A touch of longing dancing in the rain


A touch of longing dancing in the rain Author: easygoing Editor: alone on the West Wing romantic gentle rain, wizard-like Indus lovely, deep thoughts, beautiful language, and sketched out an elegant, nostalgic view of the rain scene, let people can not not love!       – Inscription I like the rain, like the gentle rain rain rain quiet romantic.Especially like the misty rain, like a person walking alone in the rain, any rain drift on me.Either cool rain kiss on the cheek, a very pleasant feeling share tender.      Rain flowers, hearts will have a fantasy.Outside my balcony a few Kewutongshu, it is my seductive landscape, but also my good partner.Every spring in March, the window of the plane trees studded lavender, trumpet-shaped flower shape.Early in the morning, opened the window, and India into the eyes that are round, clusters quiet elf eagerly in front of the balcony, Weibi eyes a deep breath, a surge of quiet and elegant aroma Qinru Heart.In this rain swirling in the season, especially in the rain Indus flowers charming, quiet.At the moment, I want to go to the outskirts of release yourself depressed mood.If a person between the ocean and the wild grass, mining a rich aroma of Sophora japonica, Juyi Peng thorough clear mountain spring water, so spend the sweet, cool water brushed sad heart, let the drizzle open heart knot, let your thoughts fly in the rain, so rain moisten my heart, my heart soft sea.      Spring to summer, the sky floating catkins have been, entrusted with the flying catkins where I think you, read your words, you can hear and know?That you made a stop in between catkins please do not put off, where I think you whisper.Sprinkle rain quietly, falling on your shoulders that I can rely on the warmth of the place, please do not wipe, where I think you mixed with tears.You hear the birds chirping merrily forest that yet?That I asked them to tell you, I miss you, miss you.Do you feel nice and warm spring breeze blowing on you, like someone touching you?I think that is your thoughts.I am in you, my heart has always been with thee.My body is very lonely here without a trace of temperature and spirit.I have given you the custody of joy, my heart became sensitive in this thin rain in.      I think you might be a mistake, unconsciously entangled in the blood.Perhaps, not beauty, is full of beauty no defects, is overlooking the chase and not abandon the fantasy, because fantasy share of beauty long on wings, flying with the illusion of beauty in the fairy tale world, let’s share can not be the United States, the United States has become a permanent look of.Like you, have so much experience.Because it hurts you want, you do not want to hurt, to be able to clearly remember you forever.Since you appear in my memory, that at the stars in a daze, marching moonlight reverie, looking sad when the cherry blossoms speckled ground everywhere.I’ve always loved writing sad, sad love song, more like a rainy night listening to sad sad song written thoughts.When all these have become accustomed, if one day want to change it’s really very, very difficult.      Indus spend reading the mood of those rain-soaked, feel fragmented inner world, like the mood could not Shoulong debris, more messy nowhere to park, blur the clear outline.Hoping to meet in good faith and sincere thoughts of ownership, it was a misty rain misty mood is lost in the sad mood of loneliness.      I like the rain swirling in the season, I prefer to have your reverie in memory!