowing into in my pocket!  Put all the money in your pocket are used handkerchief tied to it, my venerable sir, the old soldier said in an aside, when I could not suppress frantically put fingers in my side when gold and silver heap.Quickly tied up, as we often put a little package tied up as leftovers in the ‘holy army’ time; can not sew a pair of pants trouser enough to withstand so some of the items you win won.There!there!Get out hug them over, all those notes and money!Unthinkable!What luck pause!Napoleon has a gold coin fell to the ground!what!Napoleon Wanshouwujiang!I finally found you yet?Well now, Mr. let me give you a tightly tied at both ends Twill, as long as the Licensing lucky enough to get your words, so that these money safe.Look to touch!Touch, Mr. Lucky!Round and hard like a large cannonball ah, bang!If they launch a shell so to us in Austerlitz, then everything changed on the whole!As long as they do, then fired!And now, as an old bombardier, as a former warrior French army, what do I do to keep it?Why do I ask so?Only this: that I beg the distinguished British friend told me to drink a bottle of champagne together, we were held up before braving the glass bubble celebrate cheers for Lady Luck!  What a former warrior!Happy old bombardier!Hard-won Champagne!As an old soldier of the British cheer!Long live!Long live!Lady Luck once again to cheer!Long live!Long live!Long live!  great!British.Amiable, forthright Englishman, in his blood circulating blood jovial France!Continued Cup?Ah, bang!Empty bottles!do not worry about it!Long live the victory!I, an old soldier, then told to bottle, there are half a pound of sugar boom boom!  No, no, before the Warriors; not the old bombardier!Your last bottle; this bottle on me.Check it out fast!Cheers friends!French troops!Great Napoleon!Now the team!Dealer!Honest dealer’s wife and daughters if he does anything!All the ladies!People all over the world!  Wait until the second bottle of champagne also drink it, I feel as though I generally my mind seemed in flame flaming out in the entire flow of the drink.In this life I had also never drink too much wine to produce such a feeling.Is this the stimulants act on the results of my nervous system, when I was at the height of excitement among the state?Is it in my stomach in a state of extreme disorder of the?Or the Champagne momentum too?  Warriors before the French army!I shouted, excited almost to the extent of the madness, I roasted on the fire!how do you feel?You put me in the fire!Do you hear, my hero Austerlitz?Let’s do it again the third bottle of champagne, put the fire extinguished!  The old soldier points his head up and down, like rolling a pair of pandas eyeball, until I think they fall out from their sockets, his index finger by a grimy side of the brandy nose, and looked Stern said flatly, coffee!Having blink of an eye ran into a room inside gone.  The eccentric temperament veterans said these words, like the rest of the people present had a magical effect.They act consistently stood up and walked away.Maybe they are looking forward to taking advantage of my dizzy mind what benefits machine groan, but I found my new friend every possible way to let me shine guarding Zuisi past, they have given up the idea in my mind move seen it fit to win won on goods.No matter what their intentions are, but they finally left.When the veterans come back, again I sat across the table when we are left with two on in the room.I could see the dealer, he was in the hallway outside the room inside, is there a person for dinner.This time around is more silence.  Suddenly, the Warriors before his face changed.He made a solemn expression to a pretentious, when he spoke to me again, the statement is no longer rhetoric vowed, and no longer refers to himself snapping Zhuangwei, and no longer have extremely rich Dayton call and exclaimed.  Listen, my dear sir, he said, in a mysterious and Piganlidan tone, listen to a suggestion veterans.I’ve been to the house mistress been there (a very charming woman, very exquisite cooking skills!Necessity) explained to her that we are prepared specially Shang Hao strong coffee.So you have to drink a little coffee, the pressure on you to make this a little joy in their faces flatter state, you want to go home before you have to do, I kindly and generous friend!Tonight you want to take your money home to those who stay awake is the sacred duty of your own.Several gentlemen have your winning news aired opened tonight, from a certain point of view, they are some very honest and good conduct of the people; but they are also some of mortals, my dear sir, and have them human weakness!I do not say it?Ah, no, no!You understand my mind!Now, this is what you must do so to get people to call a canopy car, and if you feel better, then the car later told the driver to pull up the window along the wide streets and bright send you home.Must do so, you and your money will be safe.In this case, tomorrow morning you should thank a veterans for your sincere suggested.  