A tramp anniversary


He was born in the city of Tempe, Arizona, a poor family, parents are workers, should not have high wages, combined with alcoholism his father, the family often stretched.He not only inherited his father’s mantle, became an alcoholic, but he also smoking by nature, a true addict.  He was doing nothing, often to steal, hardly anyone around welcome, became the mouse across the street, everyone is shouting.Because it is not a living, he accepted the position of a taxi company, but did not want to drink and drive because several people injured, spent six months in prison, they had played a wandering life, relying on handouts good people.The city that most lackluster, often and upset people.He is, we become even with a bum jokes.  No one really unlucky life.November 15, 2010, he was wandering in Tempe, did not expect to pick up a wallet with $ 33 cash.This is really a sum of large sums of money from the sky!He thought, if for themselves, a few months of food and shelter can be solved, incidentally, can also be riddled with gaping wounds mended his old bike.However, he wondered if this money is given to a dying patient is ready, and if a poor student tuition it?He made a lot of assumptions, heart gradually shaking.You know, when he lost because tuition.It can not go to school, so that stray to 50 years old.He wanted to, anyway, he used to sleep Kim’s house, eating is four beg some bad enough, but the possession of this money, but happy for some time, but the soul is you will never be peaceful.  So, he gave the money to the Tempe Community Action Center, a volunteer can be had as bread, he had been here.Arizona State University really is money lost by a man named Brian Belanger students, this money is his tuition and living expenses.He anxious like ants on a hot pan, in danger of dropping out of school, this did not have any hope, I did not expect good people to return money.  Belanger know it is more than a well-meaning people tramp, admiration and emotion of, but also ready to give him $ 300 as a reward.Can tramp refused, saying that, if true for the money, he would not have returned.Belanger told the matter to the media.  Tramp free repay story is December 11, 2010 “New York Times” reports focus.Tramp act has been blown away by the people of Tempe, we have donated money, but also to help him find a job.Currently, donations he received more than $ 8,000.He opened a special account, the money saved up, ready for the next training such as computer operation and the like, in order to get a job.He did not expect because of his momentary good side, in return for such huge returns.Even more touching is, a tramp shouted after a friend happy to meet him on the street: Thank you, man, you earn the face to all of us!  His name is Dave Tully, Tempe Mayor Hugh Howman also to his name set up an anniversary Dave Tully day.In honor of his magnanimous act.Previously, only the anniversary of the great man, but now it is the anniversary of a tramp, was questioned Hugh Howman, while the mayor said eloquently: a tramp can in the hungry, the face of temptation, still abide a man of ethics return money, is a worthy advocate of morality.Therefore, we should set up a city for his anniversary.A city or even a country’s level of civilization, not on the moral standards of the saint here, but depends on the cultural level and relatively low economic status tramp can still adhere to the basic code of ethics.After loading water bucket is really dependent on the short rather than long board board!  In addition to a city sophisticates have Jinian Wei et al tramp public buildings, but also the anniversary of the tramp, which marks a vast tolerant city, a city also means to be truly better together, but also to rely on.Even if more mundane, but there are extraordinary move.It should also be worthy of commemoration.