A three-minute phone


High School: Me: Mom, money, money to fight it.  Mom: How much?  I: 500 dad: to 800 bar, the girls put some more money, beware the body.  I: I class, as soon as possible to give me money.  The next day, on account of more than 1,000 fast, my mother and I said, secretly, just in high school that day, Dad said, I can not get worse than ever girl in town.  Freshman: Me: Mom, I’m homesick.  Mom: Shashi Hou come back?  Dad: lack of money, right, Dad called you.  Me: No, not used, it is homesick.  Mom and Dad: Well, leave come back early, buy tickets early, beware the body.  Dad told me later, got off the phone, Mom cried, non blame my dad, when I chose to let the Nanjing this unfamiliar city.  Sophomore: Mom: You did not call a long, busy doing what?  I: the things, ah, no time hey.  Dad: Your mother would like you, she was a person at home, nothing more than call you.  I: I know, it is busy recently, have time to call.  It was at sophomore year, my mom found out hypertension, once a person is very dangerous attack, and since then the father no matter where, no matter how busy, two phone every day, and I know graduated know.  Junior: Dad: When the car back to pick you up.  Me: No, remain today in Haimen, and then students home for dinner.  Mom: I made a table of food do ye not returned the.  I: a rare home and students get together.  Mom: You have a rare home, six months before we see you again ah.  Finally got home, dinner time has passed, very hungry, a refrigerator full of food, almost nothing happened, my mom said, you do not, your dad did not mind drinking.  Senior: me: Mom, Nanjing too hard, I’m going home.  Mom: go home, recover, support it.  Dad: home, work your dad can do, even you are too poor to feed, I Baihun.  At that time, finding a job rebuffed everywhere, their words, so I’m not aspiring to go home and hid for many days.  Just work: Mom: recently Manga, eat no ah.  I: busy then, not to use, point and area to eat.  Mom: You can not just eat noodles, have nutrition, even to the point of a food outside to eat.  Me: Well, you know the.