Just as the former Warriors tone of earnest enthusiasm Having said all this, send coffee came in, he had fallen in among the two cups.My friend gave me concern stoop where a cup of coffee.I have to be thirsty throat irritated, put a cup of dry matter drank exhausted.After a few seconds, I suddenly felt dizzy, dazed more than previously passed.Only feel the room spinning around me, extremely spinning wildly; the old warrior like a steam engine piston is kept as up and down in front of me swinging.I almost burst ear Zheng Zhen song to faint; while extremely confused, helplessness, startled stare crazy in there.I stood up from the armchair, hands on the table remains stable; softly said, I am very unwell have to go home I do not know what the extent of the.  My dear friend, the old soldier replied that even when his voice also sounded as if shaking up and down with my dear friend, to your current situation is simply going home mad; you certainly put your money the lost; you will easily be robbed and murdered the.I’ll be here overnight, you are here to sleep in the building housing them take a lot to make up a bed; sleep kept wine passed, tomorrow morning you win won with the money back home tomorrow morning, and other day shone when.  At this point I thought the only two: First, I must seize and hold handkerchief filled with money, secondly, I have to find a place to lie down quickly, comfortably nap.So I accepted the suggestion to go to bed, hold on veterans outstretched arm, freeing the other hand to grab the wallet.Directed by the dealer, we passed through a few corridors, the stairs into my bedroom to rest among the.The former Warriors eagerly shaking my arm, and I explained my days and eat breakfast together, and then the dealer one after the walk out, leave me here overnight.  I have to wash a few steps across the stage, I drank a jug of water, pour the remaining water out of the basin plunged headlong into; after an armchair and sat down, trying to steady himself Emotions.Soon I felt better.Change my lungs thing is that from gambling in the fetid breath now outside of which the apartment house in the fresh and cool air; there can see it in my eyes was almost as refreshing change, and since the salon glaring gaslight this is down to the dim, quiet bedroom candle gently swaying; all of this, coupled with the effect of cold water, all I had to calm wonders.Groggy feeling from me eliminated, I was a little recovered a sane person.My first thought was, slept all night in the gambling room is dangerous; my second thought was, more dangerous, going out after the house is closed, so go home alone at night, in walking through the alley on the streets of Paris, close also with not a small number of money and goods.I was in my travels among the ever slept in worse places than here; so I decided to latch the door blocking the window here asleep, perhaps you can not necessarily wait until the next morning.  As a result, I do everything itself deal with intrusion protection work: look a bit under the bed and in the closet case; try the windows tight, tight; After that, he plans to do all the preventive measures, removal of body the outer layer of clothes, picked up my lamp, which is the most dim a lamp, and put it on the hearth a pile of ashes feather them, got into the bed, put a handkerchief bag full of money put in my pillow.  Soon I discovered that not only I could not sleep, immune even want to close your eyes.My big eyed, who had a high fever.Every nerve in my body was shaking my every feeling seemed unusually sharp tip.I turned off the last over to try a variety of sleep posture, spare no effort to identify any leakage of a cold corner of bed, everything can be useless.For a while, I put both arms folded clothes outside; while, my arms again inserted into the clothes inside, while I plucked the legs straight up, withstood the end of the bed; for a while, but in general they cramp almost curled up to withstood the chin; while, I pushed a crumpled pillow, put it to change to a cold bed, she took a flat, upturned body to lie down quietly; for a moment I suddenly got up and it folded layers, and then it unchanging, leaning against the headboard, try to lean over, assume a seated position.All of these efforts have failed, I angrily muttered, because I feel this is not sleep at night anyway.  What else can I do?I do not have a book to read in.However, unless I can find some kind of transfer methods own attention, otherwise I feel sure many will fall into a state of terror grotesque fantasy; in mind will be filled with many dangers may or may not imply the.In a word, the entire evening will only be expected to withstand countless mental panic which had.  I supported himself with his elbow, looked toward the room surrounded by windows inside the room due to the pouring of the above come in lovely moonlight like a normal day if I wanted to look for some pictures or what room decorations, you can take advantage of bright moonlight see clearly.As my eyes swept from a wall to another wall, when suddenly remembered Meir Manchester that this lovely little book “lying on the tour.”.I decided to imitate the French author, to find something to please yourself, to eliminate the problems caused by insomnia, a fantasy in the mind of a variety of furniture sample to be seen by them to come up can occur between them Some of contact, even a chair, a table, or are likely to produce a vanity out of this association.  That is, at this point such a distracted state, and I found that using their imagination to compare easier, without having to bother to remember that this little book in the plot, and therefore will give up along the Meir Manchester persistent hallucinations ideas or thoughts away, precisely, did not have to use the mind.I just looked around the perimeter of the room, looking at a variety of different furniture ornaments, no extra thoughts.  