Rondo 44 + 10 + 8 Green Army is reversed when added together to cut 57 minutes Janeway Heat 2-0


  Ticker May 31, the Celtics to be reversed in the case of a 15-point lead, when added to 111-115 road loss to Miami, 0-2 in the Eastern Conference finals。
  Chris Bosh – have not been able to return, LeBron – James scored 34 points, 10 rebounds and seven assists, Dwyane – Dwyane Wade scored 23 points, 6 rebounds and 4 assists, Mario – Charles Chalmers 22 points and six assists。
Udonis – Haslem off the bench, scored 13 points and 11 rebounds, Sean – Shane Battier hit three-pointers, scored 9 points。   The Celtics lost 15-point lead。 Rajon – Rondo scored 44 points, 10 assists and eight rebounds。 – Paul Pierce in the fourth quarter last moment made out 6, scored 21 points, Kevin – Kevin Garnett 18 points and eight rebounds – Ray Allen 13 points。
  Finals opener, the Heat completely occupy the upper hand, the audience they were layups and dunks 19 times, Wade and James both won a total of 54 points, the Heat to 93-79 easy ride。   Celtics opener defense of very unhappy, Rondo said after the game must be allowed to taste the taste of the opponent is knocked over。
Heat captains do not care, "I have long recognized that every game is like this," James said, "there is no need for special preparation for this。
"Celtic in the field is not necessarily a ferocious than the last, but the opening since they feel hot。 Heat the contrary, like falling into the icehouse, the game played nearly three minutes, they by James hit only one ball () to 2-6 behind。 When the first section there are 4 minutes 13 seconds, James hit two free throws, the Heat will be chasing the score became 11-12, Pierce shot immediately fired back, followed by Bass dunks succeeded, the Celtics scored six points, gain an advantage again, leading 24-18 after the first section。
  CIC is not Rondo's strengths, but today he has frequently succeeded in the distance, the light on the second cast hit four times (), plus breakthrough and free throws (), this section Rondo scored 14 points。 The Celtics quickly opened the gap, this section there are 7 minutes and 57 seconds, Allen succeeded in the cast, they lead to 39-24 with 15 points。 This section there are 4 minutes, the gap between the two sides is still 15 points。 Heat the state has gone up, Chalmers-thirds vote, then he throws a ball, when the game 1 minute 33 seconds, he was again third succeeded, the Heat to 43-49 behind only。
With Chalmers play, the Heat out of the woods, the first half to 46-53 behind seven points。   Wade first half, constantly being double-teamed, under strict precautions against the first section of his four-vote total loss, until the end of the second got 2 points ()。
Section Wade finally slowly found the feeling, but at the same time feeling he was looking for, James has been killing, hit twice in third, the Heat fight back。 In this section there are 3 minutes 33 seconds, James got the rebound immediately hands long pass, the ball half Wade, layup (), Heat to 70-71 behind only。
After 30 seconds, even with a fine cast Haslem scored 3 points, beyond the score Heat。 Wade section scored 12 points, 35 points Heat single scored after three lead to 81-75。   Celtic will narrow the gap to four points, James shot, but he followed steals, quickly launched the fast break, then after Garnett, James accelerate, and after a Pietrus, but under the latter , had stubbornly clinging to James。 James threw two free throws to get the opportunity, but he missed two free throws, his teammates shot Miller also failed to succeed。
Miami lost the opportunity to expand the advantage, the Celtics seize the opportunity, Pietrus hit a three-pointers, while Rondo then steals, full speed, direct layup, when used in this section and 7 minutes and 57 seconds, the Celtics to 86-85 lead again。   In the fourth quarter began shortly after the Heat hit a ball, but after nearly five minutes failed to score in warfare。
Until this section there are 6 minutes and 39 seconds before the administration succeeded in Chalmers。
After the Celtics extended the advantage to five points, James twice foul, four free throws, but in the meantime he also assists Battier, the latter two-thirds vote (), the Heat scored seven points to 96-94 go-ahead。
  Celtic key to a vote of no, Haslem cast succeeded in this section have 1 minute 08 seconds, the Heat ahead by 4 points。 Garnett alley-oop dunk fast also with 2 minutes later, Pierce fouled six times, leave the remaining seconds in this section。
Wade made two free throws, the Heat only 3 points ahead。
Celtic crucial offensive consecutive passes, Allen after the ball in front of empty, he decisively hit the third shot (), and when the second hit in this section, the two sides battle 99-99。
  James layup that he grabbed the offensive rebound, but also missed the vote last time, the two sides into overtime ()。
  James overtime outset missed two free throws, Wade thereafter after gliding dunks and foul (), but not in the penalty。
Rondo Celtics arranged six points before the holiday, they lead to 105-103。
After Rondo and James scrimmage, obviously can not win the ball, James tipped succeeded, after his pass to the basket, Haslem dunk (), the Heat when the game 1 minute 28 seconds to 107-105 lead。   Celtic continuous shot, and Wade already out of recession in the first half of。 When the game entered the last minute, he passed through the crowd, still shooting in the air out of balance, while also causing foul, this time even scored three points with a fine cast (), the Heat to a 110-105 advantage to expand。   After the Heat extended the advantage to seven points, Rondo twice-thirds vote (), but it was too late, the Heat by free throws to seal the victory。 Celtic consecutive defeat, revenge can only look forward to return home。     (Angkor)。