A thousand people warm


One day, Zhang Renjie encounter severe limb deformities in Beijing Haidian District Xiyuan vegetable market in May 2005 little beggar Wang Xueping, her hands like a dolphin’s fin, like turn in the back, legs also due to deformity and can not stand, can only sit in a the board 4 is mounted a pulley.After asking that Zhang Renjie, congenital disability Wang Xueping abandoned by their parents in swaddling clothes, and later was adopted enthusiastic Wang old man three brothers, and brought a dozen years.I heard that Beijing hospital can cure disease Xueping, 70-year-old king old man so she took her foot five months came to Beijing from Anhui, the result was told at least 200,000 yuan to cure.In order to raise treatment costs, they had to beg in the streets.Wang old man’s waist is not good, always hunched, his hair white, his nose was runny nose because of the perennial cold blow was red, glowing eyes gray, turbid.He put a rope ride in the shoulder, the other end tied around a wooden sitting small Xueping.They can beg to more than 10 dollars a day, go on like this, even eat or drink, to have lobbied 200,000 yuan surgery 50 years ah!The face of this tragic situation and bitterness, Zhang Renjie not bring myself to sit opposite, turn a blind eye, he wanted to help this father and daughter to do something, but he did not have much money on hand.So he wanted to Xueping can take a few photos, write a text of things, go to the news media, with the force of public opinion, let the love of money people have the ability to help this little teenage girl.He ran a lot of news media in Beijing and a number of institutions in the hope that things Xueping of publicity out, but no results echo a.I heard there was a well-known charitable entrepreneur in the future, Peking University speech, his heart full of excitement catch the past, did not think it was the cold shoulder.Although repeatedly rebuffed, but Zhang Renjie did not give up, he thought of his own construction site.Help of friends, he put his personal blog into a website (hltp: // WWW.owecn.COM), called Thanksgiving China, mainly reflecting the life of beggars documentary pictures and text, he wrote in Home line which reads: Everyone should have Gratitude, gratitude, hope to arouse people’s Gratitude, gratitude heart.Wang Xueping begging on the streets of the old man took photos of the site became the first headlines.During that time, Zhang Renjie day followed Xueping behind the camera, you updated on the Internet at night.China issued after Thanksgiving to the community for help information a month, Wang Xueping received assistance of a charity, the successful implementation of the lower limb surgery.November 20, 2006, hospitalized nearly a year of Wang Xueping and Wang old man returned to his hometown in Anhui Zhang Renjie escort in Beijing Children’s Hospital.A local elementary school to make an exception admitted 15-year-old man Xueping read in first grade, and reduced costs, funding to complete the operation Xueping charities also promised to continue to offer $ 600 per month for her living expenses.Wang Xueping fate of this change, and Zhang Renjie life has completely changed.In 1984, Zhang Renjie was born in a farm in Anhui Lu’an.11 years old, suffering from a congenital disease in order to retrieve the girl’s treatment, Zhang spent this not much savings, but also sell cattle.June of that year, just finished the first day of Zhang Renjie was forced to drop out of school.The following February, he left his hometown in Anhui to Zhengzhou Xinmi City, a brick factory workers.Mid-1999, 15-year-old Zhang Renjie was sent to a stranger Zhengzhou, Henan Dengfeng an uncle Jiang martial arts school martial arts, and gave him the cost of living, it is since then, quietly grateful seed planted in the his heart.In December 2004, graduated from the martial arts school at a friend Zhang Renjie introduction, a health club to Beijing to do a full-time fitness trainer.More than a monthly salary of 3,000.Spare time, he is also a part-time tutor, 200 yuan per hour.China created after Thanksgiving, due to the help beggars too invested, he often leave, cause dissatisfaction boss.Zhang Renjie quit his job wholeheartedly business website, he is editor of photography, but also editors, reporters.Every day, Zhang Renjie back affixed with stickers Thanksgiving Chinese backpack and camera, in addition to riding a bell does not ring where the rest are loud bike, running in the streets of Beijing.May need to seek relief sick, homeless, beggars, come back at night seeking help put the pieces of documentary photographs accompanied by text, sent to the Chinese online Thanksgiving, also announced address these weak and the poor, so that well-meaning people can donate money directly donations to recipients.In order to rescue these vulnerable people, Zhang Renjie spent more than 40,000 yuan of his own savings.To his good news it is that less than a year, through Thanksgiving Chinese network, Zhang Renjie total rescue all kinds of sick, homeless, more than 150 people and beggars, of which more than 20 people were sent to the relief stations, more than 10 elderly people to go home, 8 height of children with disabilities to complete the surgery recipients.Thanksgiving China has gradually become a social gathering platform of love.With the increase of traffic to the site, thanks to China for help more and more people.Zhang Renjie received every day fifty or sixty hundreds of calls and text messages for help, there is no money for treatment of the seriously ill, the homeless who have been there the morning he opened the door, kneeling in front of two or three people to his relief.In 2007 alone, China has accumulated donations Thanksgiving 2.400 million, after the annual numbers are on the rise.Today, Zhang Renjie and his network Thanksgiving Chinese rescue sick, homeless, poor families, orphans and disabled poor children and other vulnerable student populations of more than 16,800, far beyond the scope of their activities in remote areas and western Beijing, the network has become the most Thanksgiving Chinese Thanksgiving users in mind veritable Chinese portal and China’s most influential and credible public portals, Zhang Renjie also been the conscience of Chinese netizens hailed as China’s most beautiful people in modern society.Today, Zhang Renjie rental alone in Haidian District, Beijing a long 1.8 meters, width of only 1 meter shabby rental house, so small that even a man turned all the difficulties, nailed to the wall of a small bookshelf, a small desk, a small chair, occupies the entire floor space.Zhang Renjie the house with boards separated down the middle, when the upper bed, the lower is the Thanksgiving Chinese office building.Come back every day, he must shut the door and turned around, spread out his arms, legs splayed, against the wall, like a gecko, climbed on top of the shelves, the folding bed board down and this is his bed, and the bed also Some debris and piled clothes, less than two square meters of space, the most valuable asset of a computer is on the table, and that he spent 300 dollars from the Zhongguancun flea market Amoy.He used the Internet by broadband router is from college students rent an apartment near where the rub came; his pants are corruption from people to donate items beggar; he often spare no name of instant noodles.8 cents a bag, packaging bag has two bread.He relies on temporary written back to Beijing from the field gap in the short-term martial arts instructor, bodyguard, English teachers and other professional, to maintain daily operating expenses Thanksgiving Chinese network.He came from the office of Thanksgiving Chinese people not to suffer rescue.If they knew I could not even wear clothes, not even to eat all the difficulties, they are also willing to accept my donation it?