A touching story of the nation’s divorce


Florida city of Kara Dumont and Viney, are a poor and loving couple.Dimon is a low-income mechanical maintenance division, due to the purchase of shares has not been lost to pay off bank loans; Viney is a kindergarten teacher.For six years, the basic cost of removing their money, all to pay off debts.A weekend, a parent late to pick up their kids, out of regret, he offered to drive home Viney.Get off, Viney met Dumont, Dumont can be left uncommented.Dimon got home late, Winnie could not help but ask where he went, he said coldly: You can and Lovers meet, I can not do?Viney and decided to talk to Dumont.Dimon did not hesitate to admit that he fell in love with another woman.He looked tearful Viney says: If you love me, let me go.One night we divorce, Viney to the living room, sleeping lightly squatted beside Dumont, Dumont breathing a little heavy, too hot forehead as if to burn up, Viney to unlock his clothes, help him cooling.Who knows, waking her over Dimon pushed.The next morning, Viney drowsily opened the bathroom door, she watched in horror Dimon positive shower of his naked body, covered with purple spots.It turned out that Dumont had systemic lupus erythematosus.Viney understand.Dimon no health insurance, due to suffering from chronic disease, want a divorce to save her life.Night, Dimon again go out drinking, Viney stopped him: to divorce, we must pay 1390 US dollars in legal fees.When we save enough money and then divorce okay?But I have one condition, do not go out drinking, a good rest at home.Dimon choppy mind: this world, the couple have money to break the head, have to lover divorced families have parted ways for the benefit of lovers, who would like them, went so far as to maintain the marriage with poverty?Dimon could not hold Viney, cried: I promise you, but you have to promise me, once to raise the money, we would divorce.Dimon doing everything possible to raise that fee, while Viney was doing everything possible to put more out of every dollar spent under various names.Whenever Viney asking for money to a variety of names Dumont, Dumont heart is crying.They know each other in each other’s purpose, but do not have the heart to expose.One evening, Dumont watching the busy Viney hesitated for a long time.Finally, he stopped Viney, handed her a notice.That is?Notice of competition Rock Television, the television station launched a program file Valentine’s Day contest, contestants were asked on television moot court confrontation, clarifying the grounds for divorce, divorce award winners get free.Under Dimon’s blackmail, Viney tears to television reported the name.Live television scene, the atmosphere is particularly strange, only Viney and Dimon stuck together, holding each other’s hands.Viney memories and tearful smile Dimon six years of happy married life, she is bitterly telling Dimon followed quietly behind _ how drunk, choking back tears talking about saving enough money on their commitment lens divorce switch Dimon to his appeal for divorce only one: I can not be honored when the covenant of marriage, I love her but can not continue to take care of her, so, please allow us to divorce, please let Viney life more better now.(Plus I love the story of micro-channel network: aigushi360 can share good stories articles) Viney and Dumont won the free divorce award, they sit in front of a judge.Viney host asked: Do you have anything to say?She calmed down only half a day, turned around and looked Dumont: you must promise, next life we need to do a couple of judges in silence, I do not know who the scene, shouting: You can not leave!Soon, it became a judge sound audio sounded the hammer, surrounded by quiet down: I sentence, Viney and Dumont divorce case, and not to set up!Suddenly the audience thunderous applause.Viney and Dimon hugged each other tightly.After the TV broadcast, the good people have to donate money to treat Dumont.Under the meticulous care of Viney, Dumont’s disease improved significantly.Walking down the street, there are always people do not know came up and said to them: I hope you happiness.Viney always smiled and replied: Happiness is always in my hands, because I love the people on the side.