First, here I was lying on top of a bed; a four post bed, which is here in Paris, something will be met!Yes, a British could not re-heavy four-poster bed, opt to top trimmed with printed cotton bed frame four weeks neatly around the tassel to the kind of suffocating curtain of half cover, I remember when I was just He walked into the room, roll them up easily put the case hung on the pillar, and did not notice how the bed.After seeing is inlaid marble top wash station, that is where I put water all over the floor, because the water was anxious should put out, there are still more and more slowly ticking a drop in masonry on the floor.Followed by two small armchairs, my coat, vest, and pants draped over a chair above.Followed by a large chair, covered above chintz grimy, my tie and shirt collar false to ride in the back of the chair.Followed by a desk drawer, above which two copper handles gone meretricious kind of a broken ceramic penholder resting on top, presumably as an ornament on your desktop.After a dressing table, top decorated with a tiny full-length mirror, there is a very big needle mat on top.After the window is an unusually large window.Followed by an old frame, from among the dim candlelight can see.This is a tall man wearing a hat portrait of Spanish, is a cluster of bird ruffled feathers on crown.At a glance is a black woo woo sinister villain, looking up at the top, holding out a hand in the cover above the eyes, intently watching probably look up to a height of the gallows, he was about to be hanged above gallows.In any case, he seems to be the way it is undoubtedly a life.  I was looking at this picture makes a tight, as he did not dare to give the first look upward there is the top of the bed.There is an extremely gloomy land of no interest, so I turned to look at the screen again.I count on the number of men with heart hat feathers are due against the background of the picture is very clear and three white, two green.I watched his crown hat, its conical shape, is probably the ancient style in accordance with the multi-Fox favorite kind.I was wondering whether he is looking at what.His eye clinics is certainly not the stars; this is neither a thug nor will astronomers astrologers.So be sure it is the height of a pair of gallows, and he will soon be hung above the.Execution was probably the person would take his tall hat and a conical crown feathers above.I again a number of times with those three white feathers, two green.  When I was obsessed with this issue inextricably exhausting effort, and unconsciously we have begun to get distracted.Penetration into the room bright moonlight makes me think of a moonlit night after the England of the Welsh Grand Canyon picnic.Each event on his way home, the beautiful scenery along the way, more fantastic in the moonlight, and I remember these up, despite all these years I never thought of that picnic; although, if I want to try to remember, I remember only a little or even remember those distant memory.All those who think they can help us is eternal functions among which one can have a better understanding of this can tell us this noble like the fact that the memory of it?I am here, in this very suspicious of the strange nature of the house, can not be determined even in very dangerous situations which seem to me the most simple memory capacity is almost difficult to play a role; however, memory, very casual kind, scenes, characters and dialogue, all kinds of situations nuanced flash, which I think already forgotten; I have it all can not remember the heart, even if God helps also the impossible.Be what kind of reason, at this moment, made me whole produce such a strange, complex, mysterious kind of effect?In addition to the bright moonlight streaks in through my bedroom window in the outside, so there is no alternative.  I was meditating on the picnic meditation on feelings of pleasure on his way home with the lyrical contemplation lady, she promised references Chard Harlow Delhi sentence, just because there is such a moonlight.I was immersed in this style among some of the past, the recollection of the past happiness, can suddenly snapped, so I maintain wire disconnected from memory: the moment my attention back to reality, the situation of heads in my eyes are clearer than ever, I once again found myself still there tightly and stared photograph of the picture, neither know why more do not understand why.  What exactly see it?  my Lord!The man had his hat pulled down over his forehead does not cover!That hat does not exist!That conical crowns gone up?Where there was a few feathers three white, two green?It does not exist!Hat with feathers in the original place, only a vague covered her fingers in his forehead, his eyes, he reached out to cover where it?  Is it moving in bed?  I looked up the sit-stand.Is it me mad?Or drunk?Still dreaming?Do not went astray?Or the top of the bed really moving downward slowly falling down continuously, silently, terror, the whole of that side of the top of the bed is pressed down being pressed down from above me, and I just lay below?  My whole body’s blood seems to be a general Ningzhu.While many stiffened instantly sense of paralysis shot through my body, I twist too far to go on the pillow, want to see, what is really at the top of the bed move, I still long time staring at the man in the picture appear to see eye the illusion.  