A touch of blessing.For you


For a long time your name will appear in my memory I only know that it is just hurried encounter I never thought that one day I look back at the moment of this so casual acquaintance from seasons seasons in more than a thick Acacia care and not to mention a touch of silent greetings do not ask do not tell deeply concerned about the silent distance distant boundless hold high close not to talk about the expanse of glass, pouring a hint of dissatisfaction Parting thoughts never far away from a word, a feeling greeting, a blessing are deeply engraved in my heart you left, leaving the future as fond memories of life thanks to let us meet thanks to a touch of the years make us faint acquaintance thank God for giving me the opportunity to go quietly readers I thank you let me know you are a wise touch of melancholy trace of calm careful bold trace of wit let me give you all the good wishes I wish you even more magnificent tomorrow.