A Touch of Zen flower can be children


Qing dynasty Qianlong period, with a hunter named a Southern Zhu Jing, his father died of illness early, and his mother only had each other, usually living by hunting.This in deepest winter day in the mountains to hunt as usual Zhu Jing.Surprisingly, he just came to the hill, in the midst of the woods found a beautiful young girl badly bruised, eyes closed lying on the ground.He was shocked and quickly ran over and hand exploration of the probe the girl’s breath, there is gas, immediately put her back back home.Fortunately, Zhu Jing worked with others studied medicine, he find some herbs boiled juice and put it on the wound of the girl, has been two days and two nights, the girl woke up slowly.Flower girl claiming to be named Johnson, is from Henan, parents died, because home fleeing the flood came Wannan.The way she met a group of criminals, wanted to make passes at her, she was to die proposition, though escaped the clutches, only wounded, collapsed to the ground.Zhu Jing Jiao spent saving grace grateful.I heard he has not yet married, we intend to stay, and he is willing to tie the knot.Zhu Jing a scare panic, denies his status even say wrong.Johnson spent Q: Do you think that my ugly?Zhu Jing said: Meirutianxian girl looks, looks like Chang E!It took Johnson asked, then why do you not want to marry me?Zhu Jing frankly replied: it is too poor at home, I’m afraid I’ll be the girl with the aggrieved!Johnson spent a laugh: Silly brother, since I will marry you, and how you can too poor too?In this way, Johnson spent married Zhu Jing.A year later, Johnson spent Zhu Jingsheng next to a boy, named Zhu Jun.Zhu mother for the first time grandmother, happy tears falling down.Instant small Zhu Jun has been three years old.At his birthday, Johnson took to the streets to buy some food and wine, to celebrate the birthday of his son.At night, a family of four sitting at the table, three drinks, flowers Jiao Zhu Jingjing suddenly burst into tears toward a glass of wine, choking: Husband, wife since you married, have unconsciously IV contains.In four years, his wife courtesy of Musical caregivers, tasted the real grandchildren.Unfortunately, the world is not ending feast, with his wife meant for you, hope Musical drink this cup, you and I go our separate ways in the future, all as a stranger!Zhu Jing a, if thunderstruck, said: you and me so many years courteous, Song of thick, why suddenly say these words?Johnson took heart seems to be hiding something, hesitantly, no matter how Jing Zhu repeated questioning, she just did not answer.A long while, she pulled out a few tips slowly from the body, confesses that he said: I know you’re honest man, too generous, often without food overnight the home, there are others to install my IOU in the future if missing money, you can find someone to take these IOUs to get some silver, in order to tide over the crisis.You have to remember you every one to please people after money, you must burn the spot IOUs, not again discuss the second time, so get into trouble.Speaking of which, she looked up a cup of wine, drink it, in spite of every possible way to persuade Zhu Jing, eventually disappeared in the darkness.Ever since Johnson left flowers, Zhu Jing of her life suddenly became suspicious.He lost in a hunger came from Henan girls in which a radius of a hundred years how someone owes her money?How does she stay away suddenly?Although he is overwhelming, but after deliberation I can not think of a clue, puzzling.This fall, the small Zhu Jun suddenly sick all day, high fever, vomiting and diarrhea more than, the doctor diagnosed his illness is very serious, good order to cure his disease, it takes a great amount of money.Zhu Jing just a poor Orion, where to go and get so much money?Just when he’s anxious helpless, can not help but think of those tips left him when Johnson took before leaving, he opened one of the kit look, which really filled with an IOU, oddly enough, did not specify how much money the IOU , look at the people who had owed the county well-known owner of a gold record grain firms of gold teeth.This gold teeth have a brother in law to do a high official in the field, he usually relied on the forces brother in law, in the county all kinds of evil, evil, no one has ever dared to provoke him.Zhu Jing see this IOU scared silly, and that the rich and powerful family name Kim, how will the money it owed to spend Johnson?He went himself to ask for money, would not it go dead?Can be thought of the child’s illness, Zhu Jing a bite, or bite the bullet and look for that name to try his luck gold.Zhu Jing came to the door of Kim Kee grain firms, he gingerly pull out the IOU goes, into the hands of gold teeth, strange to say, it was originally named Kim Yan Wangye like like a face, suddenly become like Maitreya Buddha-like, heap look of laughter, but also against Zhu Jing Zuo Yi bowed again, bowing like a pug-like.Gold teeth while Zhu Jing welcome to the living room to sit down, while ordered to fetch a pen, into his hands and said: Sir, how much money you, just fill in the numbers on this IOUs, I’ll get to you as people!Zhu Jing listened to my heart straight drums, Hey, this is how it is named Kim children, owe ought to have a specific number, how to call him any name in gold on top of it to fill a number?Look Look at the gold teeth of a careful look, I do not like a show.He felt more and more puzzled: Why spend Jiao ability, saying that such individuals who are untouchable evil Hades to subdue it?Doubts go doubt, Zhu Jing did not dare fill in, just as long as the money to his son needed medical treatment.Gold teeth a little also not neglect the money will be immediately taken out to him.Zhu Jing who got money, they spend according to Johnson asked when I left, gold teeth in front of the plane goes IOUs to burn.Back home, he used that money to Zhu Jun son’s illness to cure.Since then, every time a last resort, he would take those tips in IOUs to get money to tide over the crisis.When Over time, Zhu Jing found a strange phenomenon, those who owe money to spend Johnson, are some of the evil, not dare to offend the powerful role, to his astonishment, that every time he went to those who ask for money, those he does not have a guy respectfully greeted the.It makes flower Johnson’s identity added a bit of mystery.He has repeatedly flower shop around to find the whereabouts of Johnson, but unfortunately since she ran away from home, never seen her sight!One day, a relative of Zhang came to the door, said he opened a new silk shop on fire, open shop all the money is borrowed, and now creditors continue to come to force him to pay the debt, he has no way out, and begged him to borrow some money meet their urgent needs.Zhu Jing soft-hearted, immediately agreed to lend him money.Zhu Jing Jiao took out the last one to leave his kit, IOUs from the inside out, according to the above address to find a rich man surnamed Wang, to beg for his money.Wang saw that the IOU goes on, revealing his face the color of panic, as people rushed first to greet Zhu Jing tea parlor, said he went to the village to get money silver.Who would have thought more than an hour, was actually named Wang brought a bunch of Yamen Detective, immediately rounded up the Zhu Jing.Zhu Jing alarmed, shouted: Dear Lord tolerance, no small crime, why you catch me?Detective gang shouted: to the county government, you will naturally know!