Look in that direction one is enough.My top that shades dark, grimy curtain semi-trailer, has sent his waist with an inch will flush the.I held my breath stared unblinkingly watching.Continued very slowly and slowly I saw the human form on the screen, as well as the human form following border bottom line, with half hanging curtains moving down soon disappeared behind it the.  I am not a cowardly people on the physique.I have more than once in a life-threatening danger, but never could hold their own in an instant.But when I am sure of top of the bed is really moving, really it is in continuous uninterrupted pressed down towards me, I looked up and looked, shuddered, helpless with panic, living in this horrible murder under mechanical, but I lay there looking at it step by step pressed down choke me there.  I looked at the top, motionless, mouth also froze, not breathing.That support completely burn the candle was extinguished at this time; but the moon still light the room.Little by little down, not stop, no sound, top-down bed, but a sense of panic in my mind seems to me Shuanfu tightly in the mattress under my body it down little by little until the canopy fringed dust atmosphere are sneaked into my nostrils the.  In this last moment, this self-protection make me all of a sudden from being started up my hypnotic state, I finally got the moves.Only just let me turn over in bed rolled to one side of the space.I quietly dropped to the floor, then the edge of the plane murder canopy just touch on my shoulder in the.  I have not had time to breathe, nor can a free hand to wipe the perspiration from his forehead, I’ll kneel knees up, looked up at the top side of the bed.It is no exaggeration to say that I was it magic Zhengzhu.If I heard footsteps behind, I would not have turned in; and if there is a way to escape miraculously provided on my hands, I have certainly not reached out to catch it of.Whole life my body and mind, at this moment, are all focused on my two eyes above the.  It also declined significantly throughout the canopy, tassels and circle it round about, all came down came down firmly down on the bed; closed too is so tight that my fingers into the top of the bed are difficult between the bed and the.I felt my way to the side of the bed, I had found in the following general looked like the top of the canopy bedpost, but actually a very thick, very wide mattress, just above the valances and tassels masking it up.I looked up and looked, and that alone has four bedpost and terrible stand there.In the bed on top of a central location, is a large wooden screw, it is clear that it is the root reached into a hole in the ceiling of wooden pillars work together down the top of the bed, as normally required compression of the material in as pressure is applied on.This has the daunting mechanical work together without any sound, it is down a little creak when there is no sound; this time above the room that did not sound.In this silence and horror, I saw in front of me in the capital of this French civilization mechanical nineteenth century secret murder, this man Smother way may appear in the medieval Inquisition, the emergence in Harz Mountains in a corner of a small inn, appeared in Westphalia mysterious tribunal in!I stood there straight, looked at it, a move can not move, can not even breathe, but I have begun to regain some ability to think, after a while children will understand this completely to my horror for murder conspiracy.  My coffee cup was put in a drug, and is under the strong medicine.The reason I have not been suffocated, because I took an overdose of some kind of narcotic.Because I’m feeling hot and irritable endless angry, precisely so that they do not sleep, so that saved my life!So I was relieved without carefully so that the two thugs brought me to this room, in order to win money in my pocket, they decided to take advantage of the time I sleep kill me, in such a cruel and terrifying means secret plot against my life!Who knows how many people like me who won the bet, used to sleep in this place, as I might sleep as it is in this bed, did not wake up, quietly disappeared!I think this whole body trembled stand up.  But then, my head is full of ideas and immediately froze, I saw this murder and activities of canopy up.When it stops on the bed so I only have to probably guessed almost ten minutes, it began to rise.In the room above the manipulation of rogue, this time apparently believe they have a purpose.Silently and slowly, like when it landed down as the terrifying bed canopy and going up to its original position of.When it reaches the top four poster bed, which also reached the ceiling of.It is also not see where the holes and screw; the whole bed looks is an ordinary bed a roof or a common roof the most demanding eye can not see the slightest trace to.  At this point, I can move about the first time kneeling body straightened up and put my coat to wear them think about how can I escape.If I accidentally making a small voice, this could expose suffocated my attempts have failed, so I certainly have murdered.What I sound it has been issued yet?I pricked up my ears to listen, closely watching the side of the door.  