A touch of


Faint light of people’s heart like the subtle touch of color, light flavor, feeling faint, faint mood…  I like to see a touch of green branches touch of green to wipe clean, deposition of muddy earth of the brush and bright eyes from a collection of beautiful scenery a hurry I staggered back from the road in a foreign land amidst the dust with a hand contaminated Gan Lie Qing Ling’s nice to feel a touch of spring washing away to escape from the depths of the Red tired to make a healthy soul rebirth rebirth Taxuexunmei you love the touch of subtle fragrance lonely quietly bloom quietly dying and you do not Red Fang Fei compete thing – can afford to take lightly, lightly let go snow is your friend softly and gently as you melt faint picture of the mood very comfortable life lightly depict the ups and downs, joys and sorrows, falling tears and laughter are blooming with subtle way of life lightly brush off lightly walked over behind it a trail of faint footprints.