A touch of the beauty of life


Life there is beauty everywhere.The family, various utensils placed patchwork bright and clean, which is a neat beauty; hostess dressed wind flowing black hair is beautiful, make people feel fresh and comfortable, this is a quiet beauty; graceful, fresh and natural, this is a confident beauty; man of the house of joy and calm, aloof, bold outline, sloppy, which is an atmospheric beauty.Host and hostess love making friends, but more time to stay home and listen to a little light music to see some beautiful scenery pictures men who love the Internet to download some literature books look.The hostess also look at the book of literature.Such two culture obtained from cultivation of the book.    Young mistress a high degree of professionalism, responsibility, hard-working and fighting spirit, when her friends were all in love of love, fun fun, wasted wasted, fool around fool around, the young and her early career in the future just to work hard, and she never thinks he is a very intelligent person, but she has always believed in the saying, “the early bird gets the worm, Qinnengbuzhuo.”This attracts the same young man of the house, he felt that this is the ultimate beauty of his future wife’s eyes.Then they combine, playful man of the house do not understand moderation, will play hostess could not help but motherly heart to help him, in the eyes of others is the type of woman singing with her husband a couple of envy.Later, the host and hostess sweet love, happy family.But all are also the hostess when young reap as you sow ah.After the middle-aged hostess finally want to take a break, feel better a better life, a life that, when the hostess disease, a concern greetings of the man of the house, and helped her to the hospital for her doctor massage.Massage symptomatic doctor will start, also chatted with some homemade hostess, lifting her tense nerves.Only after three days of massage, pain disease hostess would cut through a lot, she thanked her husband, but also thanks to the top edge husband colleagues Xiangbang.Afterwards wine on the table when it comes to these things, it will send out a bunch of hearty laughter, which is part of the good life.When men and women like to watch together, if you’re the owner, see the brilliant, each other a knowing look, a pleasant conversation, we will be in the hearts of each other left a deep impression.When the hostess burned a delicious meal by the man of the house of praise praise to give hope to encourage, the hostess will feel affectionate, and enjoy true feelings, but also enjoy the delicious life, which can be called their joy, happiness.They also use a sincere feeling treat everyone around them (family love, friendship) to forget about how they treat themselves and do yourself enough.You have any good things they often share with you, in short, their positive attitude to look at the whole world.As men and women in the eyes of the world would be perfect master.    As well as listen to wonderful music, watching TV, the Internet, play, play, sports and fitness, to grasp the scale, follow the law, really very HeMei!    Ah, the poor animal, born of a lack of a unified collection.Hard to find the other half, since that has reached the soul fit, but it will inevitably create friction, collision, unpleasant, and even conflict.Man of the house there is a friend and his wife fight, injured hand, in the hospital, after a period of treatment, much better, but when it comes to their marriage, he would despair, he thought his wife wanted to have fun, no matter 2 weeks and more children, but also Screen Internet chat late into the night, set the expense of family and husband.He bent on divorce.I persuaded him, let him think about the benefits of his wife, the wife can drive, there is a skill, that she is a bold but cautious.In family life, be tolerant, not to mention, you are a doctor of traditional medicine: anger will hurt the liver.Light will make people uneasy, beverages loss of air, affecting their health, a serious cause behavior disorders, impulsive and even cause irreparable consequences.Now you quarrel, small children, for children also should go on family harmony, to be a man Practice makes perfect.Also see his bad mood, to make him not alone trying to think too much, then let him say his thoughts, let him put his thoughts barely talk out or transferred to other things up, to see the hostess the ray of sunlight shone through the window of wine on the sidelines, and with it that you look at this thread bright sunshine and more.If you noticed, that there are many strands of light dust, do it because you do not get the sunshine state of mind yet?This is called psychological “mind shift”.When he said he did not want the marriage to hold the hands of the cause, the hostess interrupted, I read a book called “My career is my father,” a father of the people, for children, quit their jobs, accompany their children to go to the big city to go to school, he chose to open a clinic, giving up all the parties, and ultimately the child was admitted to Harvard University, he has also been invited to the child’s college experience about how to raise children to accompany taught, of course, you think your the cause is to be a good doctor, a good father but also your career.Children crave fatherly eye face, the face of the child knowledge of the eyes, the face of innocent children looking for their parents eyes, how can you have the heart to abandon it all.Of course marriage oil vinegar tea ordinary life, and you crave more exciting life conflict, you will be angry, sometimes some things to intolerable, have to tolerate self-imposed, but doing it is indeed a very difficult thing, so this time we do not have the strength has been difficult, but also to even fight back unhelpful, more rational approach is to put it aside until cool and then it is easier to deal with the.So his mistress to instill these, all in line with and for you, of course, up to you to make a decision.As a result of quarrel and hurt your hand, though a friend to help you sew wounds, consoled you, then warm your heart, but the pain caused by injury, others can not suffer it for you.Then the hostess said his quarrel with her husband, the husband locked the door, let the hostess out of the house, the hostess joked: “He locked the door next time, I’ll buy a ticket more than 30-hour train ride to see children.An optimistic person, when faced with suffering and misfortune, never Ziyuan Zi sad.And in a sense of humor, open-minded, forgiving mind to bear Carolina.Men and women trained to master is such an accomplishment, a taste to timely capture and appreciate the beauty of life, open a window to the soul, so that the light of wisdom and beauty of life in the dazzling and colorful show in front of people.    There are many finer things in life, sunshine, grass, flowers.There are a lot of good feelings, but we are realistic cruel and tedious Mongolian spacious, not stretch the mind, not enough long-term vision, so that the good side of turn a blind eye, the liberation of their own, the liberation of the soul.Eyes will be more clear, and suddenly find that the United States on the side.Photographer said: As long as you Jing Xiaxin, watching all your vision, you will find beauty everywhere.