A three-minute phone call every day


High School: Me: Mom, money, money to fight it.  Mom: How much?  I: 500 dad: to 800 bar, the girls put some more money, beware the body.  I: I class, as soon as possible to give me money.  The next day, on account of more than 1,000 fast, my mother and I said, secretly, just in high school that day, Dad said, I can not get worse than ever girl in town.  Freshman: Me: Mom, I’m homesick.  Mom: Shashi Hou come back?  Dad: lack of money, right, Dad called you.  Me: No, not used, it is homesick.  Mom and Dad: Well, leave come back early, buy tickets early, beware the body.  Dad told me later, got off the phone, Mom cried, non blame my dad, when I chose to let the Nanjing this unfamiliar city.  Sophomore: Mom: You did not call a long, busy doing what?  I: the things, ah, no time hey.  Dad: Your mother would like you, she was a person at home, nothing more than call you.  I: I know, it is busy recently, have time to call.  It was at sophomore year, my mom found out hypertension, once a person is very dangerous attack, and since then the father no matter where, no matter how busy, two phone every day, and I know graduated know.  Junior: Dad: When the car back to pick you up.  Me: No, remain today in Haimen, and then students home for dinner.  Mom: I made a table of food do ye not returned the.  I: a rare home and students get together.  Mom: You have a rare home, six months before we see you again ah.  Finally got home, dinner time has passed, very hungry, a refrigerator full of food, almost nothing happened, my mom said, you do not, your dad did not mind drinking.  Senior: me: Mom, Nanjing too hard, I’m going home.  Mom: go home, recover, support it.  Dad: home, work your dad can do, even you are too poor to feed, I Baihun.  At that time, finding a job rebuffed everywhere, their words, so I’m not aspiring to go home and hid for many days.  Just work: Mom: recently Manga, eat no ah.  I: busy then, not to use, point and area to eat.  Mom: You can not just eat noodles, have nutrition, even to the point of a food outside to eat.  Me: Well, you know the.  New Year back home, in the yard of the sun?Multi-dry goods, sausages, home?Multi-pickled fish.Mom said, these do not bother, you can burn directly to eat, much better than eating noodles.Her hands are cracking winter, those bacon, salt thin codes are good.  Resignation to Yantai: Mom: more than 10 days to go, how not to give me a call.  Me: Well roaming, Guia.  Mom: What fun there?Some people bully you what?  Me: No, ah, they told me these days, Yantai fun of it, very cool.  Mom: Well than at home, others do recognize mom.  I: Which ah, back to give it your phone.  Dad said Mom did not sleep that night, always said, raised the daughter into someone’s home, before half a year can be seen once and did not know a few years in order to see the.  Changed jobs: me: Mom, come to Nanjing play, I now have money.  Mom: You can have some money to spend so expensive outside, save our point.  Me: I really have money, you also have a place to live.  Mom: I have to take care of your dad.  Dad is inseparable from the mother, I know, my mom always worked hard life.  Now: I: Mom, eat it?  Mom: eat.  Me: What to eat?  Mom: delicious more to go, eat better than you.  I: What are you doing here?  Mom: playing cards do, something did not?Nothing hung up.  Every day a phone call to so few words, so my mom is annoying.The day before yesterday on a business trip, day did not call home, yesterday hit back, just ring, mother to pick up and asked Dong Zhuo did not ask do not eat, and asked not tired?I think there are phone, not so many words, in fact, she has been waiting for my phone every day.  Each home, table always has those one you like the food.  Every time chat, they always ask, do not eat, clothe no, not tired, but we rarely or never asked.  Today is the day they had never acts, you can not defy the.But now, they listen to you, you say what is right the.Because they are old, they began to seek to rely on, and they in this life, we have only.  Multi-play call it, three minutes is really not that hard squeezed out.Can love an hour a day, please give them three minutes of it.Ask today’s busy doing what, ask what to eat today to write, just as they ask us, they do not like us, feel tired.  Friends said that, according to my count five times a year to go home, bless our parents can live to be 100 years old will also see them really less than 250.I try to move even a finger with a thoughtfully thought, indeed.  I do cry.As a child, I hope my parents good health and longevity, I hope you lot to share, so that more people share the move!We must obey!