No!Porch outside no sound no sound of footsteps, or light or heavy, the upper room where every place deathly silence.In addition to my door fastened outside, I’m also a big old wooden box moved past the top of the top, which I found under the bed.In order to move this box (think of it there may costumes thing, my whole body’s blood clotting can not help but have lived!) In order not to disturb the issue that is impossible; and in order to escape from the house, this time it has closed the night, the more fantasy crazy move up.At this point I have only one chance out of the window.I tiptoe quietly walked over.  My bedroom on the first floor, across the basement floor mezzanine floor, looking out outside a backstreet.I raised my hand to open the window, I knew this move was my chance to escape my life on the line of the.They murdered between this House has fortified alert.If there are any ring around the room, then even bed-axis crunching sound, I also were killed the!This action certainly spent at least five minutes of my time, which is, if you count up the tension from my time up estimates, this should have five hours to open the window.I went silently opened the windows of the successful effort in the hands of smart thief stealing like a day and then leaned toward the street below to watch.To skip to go from such a high place, I would definitely fell to his death!Then, I turned to look at both sides of the house.Straight up and down the wall to the left is a thick water pipes it through the place it near the edge of the window.See this root water pipes, I knew I was saved.I have to breathe this time to smooth up the first time, ever since I saw the canopy bed I pressed down towards the moment!  For some people, so as to escape this way I found may seem extremely difficult and can be dangerous for me, you want to root water pipes along this slippery streets to go, but he is not the problem.As often gymnastics, I know how to keep the same high school students own physical strength, climbing up both bold and professional; enough to know their own minds, hands and feet with the degree of sensitivity, enough to climb up and down safely without the risk of.I’ve taken to put one foot in the cross on the windowsill, then I remember that on the pillow under my handkerchief bag full of money.I am not willing to put it to stay, but I am determined to revenge promote gambling room to make these rogue who, while not losing is also a victim of these stolen goods.So I went back to bed, with a tie to the heavy handkerchief tied at the back of the.  As I tied it tight, fixed in a more convenient place, this time, I thought I heard a burst of breathing outside.Fear of trembling instantaneously around my body, when I once again give ear.Do not!Among the corridor is an eerie silence I just hear the breath of the night gently blown into the room to the sound of.Then I came to the window sill, then I clutched water pipes, and with hand, foot and under.  I silently along the water easily slipped into the street, then I think I should go to the nearest police station rushed to the support department, I know it’s located in a neighborhood nearby.A deputy police chief and several of his subordinate officers singled out here just at this time, I think it is brewing a specific plan, in order to troubleshoot a murder mystery of the perpetrators, the whole of Paris is talking about this for a while it said the murder cases.When I began to tell my story, the French put it together with anxious because the unfamiliar, out of breath and looked very embarrassed, I can see it already in the deputy police chief suspected I was a drunkard the UK probably what people have been robbed; but he told me over and over again gave up the idea after a while, before I have not had time to speak to me as ending words, he had a pile of paper in front of all the chops into a among the drawer, put on his hat, and gave me a look on Dingdai (because I still bare head), a group of soldiers ordered set of professional command his aides to get everything ready to break the lock and pry masonry the tool must be ground, then he pulled my arms, in a very sincere and earnest attitude, I followed him out of the house together.I dare say that when the deputy director was a kid, the first time with the adults went to the theater, have not been so excited too, like the room he was going to gamble official duties such!  We all the way down the street away, deputy police chief while I describe scrutinized, while congratulate me, so with a magnificent team of soldiers all the way forward.Front and back of the house are placed a sentry stationed, as we have just arrival; flurry that followed the general knock on the door; there was a little light on top of the window; I was told the police were hiding behind the next turn is a knock at the door, harsh bark performance of official duties, please open the door!Summoned to hear the sound of a terrible sound, door lock and key and so was immediately opened by an invisible hand, deputy police chief had just walked into the hallway of the moment, he came face to face a look of panic semi-clothed waiter.The following is a brief conversation happened next: We want to see that sleep in this house in the British?  He left a few hours ago.  He will not.His friend is gone; he left.Give us a look at his bedroom!  