A touch of


I think every season has its unique color, just like everyone has his style.  I met a person, and does not leave a deep and shallow ground wound licking any time, accompanied with forget.  Sometimes, looking back to see who of their own, but often inadvertently tears.  Youth is not closing, but the heart, has become increasingly bleak.    It is said that if angular, always hung with others, either intentionally or unintentionally.Wei Ran, just hanging other people, edges and corners will be rubbed off, hanging on the heartstrings of that ray of pain, hard to put people to flounder.    I asked, is not, hate, self to the extreme, do not know how polite, very bad temper, patience is very poor.He said a little.But, perhaps, only I know, that is an anachronistic sincere.I will not disguise, will not change color, stubbornly adhere to a true self, even if it is affected by the injury do not know how to let go, not only as a speech fish spitting bubbles unknown, others only appear poignant, I saw too sad, perhaps, that I saw was a boring.    Walked around the corner and saw only the central speech squat, I asked him why, then like to follow me, he laughed off the question, just slavishly follow me.I go, he’s gone, I stopped, he stopped, like a shadow under the sun, so obvious.    Throw off, had to go with the flow, sometimes, I think that if he did not, how should I have to deal with those emotions?His presence, not a kind of protection?Like tears, not to hurt.    Be visible, however, made me more anxious, because they saw the enemy nowhere to hide, and perhaps, nowhere to hide myself, however, that the enemy, then why not my own?    A thousand times seen this sentence: people, the biggest enemy is always yourself.Others, just trivial little trouble, only it, is the most difficult to overcome the enemy.    Now, I also found my emotions, my sorrow, my words, my thoughts.My all, have become my enemy, because, too far.    One by one, edges and corners, drop, stab in my heart, thrown bouts of pain.  I know, only everything, and time to live.Those edges, they will be swallowed up everything, have become faint.  Faint, perhaps, it is the best, is not strong, not strong, not warm, not fire.