A touching story


The story begins like this: time from the beginning of 2063, one day, the old man to the hospital received a notice of liver cancer, said the notice, the old man only a month of life.He was depressed, but after crying for a while, he will want to open, after all, their age is not small, there are already 81 years old up.After that, the man ripped the notice, threw a cane, hobbled back to his home.  His wife, one year younger than him, a year ago, because of an accident into a vegetative state, and now, he can only rely on watering fed to maintain the life.As the daughter usually are busy, the old couple of days, though not short of money, but also quiet, but daughters became his phone every day thinking sustenance.  Thinking about their examination results, looked at the bed of his wife, he choked up, like a long time, finally, he made a decision: the end of their lives on their own.  He: how do you do?My Smelly?I’m gone, who will be with you?Who will protect you?  I kept thinking, his eyes were red, or else my dear, you and me go together, we go there to stay forever couple.  After that, he will find a box of sleeping pills from their homes, which will be all the pills down in a cup, etc. after pills and turned it into a colorless, water he gave himself and his wife……  Daughter time of the phone call, but she’s only waiting beep…  beep…beep…The call waiting tone.  Every time this time my father would wait by the phone, I immediately pick up the phone, this is how?She puzzled, perhaps my father did not come back to buy food?No, my father though older, but still not forget the time and I call it, is it..?.A sense of foreboding raced through her mind.  At the hospital, doctors are working to rescue two elderly people, because the old man has clasped his wife’s hand tightly, so to save time, doctors had to use two stretcher pushed side by side.  To the emergency room, the doctor on a breathing machine, a series of rescue activities.In addition to the emergency room medical staff rapid footsteps, first aid equipment is friction sound.Daughter and family in the side crying.  At this time, the old man suddenly felt very light body, usually the heart-wrenching pain at this time is also extremely comfortable liver.He did not know why there are so easy to experience, feel back to when I was younger.  Time to 2001, it was May Day, this time in May is a 7-day holiday, he’s a heterosexual partner him out to play, he asked who had?Partners said: There is a girl, you know, is my good friend.So he went away and met her.  They had known before, also in the school know, but it is limited to know what each other is called.  Sometimes, a woman really is a big change.In junior high school, she was also a tomboy, but, after four years, she has become slim, convex.And although he Sentimental, but also eye-catching style.  Through this encounter is a coincidence, they began a beautiful story.Together they wander in the snow, and wandering around in the rain together.  While the old man stepped forward to want to touch the young of their own, a bright white flash, the scene changed to a room full of red, looked up that says ### and ### wedding ceremony.  With the dream wedding, he wore a suit and tie, holding a white wedding dress, she walked slowly from the red carpet, witnessed by friends and family, they form the happiest couple, just listen to him said to her: Smelly, in the future, no matter what happens, I will always be at your side to protect you.She said to him: fat, I am willing to accompany you come to the end of life finished, two happiest people kissing together.  Was delighted to see the old man, his eyes once again suffused with tears of excitement.Who would have thought, but also that nasty white light flashed, this time he opened his eyes, and he saw her in the fight.  I just love this dress, although expensive, but I just want to buy.she says.  And more expensive, we got married four years, I have been live frugally, wearing a piece of clothing for three years, have not changed, you touch a few days wanted to change, there is money we do not Diansha ah, again, that the clothes are not worth so much money, he said.  I do not care, I just like, I just want to buy.She grumbles Road.  Well, you figure it out he pouted Road.In fact, his heart also feel bad, after all, the family is not short of money, the house with the car there, there is a lot of money deposits, however, perhaps a child, he developed the habit of using simple raw bar, he let her saying one figure, his heart is still very reluctant.  The old man and my heart cursed: You bastard, life can have a few decades, people married to you, even if you do not mind, but also do this to other people.Swore swore, two lines of sad tears streaming down uproar about.  Such as dry eye on the old man, unknowingly came to the corridor of the hospital delivery room where she was sitting in the door of the delivery room of a young man bench waiting for a message inside.Then came a crisp sound of a baby crying, a man unable to bear their excitement, jumped up high.Few minutes, delivery room door opened, a nurse holding a baby, and told him: she gave birth, a girl.He saw a child, turned back and asked: how was the baby mama?The nurse said: adults and children are very healthy.Then he was deep breath.  The old man looked at it all and wanted to go on to touch the baby’s forehead, because that’s when he was holding his cute daughter.Doctor, I beg you, can rescue my parents with the best technology?I beg you, I’ll kneel!A hasty wake up the old man’s voice, a closer look, it is his own daughter and son-in begging the doctor.  The old man burst doubt, daughter plead for whom?Eyes turn and suddenly found myself lying in bed, how I would lie in bed?I’m not standing here it?  Then, with the sound of chirping drops, ECG old man who became a straight line.Doctors quickly start cardiopulmonary resuscitation, not a minute, the old man next to a long absence, yet familiar sound: fat?I’m coming.  This sounds all too familiar, not that I dearest wife Smelly Mody?where is she?The old man turned around and saw him standing beside smelly, she became beautiful, has become younger, he was back at the 2001 Walk in the snow scene.He hugged her, he does not believe that this is really: stink, you do not have do not know me.He had done speaking, lying on a stretcher beside the car beside his wife ECG has become a straight line.  Dad, Mom.Daughter piercing cry rang throughout the hospital.  He wanted to tell her daughter not to worry them, since they can be together, but, in spite of how they shout, daughter and son are still there was no one to cry.  No way, the old couple had no choice but out of hospital.  Looked up, the sky bright red, like blood, like, very beautiful.They have never seen such a beautiful sunset.  An old married couple hand in hand towards the end of the world went affectionate.