I assure you, Mr. Deputy Secretary, he’s not here!He I assure you, Mr. Geer Ken, he’s here.Here he slept he felt uncomfortable bed you if he comes here complain that it went in the middle of my these people I was about to look for on his bed stand there fleas.Dean Reynolds![This is a call to his subordinate’s name, while the hand pointing to the waiter] grasp the man by the collar son, put his hands tied behind to go.Well, now, gentlemen, let’s go upstairs!  Every man and woman in the house are controlled up that old soldier first to be rounded up.I confirm what they have to sleep in the bed above, and then we went into that room above.  Nothing looks around the room special things even.Deputy Secretary stood there looking around, ordered all the people to quiet down, hard on the floor and walked a couple of scraps, so take a candle over, intently watching where he’s just stomping, where the command of the floor carefully opened.Soon to complete this work.Point light a fire later, we saw a deep wooden sandwich, between the ceiling on the floor of this room and the room below.In this cavity is exposed to the inside placed perpendicular to a class of iron box which was painted above a thick layer of lubricant; Flanagan inside the box can see the screw, is connected with the underlying roof bed.There is another screw length ranging from a few, are like oil just been grazed; covered with a layer of felt on a few levers; the whole of this structure is a powerful structure of the press at the top of their evil and sophisticated constitute after the exquisite design, both to be connected with the following equipment, after deconstruction can hide as little as possible up to find this machine, pull it out onto the floor.Deputy Secretary took a little time, succeeded in bringing together this mechanical assembly, his one left to operate on it, and I just went down the following bedroom.The stuffy kill bed while on the roof came down, and can not as I’ve seen it come down so no sound when.I mentioned this to deputy director of the case, his answer is extremely simple, yet creepy.My subordinates, he said, was the first operation of this top of the bed down those you win money, but they do a veteran.  We put the whole house left two police officers guard the house all the people all the time was transferred to the jail.After the deputy director in his office accepted my official statement, he took me along to return to the hotel to fetch my passport.Do you think, when I asked, and handed him a passport, there are people who suffocated in that bed, like they want to kill me as you bored?  I saw several dozens of people were drowned parked in the morgue, the deputy director replied, on their notebook have found the explanation of the reason they put into the Seine suicide letter, since they are in the tables the net lost all things.How do I know how many people walked into that room you go off gambling room?As you win so much money?Sleeping in that bed you slept in?In that bed asleep?Smother be in that bed?And then secretly thrown into the river, carry with them an explanation letter, written in advance by the murderers, they put the notepad to go?No one can say clearly, how many people suffered such unfortunate fate, and you are to escape from this fate in.The people that gambling room for us to hide their secret even mechanical bedstead police have no way of knowing!Those who died and they helped cover up the secret of the other part.Good evening, I might as well say good morning, Mr. Faulkner!Nine o’clock to come back to my office and I would say, farewell!  The rest of my story is not a moment also tells a lot.I was examined over and over again fill; gambling room is strictly searched from top to bottom over and over; the custody who were questioned were carried out; two of lesser crimes confessed to the crime.I found the old soldier is the owner of the judges of this gambling house investigation after it became a tramp he was expelled from the army several years ago; since then to commit all sorts of misdeeds; he was there a lot of stolen property these owners who have to be confirmed; and that the dealer, and that gave me pour the coffee woman who, as an accomplice, were involved in the secret shelves in bed.Some of the reasons seems to speculate whether all the people inside this house all have some connection with this murder machine frame; Because this is really no way of knowing that these people will be lucky enough to be treated as ordinary thief and a tramp.As for the old soldier and two of his direct mandate, they immediately adjudged to prisoner; the woman to put drugs in my coffee, I can not remember sentenced to many years; that gambling room, general footman is considered to be suspicious prison waiting; and I was in a whole week inside (how long time), became the darling of the Parisian world’s number one social.This is an adventure of my three prestigious dramatist to be interpreted to render, but never saw the stage Xiaoshi world; this is due to censorship prohibit reproduction of this gambling room bed shelf murder on the stage Record.  My most immediate experience this adventure a good outcome, is a review of any agency must admit that it saved me no longer red and black as a kind of fun to see the.From now on as long as one can see green tablecloths and saw piles of cards, a pile of pile of money on the table, so I soon remembered remarks scene, canopy bed is a little bit falling down choke me on the bed, where silence and the dark of the night.