A Touch of Zen Fragrance


Southern Song Dynasty, a broken, under the iron heel, the Central Plains to make into scorched earth.Person romantic swordsman Lu lakes on three self-destructive appearance, incognito, to the south to join the most prestigious brothel Wan Florist became a mention teapot GUI NU.It was called for the ugly slave.War can change a person’s life.Lu three past suave, but now it has entered the local brothel shame of this little cheaper widowed.But he endured down, personal humiliation early irrelevance, his thick wrist by others dictating to face.Wan Florist down people like him.Who does not like a diligent not only speak of people do, even pimps Wu Ma also praised him: ugly slave, you were born a slave Peizi, if purification go to the palace, you will become a second Gao Lishi, the family line.Lu three lengthy said: I do not know whether or not the Mongols eunuch  Wu Ma laugh: of course, but you ugly, if it is good in my heart, who will accept you here so that you terrified guests?Three Xianzhao Lian Lu smile apologetically: Thank you kindly mother.But no one knows the real purpose among all three Lu’s Florist.Mongolia officer was killed in the city occasionally, always leaving the corpse subtle fragrance garden font size.Who would not be suspicious to Wan Florist is a company of prostitutes despise the ugly Chinook.Lu three herself into a hidden weapon.On this day, the bad news came from the outside, said the prime minister Wen Tianxiang captured in Lingnan.Lu three driven to distraction, being sad when he found Wu Ma: Hey, you ugly, graves are being dug yet?She let Lu escort her to the inn to see a universal woman.Lu Sanjiang fight spirit, with Wu Ma went to the inn.See shopkeeper brought out a woman, an apricot Qunshan elegant and attractive, Chunhongchibai, seems sad Tutu between Crescent.Treasurer said she was Pro An Renshi, separated from their families because of the war, among all want to find a shelter Florist.Wu Ma of course pleased with this stunning woman and so is the cash cow in the yard, she lighted up and asked: girl, what’s your name woman lips delicately: back to the mother, Chen Nujia Fragrance.Lu three surprise, Chen Fragrance?Wulin Shi family Yandang White House has a hidden weapon is called the subtle fragrance garden, the name sounds good, in fact, is already a non-issue, out of the Antiaris.Martial arts mention the subtle fragrance garden, are all appalled discoloration.An Xiang Lu Chen also seems to see three surprise.Suspect said: big brother, you have people who know what that name?Lu three busy: No, no, if I would recognize a few commercial sex workers, but I do not know Fragrance.Chen Fragrance noodles red, busy: Wu mother, a small woman to Wan Florist just performers, but not sold themselves.Wu Ma immediately his face was downcast: when you Wan Florist is a nunnery or charity shed?Three pairs of Chen Lu subtle fragrance with a trace of respect, busy smooth things over: Wu Ma, this woman dared to mention this requirement, there must be amazing skills, we also have Wan Florist entertainer not sold themselves precedent ah.Inn treasurer also seek Wu Ma, let her try, if not like it, let her go somewhere else to vote.Wu Ma reluctantly agreed, subtle fragrance into the Chen Hua Ting Wan Florist, let her in public Xian Yi.Sure enough, string and wind sound, Chen subtle fragrance waft its very spirit of dance Dayton scared four.Although the time when the country perishes, but there are still many rich and powerful people to this pleasure.One after dancing, after a long time, it sounded burst of applause Church.Jia have many big giant silver gift gratuities.Fragrance Chen Lu sent out a silver three: Big Brother, thank you for jade to.Lu three: the Mongols bring disaster bring disaster to our people that fish, I advise you to shelter pimps, the product can be considered hidden virtue, you do not have to thank.A short period of time, Chen Fragrance reputation in extra cash, people to see her style faster.Even those who play refers to the armored cavalry, started going to the Central Plains of the Mongol generals Chen Jueyi the subtle fragrance of dumping.Chen Fragrance become insatiable, even take the dictates.Lu said the three no longer on Big Brother, and called ugly slave, driven by such pleasures.She also proposed to Wu Ma, Lu three to often follow, as she serve tea, which can dwarf beauty and ugliness, showing her radiant grace.Wu Ma immediately agreed, thinking that as long as you can attract customers, no matter how you put much shelf, I could earn the money line your body.So, I called Wu Ma Lu Chen to serve three specialized Fragrance.Lu Miyoshi not angrily, wait for me to sleep at night it?Chen Fragrance Minzui smile, you look ugly pair, take the beds in the outer room, you will be able to stop that evil for me.All day long with such a woman together, but also to accompany her nightly inventory resulting money, Lu could not assassinate the three at night.He made up his mind to leave this filthy place.That afternoon, Lu Chen Anxiang see three did not call on their own out of the drawing room, he wanted to return to the room to pack up and go away quietly.Have not entered the room to see the whole world from the inside out of the inn’s treasurer, looks very natural, just to ask, Chen Anxiang up and said: ugly slave, I am the treasurer for me the silver jewelry into cash.Wan Florist is a good place, only ten days time, I have a lot of money.Lu three could not help but sneer, business women do not know subjugation hate just one exit, they discovered not to utter words, busy swallowed back half.Fragrance Chen urged that the treasurer is gone, the house smiled and said: You know what a GUI NU rise and fall events?Wan Florist is a war in a land of gentle joy of spring.That is the Mongolian warrior, but also my dance indifferent in the heart of rage.Lu three cursed: This bitch goes as far as the Manchus called Warriors, really shameful  mouth laughed: if the girl was to accompany the Mongolian dignitaries Spring Night, I’m afraid they withdrew from the Central Plains.Fragrance Chen picked up the cup in his face Yang, I have to do, is do the palace Empress.How dare you say such rude things to me.Tea Lu three touch his face, not angry anti-laugh: a good ambitious bitch, brothels may indeed allow you to fruition.Just then, a pimp with a Mongolian sergeant came commandment.Qi said to be flying well-known general solution of a fugitive charge through here, I heard that Chen Fragrance dance well, told her to go to add to the fun.Chen Fragrance slowly: If the generals to 10 000 Florist, I naturally dedicated to serve.To me out, totally unacceptable!Sergeant see that she was right and decisive, snorted, walk out.Wu Ma hastened to apologize.