A thumb can paint


In 1997, an accident that Chongqing Zhang Qihui man lost his left arm, while his right hand as well as the loss of four fingers except the thumb.  After six months of rehabilitation, he side street vendor selling Haberdashery, picked up the painting side interest childhood, practice strokes every year from 2004 to 2011, Zhang Qihui use stall spare time, explore a full practice for seven years.Until you feel his paintings could get shot, and he took to the streets, the works up for sale.I did not think his paintings are very popular, he is also relying on paintings for their families.    In order to firmly hold the brush, his stubborn Flanagan thumb is always to the right.His life, like that of the thumb cocked his head, stubborn, but not bow.  He said: I not only do others can do, but also to do what others can not do.    The face of adversity, they do not give up, you can also shine in their own arena.